Stocks Continue To Move Higher 9-13 Sept, Market Broke To New All Time Highs, Fed Speaks Next Week!

Stocks Continue To Move Higher 9-13 Sept, Market Broke To New All Time Highs, Fed Speaks Next Week!

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today we’re going to be doing our weekly recap for September 9th
through the 13th 2019 we’re gonna quickly look at last week’s changes
which are up on the screen now we’re gonna jump into this week’s changes for
the S&P Dow Jones Nasdaq and the Russell 2000 go over stock futures currently
looking positive going into this upcoming week here on the 16th of
September we’re also gonna be jumping taking a look at the entire S&P 500
performance for the week what stocks are strong with stocks for a week then also
succubi sector and then we’re gonna look individually a financial semiconductors
home builders oil and then jump over take any look at the dollar silver gold
and wrapping it up taking a look at mortgage rates so that is what we’re
going to be covering in today’s video I like to do these every week to kind of
keep track of how the market is moving and kind of go from there so last week
changes or up on the screen now and before we cover that of course if you
haven’t subscribed to the channel I would HIGHLY appreciate if you do hit
that red button below it does help the channel I’ll also hit the thumbs up and
leave a comment if you have any questions going over this or stock
market dividends or real estate and let’s go ahead and get into the video so
last week we had a very positive week SMP up 1.79
the Dow Jones of 1.49 the Nasdaq 1.76 and my portfolio of 1.7 3% now I had
posted a few weekends ago that I was expecting sometime in the next one to
three months that we would hit on new all-time highs but then President Trump
in China had some tariff altercations and the market got a bit volatile there
and that kind of threw me for a wrench but here we are we broke two all-new
all-time highs this week which we will cover here in just a second so we did
hit some all-time highs here on Thursday before kind of pulling back here on
Friday now overall here today we are up nineteen point nine seven five-day
change a point nine six percent I do not expect any sort of resistance right now
I think we’ve broken above where we need to be and it would be expected to kind
of come back a little bit but I do believe we’re gonna continue to move
higher from this point the Dow Jones up 1.5 8% this is I believe in second place
this week it Dow Jones the second place of 1.5 8% your today hit is that sixteen
point six eight the Nasdaq this week is in fourth place
so the Nasdaq actually underperformed the SP the Dow Jones it is the leader
currently here today up twenty three point two three and this week’s winner
is the Russell 2000 now this thing has been a beast here recently it is up over 17 percent year-to-date but this week
alone is up four point eight five percent so very nice gain this week now
stock features again currently positive but that can change anything up till
here on Monday if there’s some sort of news that comes out here on Sunday
that would that may affect the markets there as far as looking at what is up or
what is down here in the after-hours on Friday not a whole lot that is Riley you
recognizable as far as financials or semiconductors so nothing big there now
as far as Friday you can see Friday a little bit of a Coolidge and that’s
basically what we saw here at the SP it really pushed higher last week and they
kind of continued its trend only going down point zero one percent here on
Friday and then big gap down on Tuesday but recovered all of it towards the
ended today and we actually had the Fed coming up this week so we will kind of
see what happens if the Fed doesn’t cut rates I do expect the markets to pull
back but there’s such a high chance that the Fed will continue to cut rates here
in September and again in December that all of it’s been sort of price and
already and if it doesn’t happen then it’s gonna really hurt the markets
jumping back over here if we look at the one-week performance here for the S&P
500 you can actually see it’s fairly mixed you can see money moving out of
some of these strong consumer companies if we take a look at Visa MasterCard
down on the bottom left here V sit down 4.5%
MasterCard down 5% there we also see Costco which is had really
nice run ups in the past downtown almost 4% McDonald’s almost down 5% Altria
ultra haven’t been really performing well here today and they’re been getting
hit week after a week with terrible news either you know now it’s president chums
going on after the flavored dual cartridges and that’s that even ultra of
stuff that’s these other third-party vendors that are marketing their
cannabis and TLC you know all these products and oils that tastes well
towards these teenagers and that needs to be you know obviously stop because
that’s not an actual ultra product and it will eventually recover after they’re
not found guilty of them all that sort of stuff so kind of interesting area
here we see Apple for the week up 2.5 7 and kind of interesting a little mix out
there so not a whole lot of terribly performing companies here the biggest
performers look at financials finally helping out the market so we can see
Bank of America up 8.8% this week JP Morgan up six points seven seven Wells
Fargo 3.75 Citibank up six point seven so if financials continue to play really
well here in the future we will move to you know continue to move to new
all-time highs here the financial sector overall ticker symbol XLF is up 3.8 3
semiconductors up 2.8 6 homebuilders down I’m sorry up 2.8 5 and now we’re
gonna go into some of the negative ones here so let’s go ahead and cover oil
here very quickly I thought I had some news on oil but oil got slammed
I think they over supplied it I think that was the main headline they found
out that they wanted to have their vendors cut supplies because they’re
pushing out too much and it was sort of stated that they didn’t actually cut
production so they have extra supply and that caused oil to fall by 2.8 percent
there if you have any other information out there let me know in the comment
section below the dollar continue to move lower this is what we’ve kind of
been expecting now for the month we almost hit some
we did hit some behinds out here for the year at 19 I know four before I come and
pull them back down I’m not sure where were we kind of hover here with a Fed
cutting rates here next week we could see the dollar continuing to kind of
pull back into that 96 point silver and gold getting hit we saw these
being highly extended here these last few months silver going as high as over
$18 there for a brief minute now it’s down to 16 31 not sure where this one
will find its bottom at but it could go as low as below $14 gold also in that
same bucket really high extended here in the short term it had broken to about
145 140 146 there and is now pulling back we can see maybe some safety around
135 that support level now bonds also pulling back this week so all those
safer plays that investors are moving into gold silver bonds now with the
market on fire the feds backing up the market there’s a
lot less tension between the US and China if we do do some sort of
Agriculture see what is it called them kind of keep the businesses from diving
under stimulus in the States a lot of those agriculture businesses here in the
states are actually China own so will if they declare bankruptcy and we help them
out and stimulus wise that actually helps out you know China as well so very
interesting stuff going on out there in the market also mortgage rates this week
are up 13 basis points so not a huge bit but actually you know double what it has
been these last few weeks so went from thirteen point seven four percent a week
ago to now three point eight seven now I didn’t post a whole lot this week there
wasn’t a whole lot that I was sort of tracking so I did make one buy this week
and that was Las Vegas Sands I believe I think I will be buying that one again I
should have posted a bit more from Instagram I know on Instagram I’ve been
posting quite a bit more if you guys aren’t following me over on Instagram
definitely follow me here and let’s go ahead and jump over into Instagram here
so as far as what I’m posting every day every week I try and post the previous
week’s dividend so Pfizer Walmart Southern Company paid out dividend slask
and then some of the performance here from the week so every day this week we
are pretty positive there on Monday 0.88 Tuesday at 0.8 – Wednesday 0.8% and down
Thursday I was down 0.1 3 and then overall for the week the em1 finance
portfolio was up around 2 point 1 3 percent I know there’s quite a bit of
dividends in that portfolio this week so I’ll be posting that again sign up
Monday we posted up dividends for this prior week as well as we will be making
our Monday video so here on the 12th which was I believe Thursday it was
Thursday we were 12 points away from all-time highs do you believe what will
happen here in September and we did it we broke two all-time highs and there’s
our changes for this week the SP 0.96 the Dow Jones up 1.58 the Nasdaq up 1.9
1% and my portfolio one point 10 percent now the m1 Finance account did really
well up over 2% this week and a couple other counts did really well as well 2%
but then we had a couple of the lowered adjusted beta
accounts that kind of cap Tufts kept us in line so overall up one point 10% this
week which i think is great either way so that is all I wanted to cover in
today’s video if you guys did enjoy this video again hit the thumbs up button
below I really appreciate all the comments you guys do leave here below
the comments in the comment section if there’s any questions if there’s
anything you’d like to add that you saw this week that may have not been covered
this week I wasn’t tracking a whole lot kind of
going on and tell the Fed really comes out and says anything all you can do is
be invested continue to stay invested according to your plan and don’t take on
more risks and you’re really willing to take on and that’s basically all it is
so that is it for today’s video thank you all for tuning in if you guys did
enjoy this video hit the thumbs up subscribe to the channel and I will see
you next time have a great day bye

