Stossel Confronts Politicians about Corruption Allegations

Stossel Confronts Politicians about Corruption Allegations

That mayor was unhappy with me because I’d just asked if he and his fellow politicians were on the take. I asked because they want to seize a valuable piece of land. Check out this view. Wouldn’t you like to have an apartment with this view of the New York City skyline? It’s a rare, gorgeous location, right on the Hudson River. Right now there’s nothing here but dirt, so this man, who works for the developer Maxal Group, wants to build apartments like these. Thousands of people could live here with this great view. And this whole pier would be open to the public. They’d also build a facility for ferries, so people on this side of the river could commute to Manhattan on ferries like that one. Ferry would come right in here and go from here straight to midtown Manhattan. Sounds good to me, but then the politicians in this town said, “No! Forget about it!” We’re gonna seize the property and spend millions of taxpayer dollars to put our Department of Public Works here. This little department… It has just 13 employees plus these trucks. The garbage trucks will like this. This is — You’re absolutely right. The city does says it will also put in a park and parking, but at taxpayer expense. Maxal offered parking and parks at no cost. Parks, we were offering mass transit and all at no cost to taxpayers. Plus, the town would collect an additional $12 million dollars in taxes every year. Why would Edgewater say no to that? The unsuccessful bidder is a fellow named Fred Daibes, told us “you will never be able to develop this property.” Fred Daibes says he’s the biggest apartment developer in town. He also says, “you can’t be in Edgewater and not be affiliated with me.” Daibes also controls this New Jersey bank, and I wonder if he controls the politicians in town too, because a lawsuit filed by Maxal alleges “corrupt transactions” between Daibes and Edgewater’s politicians. Ongoing relationships with him, jobs, undervalued rentals, loans for their business purposes through a bank that Mr. Daibes started and has the controlling interest in. Sounds like Mr. Daibes controls the town. That seems unfortunately self-evident. Edgewater Mayor Michael McPartland’s connected to Daibes. The mayor lives in this building. It’s quite elegant, with statues and fountains, and it happens to be owned by… Fred Daibes. According the lawsuit, the mayor pays below market rent, though the Mayor told the New York Times he doesn’t pay below market rent. The mayor and the city council say they have a good reason for using eminent domain and taxpayer money to seize Maxal’s development. They say Maxal’s project was “just too much”. The developer’s proposal is too big, says the Mayor. They just approved a larger project with a more intense density and guess for whom? For Fred Daibes. Work is already going on on his site, because somehow Daibes got approvals for a density and population of people that would occupy in excess of what we were seeking. 250 more apartments. 4 giant buildings, twice as tall as Maxal’s proposal. We tried to ask Fred Daibes about all this, but he didn’t respond to our calls and emails. How can the town justify approving dense development for Daibes, while rejecting a smaller proposal from a competitor? I tried to ask Edgewater’s mayor and the city council about this, but not one would agree to talk. So I came here, to a city council meeting, and I asked — I should explain why I’m asking that in a largely empty room. The council session was full earlier, but questions from people like me weren’t allowed until most everyone had left. So I tried. At this point, I thought I might actually get my questions answered. But no, no answers. And that was that. Maxal’s lawsuit claims the mayor and the council have engaged in “corrupt transactions” to favor Fred Daibes. He’s killing off the competition. It’s as simple as that. A great thing about capitalism is that the way to get rich is to serve your customers well. Developers can’t really be thugs, they can’t use force, they can’t tell other developers “you can’t build here” unless they have cronies in government. And that’s not capitalism, that’s crony capitalism. Actually, it’s corruption. To me, that sure seems to be what’s going on here.

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  1. Any update on this? Did it air on TV, or just YouTube?

  2. Corruption makes everyone else poorer for the benefit of a few. Unfortunately it's complicated and thus emotionally resonates less than its impact suggests. Think of all the people who would have had a good job. Stealing jobs from people should be deeply offensive.

  3. So, as a NJ resident…at least for now, I am very curious how this all turned out? Any resolution?

  4. Guys like this change their tune when they're hanging upside down by their ankles from the top of a 10 story build…js

  5. They did not even deny! Did I miss something? THEY DID NOT EVEN DENY !!!!!

  6. They should build a prison on Epstein island!!!!!

  7. Corrupt politicians , SOooooooo Typical , I hope there is a huge lawsuit over this

  8. Mr Stossel, you should use your influence to oust this mayor on his next election and let his constituents know why!!!

