Surface Pro 6 Durability Test! – Is it stronger than the iPad Pro?!

Surface Pro 6 Durability Test! – Is it stronger than the iPad Pro?!

My wallet is rather unhappy with me at the
moment. But it’s only fair to test the most powerful
Windows tablet: the Surface Pro 6. Microsoft’s flagship tablet was just recently
released, running a full version of the Windows operating system just like a PC, but in tablet
form. It’s even got a little builtin kickstand. Let’s get started. [Intro] This 2018 Surface Pro 6 is currently $800
at Best Buy. The exact same price as the 11 inch 2018 iPad
Pro. The big Surface does come with double the
internal storage though. The Surface is also a tad larger, with a 12.3
inch screen instead of the 11. And a bit thicker at 8.5 millimeters, verses
the 5.9 on the iPad Pro. Two millimeter difference doesn’t mean a whole
lot to the naked eye though. They are both very thin tablets. But when two pieces of technology compete,
it’s only natural to compare them. Some of the Surface Pro thickness stems from
it’s massive kick stand. We’ll see what that’s made out of in a second,
but it’s definitely no flimsy Nintendo Switch peg. It holds the Surface Pro at basically any
viewing angle you want. Let’s start with that durability test. Oh wait, sorry. The full file management system just opened
up. Let me minimize that before anyone gets jealous. Let’s start with the scratch test. Screens can be made out of a number of materials. Plastic would scratch at a level 3. Glass would start scratching at a 5 or a 6. And sapphire would scratch at a level 8. But glass can have different compositions. Tempered glass has the same hardness as regular
glass, but it’s less prone to fracturing. Looking at the imprints from my Mohs hardness
picks, the glass does appear to be a tad thicker than the iPad’s, but we can still see the
pressure transferring through the glass onto the LCD below. As I was finishing up the level 7 scratches,
there was a tiny pop and the entire length of the tablet was hit with hairline fractures. Not a good start. Each fracture from the level 7 basically spidered
out to the 4 corners. So a screen protector is probably a good idea
with this one. The Surface Pro 6 does not handle scratches
or damage very well. The side of the tablet has a proprietary magnetic
charging port. It would be nice to see a USB-C over here,
but it does have a full size normal USB port, along with a mini display port for external
monitors and stuff, all tucked into the metal frame. The bottom of the Surface Pro 6 has it’s little
docking pins, the little gold circles that connect to a keyboard. The Surface does allow you to plug a mouse
into the USB port, just like you would on a real computer. The iPad Pro does not support a mouse. The frame of the Surface Pro 6 is made from
metal, but it’s not anodized. It’s painted, making it slightly more vulnerable
to scratches. I do prefer Apple’s layer of anodizing over
this paint stuff. The power button is made from plastic, along
with the volume rocker…also plastic. And strangely enough, the whole upper side
of the tablet is made from plastic. Once place the iPad definitely wins is with
the camera. This Surface Pro only has a 5 megapixel front
facing camera tucked under the glass, with an 8 megapixel rear camera on the back, also
protected with this little circle of glass. Not overly impressive. It does come with an expandable micro SD card
memory slot though, which is a perk. I feel like a computer or tablet should adapt
itself to the user, and not the other way around. The front facing speaker grilles are right
next to our little headphone jack buddy. Thankfully he’s still around. This tablet has little useful perks all over
the place. Each of the 2 front firing speaker grilles
have a little bit of mesh over the top, but they’re definitely secure. These two speakers are probably no match for
Apple’s 4 speakers, but of course, we’re still talking about tablet speakers. Tiny speakers are always going to be tiny
speakers. The back of the Surface Pro 6 has quite a
bit of real estate. Microsoft has been pitching this tablet as
a computer, mostly because it is, and not so much of a drawing easel. But it looks like art can still happen. I turned the Microsoft logo into a cute little
turtle. Let me know what we should name it down in
the comments. The kickstand is made from metal. You can see the shiny silver glistening through
the paint later. There are 2 halves to the back panel though,
so a double session of Art Class with Jerry is now in order. We have the same shiny metal covering up the
upper portion, so the build quality and material is consistent on both halves. What should we name the shark? I went ahead and changed the background to
a more suitable aquatic environment for the buddies we just created. The Surface Pro 6 is using a 12.3 inch 1824×2736
resolution LCD display, which has a few more pixels than Apple’s 1668×2388…but who’s
keeping track. It lasted 12 seconds under the heat from my
lighter and then fully recovered. Tablets are definitely in a whole different
construction class than cellphones. Cellphones are by far the most used pieces
of technology on the planet, but tablets are still mobile and still should be durable. The bend test is next. Remember, the screen has already been cracked
from our scratch test. When I commence the bend, the Surface Pro
has some massive flex, but does lock out, and incredibly still works. Trying from the other side, we get a very
twisted tablet but with no catastrophic damage. Bending round 2 from the back pops the LCD
loose from the side adhesive. You can see the literal gap as the screen
pops away from the tablet, but the whole thing is still functioning. Pretty safe to say that this Surface Pro 6
can handle quite a bit more abuse than the iPad Pro. It could very well just be a weight issue. The Surface weighs 40% more than the iPad. And that weight definitely adds to the structure. It’s still incredibly light of course, there’s
just more structural material inside. Plus the Surface doesn’t have any flaws builtin
to it’s weakest points, like on the iPad, with it’s massive bend near the plastic cutout,
and the crack exactly on top of the middle microphone hole. Intentionally adding structural flaws in a
mobile product is a bad idea. Pretty basic stuff. The Surface Pro 6 passes the bend test. The thing that probably helps keep things
solid the most though was the kickstand. And extra massive metal plate securely built
into the tablet itself like a structural brace…can’t go wrong with that. Let’s do a quick jump inside so there’s no
question left over about the build quality. I’ll keep it all consolidated into one video. Neither of these tablets were designed to
be opened or repaired successfully – that’s a story for another day. Warming up the adhesive does make it easier
to remove the display, even though it still gets sacrificed in the removal process either
way. The interesting thing to me though, is that
the Surface Pro 6 is still holding onto life with it’s cracked, lit up display, while the
iPad gave up the ghost the very first second of the bend test. Finally, pulling the screen away from the
Surface Pro, we get our first glimpse inside. With it’s massive snaking copper heat pipes,
and big, blocky batteries, it’s easy to tell that there’s more hard wire and structure
inside the Surface Pro than there is inside the very flat elongated guts of the iPad. Apple went for a thin, light weight design,
and sacrificed structure in the process, while Microsoft packed their tablet with guts and
metal. Not all tablets are created equal. And there we have it. A full computer in tablet form, verses a smartphone
in tablet form. To me, the iPad Pro is just an overpowered,
hipped up, flexible Netflix machine. It sure does make artwork look good though. Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already. And come hang out with me on Twitter. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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