Superlative | Real Estate Template Websites | Review |

Superlative | Real Estate Template Websites | Review |

All right, the next company on our list
is Superlative. Superlative is another lease to never own real estate IDX
provider. I honestly, I used to bump into these guys a lot at real estate
technology conventions like NAR and things like that. I think that I know
more about them than other people do. In other words, I don’t know to me they’re a
top 20 provider but when I look at how many installs they have. So I’ve been
doing this review by the way my name is Robert Newman I’m a real estate online
marketing consultant and a founder of a company and a blog here in California
that focuses on real estate tech and I provide real estate SEO services two
separate sides of the company. So listen superlative is on my list of
top 20 real estate website service providers and this is their own website.
So they’ve got very little SEO on their site but then again they’re not
making really big claims that says that that’s something that they do. This is a
Superlative website, it’s a little bit better looking than many that you’re
gonna find. Superlative owns it so whatever their agreement is and by the
way they’ve done a very good job at keeping their pricing off the internet.
So I honestly and I don’t recall off the top of my head how much they used to be.
I know they’re on the lower end, I know that for sure. Maybe a few hundred
dollars to set up and maybe $100 to $200 to keep the site maintenance. I’m sure
that they probably have some kind of custom options and I’ve seen some
reviews online that say that you can build your own Superlative website. So
it’s possible that their a website builder and that they give you the tools
to build the website. My experience no offense to anybody that’s watching this
video is that real estate is one of the very worst industries to do personal
website builders in. Most real estate agents are pretty overwhelmed with the
job or the career itself and I’m talking even the successful ones, tends to be a
full-time job to go out there and make the money that you make in real estate
and there’s only a very small handful of professionals that have really gotten on
the digital bandwagon and turned the model around where they become more
marketers and they less real estate salespeople and let other people
do the selling while they rake in the leads using
digital marketing, but anyway. So what does that tell us about Superlative,
another thing about Superlative because if you’ve been watching my reviews
on real estate website designers, I have many times looked up ICANN information.
Well these guys are again very good at keeping, you can tell that
they’re here in California their in Irvine but whoever the CEO is they keep that
information pretty hidden. Their glassdoor information which is where
employees review the company tells us that they have reasonably good salaries
for California. Agent Image certainly never paid this much money for web
designers or web developers. So that’s pretty good and the information on
there’s no information on the CEO and that’s actually probably good, not bad
and the reason I say that is that people have a tendency to write about stuff
that’s irking them if they’re not saying anything that’s pretty good. It takes for
somebody who’s really extraordinary to get people to say something positive
when they’re leaving a review on a secret review site that I
don’t really like secret review sites all that much. I’m not setting a lot of
store by this nor should you but it does give you a little bit of insight
sometimes as to a lot of times you get some people who leave some information
about the company culture. A good culture or bad culture kind of indicates to you
do you want to do any business with them. Superlative is on the lower, into the
pricing scale. So I don’t think it really matters if you make a mistake with
Superlative. You’re probably only going to lose a couple thousand dollars
whereas there are many providers out there that are on the company 30-40
grand which is obviously a much bigger, more significant number and something
that you need to spend more time on. So these guys are located in Irvine I think
I’ve already said that, that’s California for those of you that
know. I’m gonna pull up one or two more of their websites. You can, I am sure that at
certain points I’m probably going to say that you can go ahead and leave. So this
is a Jeff Donter actually I know this guy he is an active rain blogger. I don’t
know him personally but I blog with him and he’s got some interesting things to
say if he’s with superlatively they’re probably giving pretty good service and
you can see here that Superlative has been in business for twenty years. So they’ve
been doing this a long time, I don’t know what you think to me this is not nearly
as good as a WordPress template that is halfway decent, but you know what? if
you’re looking for something different and you want to check out whatever kind
of support package Superlative has I suggest you check them out. I have to let
