Studio Apartment Design

Studio Apartment Design

Small space living is becoming more and more
common, literally just having one room called a studio. If this is you, stick with me. I have some great tips for studio decorating. Tip number one, you want to paint it all the
same color. This is huge. If you paint it all the same color, your eye
just will cruise around the room. If you paint it different colors, it actually
in the contrast will make it seem smaller. I just suggest to probably painting it something
in the whites, or creams, or a vibrant gray, something that’s warm and uplifting. Tip number two, and I kind of referred to
this in tip number one, but don’t add too much contrast. You could actually even paint dark if you
wanted to, because it won’t make it seem smaller. It would make it seem cozy, but what will
make it seem smaller is contrast, so if you’ve got a focal wall over here, and another color
over here, that will make your space, so you really want to stick with one color throughout
and not too much contrast. Tip number three is think of double duty furniture. What I love is so many places are making double
duty furniture. For instance, there are coffee tables out
there now that literally pull up and they’re like a tray, a breakfast tray slash table
for you. There’s murphy beds now that look just amazing,
that you can just put up on the wall when you’re done with it, pull it down. Great bookshelves out there, just a lot of
things that can double. Also with your chairs, if you’ve got a space
for a small dining room, think about the chairs being able to use for the dining space. Then you could pull it out into your living
room, so always think with every piece, “How else can I use this?” Tip number four is in your small studio, you’re
going to want to go vertical, so what this means is use every inch of space up to the
ceiling. Put bookshelves right up to the top of the
ceiling. Another place that people forget about is
on top of the door, that space between the casing and the ceiling. It’s a great space to put a shelf, and put
some things that you need to store up there, or to decorate, so you really want to go and
think vertical everywhere you can in your small space. Tip number five is layer, and when I say layer,
I’m kind of talking rugs and things. I think you want to make your small space
seem that it’s cozy, that it’s textured, so I don’t want you to shy away from using rugs. I do say probably not ones with too much contrast
in them, because that’s going to make it seem smaller, but think of something with texture,
and think of layering it in. It’s going to really add a coziness to your
small space. Tip number six in your small studio is you
can still create zones. Yes, you can, so you really got to think about
it, and a great way is for me to draw it out and create those zones. If you’ve got a little kitchen in there, you’ve
got one zone. If you’ve got your bedroom, that’s another
zone that maybe goes in a murphy, that then changes into a living room. You want to really make sure that you still
have spaces that are designated for certain things, and rugs are a great way to be able
to define those spaces, but it’ll also make you feel like your space gives you everything
that you need. Just to review the tip on small space living
for your studio is, keep to one color in paint or your color palette. Tip number two, don’t add too much contrast
because it’ll make it seem smaller. Tip number three, double duty furniture. There really is a lot out there now. Tip number four, go vertical. You want everything to go right up to the
ceiling, and remember that spot above the door case. It’s a great space for a shelf. Layer. Layer will add interest and texture. Don’t be afraid to add rugs, and also create
zones, so create your own zones within your space. Now you’re inspired to decorate your small
space, which makes me super excited, but you’re wondering where to go. I have got a shopping list for you of all
my favorite retailers that I like to shop at, with some personal notes of what I like
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  1. Great tips for small space living!

  2. I live in a 424 square feet space and love it

  3. I'm going to use these tips for my apartment!!

  4. Hi Karla, Great tips…  Cheers, GGG

  5. Hi Karla, I'm Tiffany! OMG! I'm really like your videos. Make me got a many Ideas about Interior!! Now, i will to take a interior design majoring. And, I hope. You can give me more Ideas and inspirations about this! 😀

  6. Hi Karla please do a section on how to choose your lamps according to the style of your furniture. Great tips thank you!

  7. Thanks for the tips. Waiting to close on my first apartment so these will come in very handy! 😉👍🏻

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