Social Media & YouTube Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social Media & YouTube Tips for Real Estate Agents

Hey guys, it’s me Jen Jager from my video and I have a special guest today. This is Michele bellisari Who is a realtor here where we’re located in Boca Raton, Florida? and I wanted to invite Michele onto my youtube channel because she is Killing it with video marketing as a realtor, you know Yeah, you are and I’m always you know preaching to everybody that you should be doing do-it-yourself video marketing Especially if you’re like a sole entrepreneur, yeah, Michele’s a Remax agent, but really like you’re your own boss, aren’t you? I am a hashtag boss boss lady hitting. All right, I like it So take a look here at Michele’s Facebook page and her YouTube page and you can see she does a lot of video content so I’d really like to pick her brain and Give you guys some great tips about creating video for yourself and how you can utilize it to market yourself So thank you for coming here – oh my gosh. I I’m so excited to be your inaugural gasps. All right I’m excited to have you because you’re really authentically doing what I’m telling people to do Which is to do the video marketing on social media. It’s just smart business. It’s part of marketing and Yes, it’s adding some layers to what traditionally real estate agents used to do Which is more door-knocking more cold-calling now you add this layer of video People can they’re basically meeting you online. Yeah, which I think is great right and and even with your videos, okay You could put up a listing video but at the end of the day don’t you want to put something up that’s Engaging and fun so that it’s really a second showing by the time someone comes to see that Property right that to me is the goal that’s a really interesting way of looking at it and I didn’t really think of it as a Second showing I mean because of the the field that you’re in and I speak a lot too on my channel about for realtors in particular because you have a visual product so visual that, you know, not every industry is Is so visual that that video really caters to it in that way right your it and your sole entrepreneurs, right? You are your own brand right brand? Yeah, it’s such a personal relationship. You have your clients because your desk their finances They’re inviting you into their home. Like it’s very personal and emotions. Yeah all the time totally So so it’s it’s good to see you and other Realtors really harnessing the power of video marketing on social media And it’s free. I mean, do you spend a lot of money on no, it’s time time. It’s my time I’d love to say that the quality is important, but honestly Sometimes you just want to knock something out because it’s so timely and those little apps on your phone. Yeah, like awesome Yeah to do that. Yeah, so I review those apps on my channel. Oh, it’s a chronic review playlist. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, so let me ask you just sure a few questions. So what are the different social media platforms that you’re doing video for? so And the funny thing is I started doing video a long time ago, but it really started to bubble up I would say in the last two years in particular You you know may agree with me on that. We’re where everybody wants to do video and You know, I don’t have any fancy equipment I use You know use my iPhone for everything and so the platforms that I’m on Depending on what I’m doing our instagram facebook youtube linkedin Cuz linkedin has um, you know organic video now twitter I’m starting to Strategically put things out there So maybe I’ll put something on Facebook and then I’ll put something on Instagram and then I’ll wait a day and I’ll put something on LinkedIn or if we’re talking YouTube which we can talk about – that’s a whole other You know strategy. So what is your YouTube content? And how is it different from whatever you’re doing on Facebook? So I have one channel, right and I’ve separated it out so that it’s very organized. It’s very organized now What’s amazing about YouTube is that it’s such a video Friendly platform as opposed to let’s say your Facebook where maybe if you went into your videos on Facebook. Everything’s just in chronological order Yes, the YouTube is designed to be organized to be curated Yes, and it’s got its really designed for people who are making Creative content like we are I agree. So let me make playlist for my listings Let me do playlist for my website Sooo Boca because I have a lifestyle website that I started So anytime we’re bopping around town, you know, it’s a thing So that has a playlist then I have my tips and resources for real estate agents in another list It is where I go almost more than anything if I want to learn something I’m going to YouTube. I’ll check Google first, but honestly, I’m visual. Yeah, you can learn how to do anything you do And so if you’re in a business where you’re giving advice to other people, I mean in your case It could be how to stage a home. How do we know how much my home is worth? So those are questions people literally typing into the even the Google search bar what the video will come up what I love about YouTube as you can keyword search it really well before you do your video, so you’re dropping that in the video And so when people are actually searching for things That’s going to come up in your videos. If you’re going into youtubing you’re you’re googling. I use I used to buddy Okay, right and then I use the chrome extension keywords everywhere. Yes And so when I do that it starts to tell me, you know The competitiveness of keyword searches and what I might want to use so tell me Tell me more about your sales funnel using Social media and video marketing and how do you convert someone first of all, how do they find you in social media? How do they how do they start following you on social media? And how do you then convert them into a client? So basically, I’m pretty out there on social media and I’ve got a real estate page Which is Michelle bellisari realtor then I have the sooo Boca page as well and then I have my personal page so I get I get my different clients from the different segments that I’ve broken down the other side is I was just up against I want to say about six or seven agents and They the seller hired me because they saw What I had out on social media, and we’re not talking just like reviews on the Big Z They saw that I knew what I was talking about that I had good engagement and it did give them a comfort level Because this is you know, one of those situations that’s a little more complicated. So so the social media really gives you the opportunity For someone who maybe isn’t acquaintance or someone you actually haven’t quite met Yeah to make them feel like they know you and absolutely tell me a little bit about the sooo boca thing So I know that you’re kind of like the gal about town what’s happening. So, how does that? What are the types of video content that you’re creating for? Sooo Boca and how does that play into your realtor career? You know I was talking about all the time and Literally somebody cut me off and I called my daughter and I said, oh my gosh somebody cut me off that’s so Boca and She burst out laughing and then I said, you know, I think I think that’s a good tagline hashtag So Boca, so we start to run with that last year mainly because I was out in anyway So I was already doing Facebook lives and Instagram and all that kind of stuff So I was like well, why don’t I just showcase my talent? Mm-hmm So I did and flash forward like a year later. I have a full-blown website. People will see the so Boca Videos and whatnot and Then they see the real estate side. So I it’s a Folks it’s a way for you to talk about your business without ever having to talk about your business. Let’s face it Do you really want to hear about stats and market reports now a realtor? No, it’s a snoozefest No I want someone that I feel like knows the area and That I would maybe click with personally right and that I would trust with really sensitive information And that knows the market and can get right exactly last question before we wrap it up. Sure What is the biggest piece of advice you would have for someone not necessarily a realtor? But just someone who is a professional in their industry who is going to start doing video marketing What would you advise them to? Do? You just have to do it and The content is there and it doesn’t have to be long and just know a little bit about what you’re going to talk about So that you are good to go with it and you can bank Everything nothing has to be going out there the moment you do it. Yeah. I have so much content saved It’s ridiculous on one of my flights this summer I Literally sat there and did folders on my phone like for my photos so that I’ve beach photos and Boca photos and whatever You know so that now if I need something really quick it’s there or video and You can repurpose it and I think that takes the stress off of got to do it in Yeah, because I always I’m like a you know, I come come hell or high water I’m posting every Monday unless it’s like a national. Yeah, whatever and so but you know, some of my weeks are cramped So when I hear how booked a day a half-day and I’ll shoot a bunch of videos at once And then will edit them and they’ll go out, you know. Oh Not have to think about it for home money. Yeah examine that. It’s really the only way to To really stay on track, I think and to hold yourself accountable So again, Michelle, thank you so much for coming in and to you guys I post every Monday and I as you know I do product reviews Tips for shooting all sorts of advice for those of you burgeoning videos of cigars subscription like this video subscribe Michelle thank you so much for coming. I’m here all her social media stuff in the shots in the show now or whatever you call that description the description box below and I post every Monday, so I’ll see you guys next week. Thanks so much. Bye

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