Sorry… It’s Too Late to Invest in Real Estate!

Sorry… It’s Too Late to Invest in Real Estate!

You know I’m sorry to break it to you but you missed out. There’s no more good deals left in real estate. None. We’ve already got them all so you go back to your old life now. You know, the one that you used to live because you’re not going to invest in real estate. The party came, went, and you completely missed out. Sorry. Now, of course, I’m just kidding. You can still invest in real estate, but things have changed a little bit. Now, you no longer can simply pick up a rock and throw in any direction and break the window of an amazing deal. Foreclosures down, competitions up, and banks are once again giving everyone with a pulse a loan. Everyone’s in this game, so if it’s not too late to jump in what should you do? How do you find success in real estate when everything’s hot? Well, my name is Brandon Turner, author of the Book on Rental Property Investing and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast and today i want to share with you the three-part secret to invest in real estate even in a hot market. Number 1 – You must be smarter. In the good old days it was hard not to make money with real estate. Almost everything was cheap and it all made sense, but today you need to be smarter than that. When looking for deals you need to use your brain and ask yourself some basic questions like where are the great deals at in this market? For example, maybe the A class neighborhood is all bought out but there’s an up-and-coming neighborhood 15 minutes away that people are ignoring. Maybe or what is the competition actually doing right now and how can I do something different? For example, if everyone is buying on the MLS with an agent maybe I can do direct mail marketing or driving four dollars or how can i find properties with hidden potential? For example, two-bedroom homes in my area they don’t sell very well, but three bedroom homes do and so I look for two bedroom houses that can be turned into a three bedroom. So in other words, you need to out think the competition. Be smarter. Additionally, you have to be smart about the math when you’re pursuing a deal. You know there’s too many idiots in today’s market right around buying deals that will never make sense. Don’t worry when the next real estate crash happens we’ll all be there buying up their properties. Just make sure that’s not you. So be smart about your purchases. Right, number two – You must be faster. Now, good deals still exist, but they are often snatched up before you have a chance to get them by investors like me. So if you want to get good deals then you need to be fast. This means first of all, get your finances together so you don’t have to figure it out later. Secondly, get automatic email or text message alerts with your real estate agent setup. You’ll be the first one to jump on deals or maybe even get your own license. Third, when you find a potential deal, walk through the same day and be prepared to make an offer that very same day. You gotta be quick. And last, don’t let fear slow you down just keep moving forward. Ok, on to number three – You must think differently. Strategies shift all the time in real estate. What might’ve worked a few years ago might not work today and that’s okay. Fortune favors those who think differently. For example, maybe prices have gone up too much in your area to make a rental makes sense but maybe a flip could work or maybe you could turn the property to an Airbnb, the short-term vacation rental or maybe you could take the existing house, demolish it and build something new. This is what it means to think differently. It’s all about thinking outside the box. Find a solution to the real estate problem that no one else has thought of doing. That’s how you find these these cool deals these great deals in today’s market. Remember, all the great deals are not gone, they still can be found but you have to work harder, you gotta be smarter, you gotta be faster and you gotta hustle. So are you willing to do that? I guess the big question here – ask yourself are you willing to hustle? Are you willing to do what it takes to find a good deal? Now, if you enjoy this video today I want to ask you just three quick favors. Number one, when you click the plus or the thumbs-up sign on this video letting the YouTube world know that it’s a good video. Number two, will you do me a favor and sign up for this week’s bigger pockets webinar? I want to hang out with you live in person. Well this in person on a video. – we do them every week free online classes and third if you enjoyed this video give me a favor and share it on your facebook wall or on your Twitter feed or whatever snapchat thing you use. I don’t know what all the kids are using these days. Share this video and let your family and friends know that as well that it is not too late to invest in real estate! For my name is Brandon Turner. Signing Off

23 thoughts on “Sorry… It’s Too Late to Invest in Real Estate!

  1. #YouRock Brandon!

  2. awesome stuff webinar times don't work for me but I love to watch them after

  3. Thanks for the video!

  4. Being a deaf REI, I am overjoyed that ya'll have CC for most of your videos! Thank you!!!! šŸ™‚

  5. Say it ain't so Brandon. Back to my 9-5 I go.

  6. Trump won. Now it's officially too late.

  7. How can I do this If I live outside the U.S ?

  8. nice video brendan!

  9. what go up must come down.

  10. or you can step outside your comfort zone, come to the hood and help me restore the block house by house. Deals are abundant in war zone. Crime is abundant in warzone only when neglect and lack care towards warzone is apparent.

  11. Im really thinking on just getting my re license.. an extra 3 percent commission when i buy or sell definitely helps the numbers.

  12. I enjoyed this video the cycle will repeat itself once again!!!

  13. If home prices in your neighborhood have already peaked and speculating on real estate no longer makes sense you could always start a business and earn a profit by delivering a useful product or service to your community.

  14. You look like you have no idea what you are talking about with that hangdog look at the camera. Nobody is going to buy in this market because nobody wants to catch a falling knife. The bubble is bursting.

  15. You look like Justin Bieber

  16. dammit, i thought it was too late. damn

  17. My first property was a six unit building in chicago. I did well and scaled up but lost all of it in the housing bust anyway. Now Im mining bitcoin in a mining pool. Much easier than real estate and you dont deal with assholes. I use these guys , please use my link. .

  18. What are good websites to look for properties online?

  19. Winter is coming… and Aā€™s are gonna get burnt. Those will become THE deals as winter progresses. There are numerous properties in my neighborhood that are being condemned. At least 1 property per block. And there is an entire block of boarded up and condemned houses just across the street from the hospital. And Iā€™m the first person to comment on this video in a YEAR šŸ‘€


  21. Ok you told us the sky is blue often.

  22. There will always be deals out there in real estate. I plan to retire on real estate before 40. Watch!

  23. Thank you for the ideas. šŸ’”

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