  9. Imagine that. Politicians lining thier pockets.

  10. They sound like Republicans

  11. Cronys as always!

  12. It totally doesn't matter but how is it that the text on the thumbnail pic is crooked?

  13. Anyonne have a follow-up link to this story?

  14. Investigate indict trial
    Convict……… Prison!!!!!!

    Crony Capitalism


  15. By not answering they already answered. Aren't public officials business expenses public record?

  16. Good to know the Edgewater mayor is on the take. Not that I'm surprised.

  17. Was anything done about this?

  18. So what's the town going to do? Like most probably nothing and live their lemming life not holding anyone accountable.

  19. Liberal politicians are corrupt?
    Say it ain’t so.

  20. This is worse than Chicago

  21. Put them in prison

  22. Liers and theivs

  23. So how did this turn out??

  24. Vote that POS out!!!!

  25. Is there going to be an investigation?

  26. Fuck’n politicians.This is got to stop America.

  27. Money is the root of all evil!!

  28. They must all be raping children together with Israel and patsy Epstein

  29. For God to allow these punks the population must be so anti Catholic
    But then you came. An answer to prayers.

  30. It's not corruption, it's New Jersey!

  31. Criminals polluting most public offices unfortunately. These reprehensible parasites are the ones not only living off our tax money but they use it to grease the palms of their friends as a matter of course…. and we pay the bills. We hear a lot of rhetoric everywhere that politicians are seeking our votes how this is a free country, maybe someone can point out to me where the free part is exactly.

  32. Crooked as hell!

  33. Who in hell would want to live there.

  34. Nothing is going to change until the mayor's and dabies of this country receive the same punishment.

  35. Jew York #911WASAJEWJOB

  36. There is this idea that there isn't enough work or space for housing in America when corruption is a means to or tool to supposedly "prevent" saturation.

  37. Corruption in NJ? nawww

  38. It’s NJ… I’m shocked.

  39. Just what you’d expect from a New York politician.

  40. Since when does a city council member who is there to address concerns of the community there in a city council meeting have his lawyer sitting next to him on the council/panel advising him to basically plead the fifth, even though they are not in a court of law, and he doesn't have to respond to Stossel's phishing question anyway? I can't think of anything that looks more suspicious than how they handled that and gives credence to Stossel's question of, "Are you on the take?"


  42. Sounds like money in the pockets

  43. Can you spell corruption? And they blame China for corruption! The USA is just as corrupt now days as any other country! That’s why Trump was voted in!! MAGA!! End Corruption in America

  44. Take your millions and gtfo my face tyvm

  45. Send them to jail!

  46. There is a small town in southern California by the name of Temple City. About Ten years ago the entire city council, mayor and city attorney, were either sent to prison or testified for the prosecution in order to avoid s jail sentence for basically the same thing these guys sre doing. There needs to be an investigation. These bastards need to spend dome time behind bars.

  47. That is not corruption. It is organized crime. RICO?

  48. Just sickening

  49. So what is the answer? How do we put a stop to it? How do we hold our politicians accountable? This can’t continue. I truly believe in capitalism and it is corrupt greedy assholes like these p.o.s. that give it a bad name.

  50. Is not surprise all Americans politicians and corporations are corrupt.
    Even wend some pirâmides scams effecting all world end up on American courts but the money only make some greed busters more richer
    You have what you have prying for

  51. Whose body is buried there?

  52. This will go viral!!

  53. Masons helping Masons.

  54. Mr. Stossel: you are friggin' awesome! Please come to Angier/Fuquay-Varina, NC! From developer/builder/mayor corruption/bribery/campaign fund violations…..etc. etc. to a scam veteran's charity that gives new homes to young disabled veterans in one county (flies them in on a helicopter and gives them motorcycles and free lawnmowers…only to have several of these veterans file for bankruptcy years later and quite a few divorced) but only to those who are PHYSICALLY disabled (you know missing 1 or more limbs!), then tiptoe over the next county line and build subdivisions that are corrupt/illegal/unethical while at the same time displace older veterans who have worked their whole lives to have! They are displaced because of damage caused by heavy equipment utilized without proper permits! The leaders are idiots with man-crushes on the wealthy developers/builders.

  55. what happend, nothing?

  56. Come to Canada and talk to our prime minister Just Plain True Dolt if you want to find corruption on a massive scale, John.

  57. Your Gov. At work… Bravo!

  58. Oh…I remember this dude. HE'S STILL A REPORTER??
    He was the dude WHO WAS PUNCHED OUT BY A MAN EARLY IN HIS CAREER….I thought he was retired and on DISABILITY… good for you….Must have taken ALOT of Plastic Surgery.

