Stock Headlines Pre Fed Talk & Dividend ReInvestment

Stock Headlines Pre Fed Talk & Dividend ReInvestment

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today I wanted to make a quick video going over some of the
headlines that are out there right now Wednesday here we are the Fed is coming
out today the whole market is waiting on exactly what the Fed will say are they
going to mention some stimulus and quantitative easing are they going to
adjust the market the rates and such that is what’s on everyone’s mind right
now and I know I’ve had a couple post today over on Facebook but I wanted to
make a quick video here on Wednesday going over some of the headlines that I
was watching here on Tuesday night and also go ahead and make a dividend
reinvestment so if you are brand new to the channel have not subscribe hit that
subscribe button below I cover the stock market dividends and real estate if you
enjoy this video find a help with the thumbs up and if you have any comments
or questions drop them into the comment section below I always appreciate all
your feedback and let’s go ahead and get into the video so what I want to start
off with is going over some of the headlines that are out there now I was
actually looking at the research tab and this was out there so caution grips
Asian markets before Fed minutes now I’ve already posted over on Facebook
earlier in the day I think I clicked on something so here about 11 hours ago I
went over what Wednesday you know what’s going to happen we have 10 minutes so
close everyone is waiting on what the Fed will do on Wednesday now I’m looking
for not specific words but topics or anything that could be related to
stimulus now there’s been I believe it was last week where something was
getting pushed out about a stimulus package getting pushed out future rate
cuts any sort of mention of policy adjustments here in the future and you
know that could be a rate cut here at September I do expect a rate cut of 0.25
percent in September and possibly another one it’s in December we have a
mid cycle adjustment that could be another word that could be tossed out
there yield curve if that’s going to be discussed here in Fed minutes and so on
those are just some of the discussions here I know we did have a bed of a cell
just very slowly I don’t think this was anything to to fear I think we’re just
sort of waiting everyone is out there waiting right now what exactly is going
to take place with the market I do believe that we’ve actually found a bit
of a support level which is an upcoming I posted this just a few maybe two hours
ago I went out there and moved my thrift savings plan from bonds back into the
S&P 500 at close here on Tuesday so I did save myself around three hundred and
thirty one dollars of equity or three point one percent and I went ahead and
posted that I do believe we found some sort of a support level at twenty eight
fifty through twenty nine hundred I went ahead and swap back from bonds into the
SP the Fed I’m expecting them to cut rates or mention that they’re going to
be doing some further policy adjustments that may negatively affect China
it’ll positively affect us I also mentioned that here in the short term by
the end of September I do see the market hitting new all-time highs and just a
little bit formation there I don’t know I will go ahead and have this article
here down in the comment section below it will peep it’ll be pinned to the top
so you guys can kind of read through here this article here more stimulus so
that is what everyone is looking for if the market gets pumped up with stimulus
to kind of help with this trade war if the market if the Fed comes out
discussing Fed rate cuts that’s going to be helping out the US market now another
thing here I wanted to do in today’s video is do you one stock by now I have
cash to five dollars and 20 cents sitting in this account in my activity I
can see that caterpillar meat paid me out five dollars and 20 cents so my main
focus here until next Monday is Johnson & Johnson which I bought here on Monday
so here it is Wednesday I’m gonna go ahead and make a single buy of Johnson &
Johnson I’m gonna go ahead and target $10 because that is the minimum you must
put in here and what that is going to do here is on the next trading day it is
going to invest 5 dollars and 20 cents into this specific company here on the
next day so that is set and dump I have my estimated trades here 5 dollars and
20 cents going towards Johnson & Johnson now we shall see what the market does
here on Wednesday I don’t want to make a long video here I
know anything had happened but that is the main focus here on Wednesday just a
quick video here in the morning let me know in the comment section below
right now before the Fed discusses what do you think is going to happen do you
think the market will move higher do you think the market will move lower let me
know in the mark in the comment section below if you haven’t subscribed to the
channel hit that subscribe button below and thank you all for tuning in I will
see you next time have a great day bye

8 thoughts on “Stock Headlines Pre Fed Talk & Dividend ReInvestment

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  2. I find it hard to believe they ae talking about QE already. That is crazy talk in my opinion. We still haven't been able to get back to normal from the last QE1, QE2, QE3, operation twist etc etc. We can't even sustain a 2% rate? What??? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think the market will trend higher…possibly dip a little with each tweet or news, just keep buying regardless!

  4. I don't know if more cheap money is necessary, but as individual investors, we have to consider this as another factor that affects our investments. Have to watch debt levels for the cos I own. 

    In the meantime, took profits on PG and on TGT with the gap up from the good earnings report. Will reallocate to undervalued positions. like SKT.

  5. Nice update! 👍 I think we will trade side ways for a bit before the market collapses.

  6. Good question stimulating a lot of discussion. I am so far just sitting and watching what is going on. lol. Thanks for the question as different points of view are expressed and we learn from one another. 👍

  7. The markets in my opinion were stable in reference to my portfolio. I was up for the day and the week.

  8. I have no idea what the market is going to do. I wish I had extra money to invest, but honestly if I did, I don’t know that I would actually pull the trigger, or wait to see if/when the market collapses!

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