you know I have not heard anything or read anything in any reviews that say
these guys have an edgy technology but if you’re looking at them or you’ve been
approached by them or a friend of yours has one of these websites. This will give
you some additional insight. They seem to be a solid provider, they do have some
bad reviews but no more or less than other real estate technologies. They have
a couple ripoff reports but not nearly as many as like Z57 or Zurple. Real
estate agents especially ones without experience in technology, I talk
to you from experience. They’re extremely hard to please. They oftentimes won’t
listen to you, it’s a difficult market to be a part of. I personally solve a lot of
those problems by simply refusing to do business with people that don’t have
some kind of exposure to digital marketing. It’s not a perfect solution
I’m not really thrilled with it but it does avoid the problem of people having
such incredibly high expectations off you know what turns out not to be a
significant amount of money. It is to them but in terms of what they’re asking
you to do with it, it’s not. So but anyway here’s a few examples and this is Superlative’s own home
website last but not least. Superlative is making some claims on
their homepage that are laughable. So they’re saying and I just, I’m not picking on them
sorry but these guys the number one real estate website design and internet
technology company. I don’t know what would they would be basing that off of.
Agent Image which is located in the same state has 18,000 live accounts,
Superlative has 3000, okay. So they’re not top by installs, I can
guarantee you that Superlative clients while they may be paying like $100 or $120.
It doesn’t matter that if there’s 3000 of them, they’re
certainly not top by revenue. They don’t charge as much as Agent Image or
most other companies do for their real estate technology solution. So they’re
not top by revenue and they’re not winning any awards for designs. Their
sites are nice but they’re not that nice. So I have no idea what they’re talking
about I just think that like stuff like this drives me crazy as a marketer. I
mean why not just tell the truth like we’re a low-cost provider that won’t cost you
too many headaches and that’s pretty rare in the real estate business. I mean
they could say that and I think that they probably get a lot more business
than then they would expect. Of course how people view themselves and how they
really are, are two entirely different things. Last but not least let’s take a
look at their SEO chops, they don’t have any. Okay so this is Superlative if you
do call them and you’re talking to anybody on their staff about online
marketing buyer, beware one of my key metrics about trusting or understanding
if a quote-unquote marketing company understands how to market is are they
marketing themselves and yeah I personally have discovered that if
there’s any excuse. Like why would a company not market itself? what if they
knew how, what’s the answer that somebody can give you? Oh we didn’t have the
budget or we’re too busy serving our clients that’s oftentimes it’s something
that people say. I think that’s a load of malarkey. I think that if you know how to
market yourself that’s exactly what you should be doing.
No matter what the method is if their Facebook experts if that’s what they’re
claiming which is the new thing in real estate right now, then they
should be able to show you a Facebook page that has 10,000 followers or
whatever it is. I am NOT Facebook expert don’t claim to be but I’ve got 3,000
followers. So I’m an SEO guy so but these these companies and their crazy claims. I
just, I get very suspicious of marketing methods, like marketing messages that
don’t match the data but having said all that, they’ve been around for 20 years
for that long they don’t have that many complaints, their prices are on the low
side. So can you get a solid real estate website from these guys?
The answer is yes, so that’s why they made in my top 20 list. I’ve said this
countless times real estate sucks for technology, it just does. Every single one
of these providers needs to improve their services. Almost all of them.
There’s one shining exception somebody who’s got it almost all right
and that’s Real Geeks and they’ve got a couple holes in their strategy but it’s
not many and they make a great product that educate heavily. Easy Agent Pro
isn’t bad either I did a review on the two. So anyway I hope you found this
useful go ahead and leave me comments in the bottom. You can always make a request
to have

2 thoughts on “Superlative | Real Estate Template Websites | Review |

  1. Terrible company! Horrible customer service.

  2. How much did they pay you to make this video? I’d rather light my money on fire. No return calls unless you call the main line and make a complaint, no return emails for months, the owner won’t call or return emails even after they open yours, and why is it such a secret on how big the company is? Waste of money 💰

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