Starting a Real Estate Career : What Is a Real Estate Broker?

Starting a Real Estate Career : What Is a Real Estate Broker?

Okay you are officially a real estate agent,
a realtor. You know it’s exciting and it’s wonderful and you’ve got that license, now
what are you going to do with it? O’kay here it is, here’s my license, okay I’m looking
at my license, where am I going to take this, do I just go out and start selling real estate?
No you guys when you have that license in hand or even if you don’t what you’ve got
now is a whole new journey and this is an exciting journey. You need to have a sponsor
and that sponsor needs to be a broker. Now that sounds, what am I talking about, broker,
what kind of broker? You see these big names in big real estate companies out there, that
is a broker. I’m not going to name any names but Keller Williams. There is a reason I chose
Keller Williams. Remember when I was going through my classes I didn’t tell you all this
part. All these real estate agents from different brokers, and again a broker is the company,
they are the name, they are out there with the name all over the place. They were coming
to my class buying me, not just me but the hole class salad, and food, and burgers, and
saying Hi, my name is John, and want you to come on with my brokerage and let me tell
you why, we pay you the most, we give you this, we give you that, we give you this,
and we give you that. Well don’t be so easily influenced because this is a huge part of
you starting a journey and I’ll tell you how that begins.

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