Starting my YouTube journey | First Video Ever! | Getting Your Real Estate License Part 1

Starting my YouTube journey | First Video Ever! | Getting Your Real Estate License Part 1

Hi guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel. This
video is going to be about this question that I have been getting pretty frequently in the
past couple months, people have been asking me, how I got my real estate license. I decided
to hey you know what why not just make YouTube video about it and start this channel that
I’ve been wanting to do. So this is just a way for me to personally give back to people
who have the same passions as me that are very business like minded and have that entrepreneurship
mindset that its good to surround yourself with and those types of people. I am so so
so passionate about this career that I have chosen and it is great how people are asking
me for advice about it and its great how other people are taking an interest in real estate.
I just want to go ahead and give back some type of way and help other people find and
make a pathway for themselves especially in this industry. So step number 1 is that you
apply online for online courses. You don’t have to do online, for me I am a really busy
person so all I had time for was to do it online on my own time. Some people if you’re
more into wanting to learn from a professor and go to class you can do that. I’m not too
sure how their scheduling works, it may be twice a week that you go for so many hours
or every day for so many hours. But I did the online version and that was a lot easier
and it worked better with my schedule. So what you do is go to and
this is where you can go ahead and take your online courses. I did pay around a couple
hundred dollars for this online course. $288.00. Then you get a rep that is assigned to your
account so you do have contact with them and you’re able to ask questions, ask for any
guidance or help while you’re taking these online courses. Just to let you know. There
are a lot of chapters to read. It does get a little overwhelming but what I do recommend
is to skim. Skim through all the chapters and to be honest I didn’t read all of them.
You’re going to have to pass 3 chapter exams which basically are time and about 100 questions
each. But the good thing is it is open book and open notes. So that did save my life especially
since I didn’t read all the chapters. That helped that I was able to actually open up
a tab on the same webpage and then also have my book in front of me just if I needed to
reference anything. So finally after you have completely finished all your online tests
then you can go ahead and print out your certificates that shows proof you passed each section.
So there should be 3 certificates that you need to print out. From there you will send
it into the BRE and it will give you the address you need to send it to. And then you can finally
go and take your state exam. Which is super exciting. So I hope this video was super helpful
. I always try to help with any advice that I can give, tips about the experiences that
I’ve had, and if you have any other questions please feel free to comment below. Don’t forget
to follow me on snapchat, instagram, and facebook. I will be posting updates, anything about
my daily lifestyle, real estate, business related, so go ahead and follow me on those
and I hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned for the next one. Thanks guys!

4 thoughts on “Starting my YouTube journey | First Video Ever! | Getting Your Real Estate License Part 1

  1. Hey Nicole, nice job with your first. I'm a daily vlogger and its always such a learning process. I just wanted to show some support and wish you success with your channel! 🙂

  2. I'm glad you're doing real estate! Referral coming soon 😀

  3. Not all programs are like the one you took. It really depends on the schools/programs you go through. Also it varies on state.

  4. Are you still an agent?

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