Single Level Tiny House For Sale

Single Level Tiny House For Sale

so one of my favorite parts of this
house is definitely the kitchen and banquette area so we just got this 20
foot unit done about two days before this show it’s got a first-floor bedroom
really nice kitchen let’s go inside so one of the first
things you’re probably gonna notice is the ceiling height this is the lowest
ceiling that we’ve ever done inside one of our Everest models but I can tell you
what after towing it for 14 hours from Chicago to Georgia it’s by far my
favorite unit to drag around the country it’s light only weighs 80 200 pounds the
slim roofline makes it very aerodynamic with the truck and the layout in this
unit is actually really nice let’s start off with the bedroom you have a
full-size bed private bedroom a nightstand so one of the things I love
about this bedroom is the fact that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all after
staying in this unit for two nights myself personally I absolutely love it
I’m six-two and it just felt really really comfortable so behind this
bedroom door you have a lot of room for storage you hang all your clothes store
things above as we move into the bathroom you’ll find that we have a
really nice three-foot shower a nice-sized vanity an RV low flush toilet
that has 50 gallons of storage waste so one of my favorite parts of this house
is definitely the kitchen and banquette area you have a lot of room for shelving
storage we’ve got an induction burner top this beautiful butcher block
countertop a really deep kitchen sink this 4.4 cubic foot refrigerator and lots of lower cabinetry space and as
you look at this banquette you might think that it’s just a table and that’s
just about it but in fact this table breaks down into an entire bed and
underneath the banquette is all storage well listen like always I hope you
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19 thoughts on “Single Level Tiny House For Sale

  1. I like, like, like the first floor bedroom. Does the table in the banket have to be stationary? I have too much frontal real estate and have difficulty getting in boorhs. Would the solar accommodate a convection oven?

  2. Love it!

  3. Love…..

  4. Some unique features in this one!

  5. Preciosa

  6. Chopped up box, no living room, bleak colors…. Nice for a previously homeless person, but not the way I want to downsize.

  7. I like the layout seems perfect for me.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ. Thank you for sharing this video.

  8. Absolutely beautiful, this would be the one for me so far!!!!!!!

  9. I like it but where is the washer machine?

  10. Could you make it offgrid, with tv at foot of bed, pocket doors, larger fridge, washer dryer combo, lunos, steel frame with that steel that looks like wood panels and all the healthy stuff like bryce langston used on his little zen tiny home? and how much extra would that cost?

  11. muy caro….con 3000 c0mpras un contenedor maritimo….y con 10000 lo acondicionas

  12. This one's perfect! I'd need the washer dryer combo though.

  13. Love the kitchen. But why is the back cushion of the seating area not made higher/wider so it fits the table properly when it's made into a bed?

  14. What kind of wood are the table and counters made of?

  15. How would a disabled person get into the bed?

  16. **Oh yes !! .. Main floor bedroom is a seller ( for retired like me ) .. love kitchen and banquettes .. love 36' x 36' shower .. congratulations guys Gorgeous 20' home .. ๐Ÿ˜˜ .. ๐Ÿ’•..**

  17. "So we just got this 20 foot unit done", Camera focuses on a Uhaul…you made the Uhaul into a tiny!? ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. 50K? Yikes!!

  19. I wish my mother, middle sister – niece would see it for themselves.

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