8 thoughts on “Stocks Continue To Move Higher 9-13 Sept, Market Broke To New All Time Highs, Fed Speaks Next Week!

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  2. Thanks! It will be interesting to see what the fed does with rates… 0, 25, or 50?

  3. Silver and Gold sure took a hit! Thanks for sharing man.

  4. It's crazy to see how hight the markets have run up and the fact that there has been panic about a recession for a long time now. Like others, curious to see how the fed talks effect things here soon or if there is going to be a major variable that sends the market in the other direction. Thinking of previous recessions, they were based around specific catalyst that caused them to happen. Until then, I'll just grab my popcorn! Thanks for the update brother.

  5. Crude oil just spiked after the saudi attack! Trump ordered the release of our reseeves…..

  6. After the drone attack on Saudi oil fields, I would look for a spike in oil prices on Monday. Their production was cut in half, by some reports. Thanks for the update, Brent.

  7. Up 0.35% for the week. I really took it in the shorts with bonds, gold and silver taking a dive. The highlight for the week was a nice 20% swing trade play on M over 8 days buying into it when it started its up swing from the dividend scalpers buying and I dumped it off the day before it going ex-dividend On ex-Dividend day M dropped nearly 6% so I will take it. For the week I had $297.40 in earned dividends.

    Monday should be a good day for US oil stocks after the drone attacks in Saudi Arabia.

  8. Your accounts did great, mine were so so. Attack on Aramco is very concerning. Wonder what oil prices will do tomorrow when the market opens. 🤔

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