  59. All politicians become corrupt in time.Extreme investigations and prison sentences are needed now.

  60. Apparently the voters of Edgewater, N.J. have no scruples since the corrupt piece of shit, Democrat Michael McPartland is still in office. Although he barely squeaked by in the primary by 22 votes and NO opponent in the general election. Is it any wonder why the public has such low regard for politicians? Even when they are clearly exposed, there is little consequence.

  61. Par for the course.

  62. Way to go! For the governor to have his lawyer there telling him not to answer a question that was obviously planned ahead of time isn’t a good look. When you refuse to answer a simple question like that pretty much makes you look guilty. Shame on the people on the board that have to know what is going on and do nothing.

  63. Wait… The mayor has his lawyer sitting beside him at city council meetings?… Tear all of these corrupt assholes from their high, profitable seats of power, and end the corruption. We're growing tired of it.

  64. Another corrupt, Democrat run city.

  65. Another corrupt, Democrat run city.

  66. Welcome to NJ. and crony capitalism. I am sure that each of these local yocal politicians sees nothing wrong with their relationship with Daibes. They have convinced themselves that they are entitled to illegally conspire with this developer and reap the rewards for doing so.

  67. Political corruption in NJ? I've never heard of such a thing. This is entire state is built on handouts, nepotism and cronyism. Been going on for decades.

  68. All staged

  69. easy tell the Clinton s he's got dirt on em he'll be dead next week

  70. Not many years ago the people did not care about corruption. Not because they sided with it, but simply because times were good and why rock the boat for something that doesn't concern you. After all if you want to get along you have to go along. That is all liberal thinking and it affected the entire mood of the herd. But a conservative wave has now begun which is why you see nationalism and individualism taking down liberalism and globalism. Wrong doers will no longer get the benefit of the doubt because conservatives believe in crime and punishment. So all these little good old boy groups which have acted with liberal impunity for several decades now will have the strong disinfectant ray of sunshine placed on them. Whereas they use to be able to stonewall people like Stossel, his career will begin to skyrocket. Whistle blowers will stop getting shit on by the herd and will be getting admiration and praise (and money) instead.

    Rabid liberalism has peaked and now conservatism will get control again. And it will retain control until it goes too far, just like liberalism was allowed to go too far.

  71. way to push for answers stossel??

  72. Boy u made them squirm I salute u, I hate gov corruption

  73. LOL Does anyone believe they AREN'T on the take??

  74. I always loved John Stossel

  75. That mayor needs to be removed immediately, what an absolute disgrace he is as a mayor and a person.

  76. They're all dirty!

  77. Down with the bureaucrats! Send them all to jail.

  78. What was the outcome ?

  79. This is in Jersey…??? Tony Soprano.

  80. Crooked Bastards everyone of them.

  81. Pile them piggies to the sky

  82. Politicians should not run anything or gain out of anything while in office. Max of three year term. Private sector should only be guided by pollies. Politicians can't run the country how can they run profitable buisness

  83. CORRUPT MAYOR……Is there a special anti-corruption government unit….FBI….this needs to be investigated ASAP…..

    Great work Stossel…..why is corruption so rampant in the USA…..there needs to be a special branch in the government to handle these corruption cases against politicians ……..Baltimore, LA, San Francisco,

  84. You are fucken crazy!

  85. What ever happened with this ?

  86. Very corrupt people. Not answering the question tells me corruption.

  87. We live in the most corrupt country in the world . I hope this mayor goes to jail.

  88. John Stosell, you are the best reporter of your generation and the only one I trust. I’m 61 years old. Good job exposing these corrupt thieves.

  89. 547,000 people watched these corrupt thieves refuse to answer simple questions as to whether they were financially benefiting from a relationship with this developer. Their refusal to answer IS the answer.

  90. That form of political prostitution, it doesn’t matter how many showers you take or how hard you scrub, you will NEVER get clean.

  91. Tar and feathers

  92. Good job Mr Stossel. Hopefully you don’t get whacked.

  93. They purposely support and spend billions to elect those politicians. So what can you expect. They are puppets

  94. When the economy goes boom…these people will be killed.

  95. The hubris here is off the charts,.

  96. The corruption in our government, locally and nationally is Soo deeply rooted I don't know if we will ever be able to get it all out and those criminal politicians punished– but I hope it does happen!!
    Thanks as always to Stossel for exposing it!!

  97. Corruption at it's best !!!

  98. Medium power corrupts absolutely.

  99. If videos like this were broadcasted on the tv real change would happen. Instead the news feeds people news they have no power to change.

  100. Stossel for President 2024

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