Starting a Real Estate Career : Why Be a Realtor?

Starting a Real Estate Career : Why Be a Realtor?

O’kay so you want to be a realtor. The great
thing about real estate is it has such a wow factor. Just about every age, every shape,
every size, every person when they see this tag on my blouse everybody wants to talk about
real estate. Real estate is a fascinating world to be in. It is unlimited, it really
is. So you woke up today and decided you know I think I want to get my real estate license.
No worries my friends, you can do this. It is very basic. All career types, I mean engineers,
doctors, lawyers even, teachers, high school diploma, GED, let’s say you’re in the country
and you don’t have your citizenship but you have your work permit, you can become a realtor.
It’s that easy. Let’s talk about the personality types. You’re looking at me thinking wow she’s
a realtor. She’s so lovely. She’s full of life and energy. Don’t let that fool you.
I am an expert in real estate and let me tell you why. Not because I’m full of life and
personality but because I truly value people and it’s about being who you are not about
being this Hi, I’m a realtor, how are you today? Let’s talk about that. Let’s say you
want to be selling your house or apartment right now and you’re thinking oh I’m working
80 hours a week, working this or this how am I going to sink this in? Well that’s the
key is you really do need to do your research. But this is what it involves. First think
about yourself. O’kay I’ve bought this home. Start picking your brain about people you
know that are realtors or ask your friends, you know, how did you buy your home or who
was your realtor? It is very basic you guys, you can definitely definitely do this. You
have to have the desire. Anybody can do it like I said but only you can be the one that
makes that decision so let’s talk about in the next clip how to get started.

4 thoughts on “Starting a Real Estate Career : Why Be a Realtor?

  1. Now is a great time to get into real estate since so many people are getting out! 🙂 If you have a solid training program, you can thrive in any market.

  2. I want to be an agent…whats the best training in Washington..I live in Kent Washington

  3. Im sitting here right now unemployed .. lol. I got plenty of time.

  4. Anyone know her name?

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