Suite 701 Oceanfront Condo, Palacio del Mar – Rosarito Real Estate By James Langley-

Suite 701 Oceanfront Condo, Palacio del Mar – Rosarito Real Estate By James Langley-

Hello everybody James Langley again, here
with I wanna wish you a happy summer we’re into the high season down here in Rosarito
Beach, Today’s property, Palacio del Mar unit
701 What makes this unit special, it has
everything you need, if you desire luxury condo, it’s oceanfront, it’s mathematically detailed with granite countertops the view is from the
north and it looks entirely at the point at Calafia with a complete 200 degree
view all the way back around to the south, it’s quite immaculate, actually
the unit itself located at Palacio Del Mar Palacio Del Mar self is a very famous
resort here in Rosarito Beach, it’s known for its half-size Olympic swimming pool,
which is heated and indoor so we can be used all year round, it’s also very
famous for its infinity pool, which is out front really nice detail especially,
when you’re out there looking as it falls over and behind it is the Pacific
Ocean and it looks like it goes on forever,
this unit is priced at 450,000 the HOA is four hundred and fifty dollars a
month and it is really worth seeing if you desire luxury oceanfront living, here
in Rosarito Beach, some things I like about Palacio del Mar or the wonderful and
tight security they have, they’re very friendly security guards, but you will
not get access to the development unless you are invited or you’re there to visit
a guest or you have a business, it’s one of the very most stringent access condos we
have here Rosarito Beach, Palacio del Mar is one of the most southern resorts we
have in the county of Rosarito Beach, it is located approximately K 46 right next
to a community known as La Mision, here in this area at Palacio del Mar, you will
find it to be very relaxing and quiet you’re mostly out in the open space
areas where there’s a lot of agriculture there’s not a lot of noise if you’re,
looking for places to dine, you can go to places like a splash and a few other
restaurants located within about five minutes in a car if you’d like to
venture further out in your vehicle you could always enjoy the dining
experiences in Ensenada and The Valle de Guadalupe, also there’s the famous
la Fonda and Dimitris down the road, so there are a lot of spots to have a
really good and to return back to your condo, safely
and quickly it’s about 45 minutes south of the border once you cross at San
Ysidro, it’s very convenient you can take the toll road all the way there and you
won’t hit one stop sign you can get off at an exit called
Cuenca Lechera and head back north about a quarter of a mile and
you’re right there at the entrance to Palacio del Mar, I hope you enjoy
checking out this property of Palacio del Mar, as much as I do
and if you’d like to see it contact our office, immediately and we’ll set you up
an appointment, we’ll get you over there and have a look at it okay, if you have
any other questions, comments or anything you’d like to discuss here on ask Jim,
please reach out to me right here at ask Jim at, thank you for
watching our video, if you’re planning on buying Real Estate in the Rosarito Beach
area, make sure to give us a call, have a great day everybody.

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