Starting a Real Estate Career : Team Vs Independent Realtor Careers

Starting a Real Estate Career : Team Vs Independent Realtor Careers

Okay getting to that independent realtor and
back to talking more about that, cards, flyers, it’s all on you as far as all of your marketing
and everything but you know what, like I said in the beginning, it’s not running out and
buying thousands of this and you can work this down to a science where it can work for
you. Especially if you are sitting in a town right now and you know everybody in town,
you might have a partner and they’re supporting as far as being able to pay the main bills,
then you can just get out there and you can just kind of work this because from the time
you put the sign in that front yard to the day that you probably will close, some of
the averages and I know that things have been weird in the country and they still kind of
have this weirdness. Usually you’re a good 85, I’d say 65 to 75 days that you are sitting
at the table and you are funded with your first check. Truly the statistics show that
the first probably three months that you’ve gotten into real estate, it may take that
into consideration. O’kay, that’s an independent realtor. You are branding yourself. You may
work for Keller Williams but you’ve got the Shelly Davis team on your sign and you’re
branding you. Now that may be a place that works best for you depending on your situation.
In my situation it didn’t, team was all over me and I’ll tell you why.

One thought on “Starting a Real Estate Career : Team Vs Independent Realtor Careers

  1. Having a team is essential to success. Doing things alone can be great at the start. But if you really want to scale up, you'll have to have a team and collaborate with each other.

    A mistake many realtors make at the start is by trying to do everything themselves which can cause failure at the start.

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