Simple Sales Formula To Make More Money As a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Simple Sales Formula To Make More Money As a Real Estate Entrepreneur

You guys there? All right, let’s go Hello everybody and welcome i’m adrian hernandez, thank you for tuning back in today i’m talking to you guys about sales funnels Now this is mainly for you entrepreneurs real estate agents Anybody that’s involved in any direct sales or rather that be commissioned sales? there’s a funnel that comes to this and it’s a very simple funnel that i’ve ran my business by in both real estate and in Wholesaling and flipping it simplifies the whole process and I want to teach you it right now ready. Let’s go Alright guys, so we’re here in front of the whiteboard and we’re gonna break this thing down We’re gonna make this super super simple. One thing I found is that complexity is the enemy of execution So when things are super complex, it’s gonna be very hard for us to execute on them So it’s our job today to simplify this whole entire process cool. So let’s think of this as a funnel Let’s just think of this as a regular funnel and at the bottom of this funnel is of course your money, right? This is where you get paid What we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna simplify how we can get certain business from certain areas That lead us down this funnel to ultimately get what you want And what is that? I know you want to get paid So prior to being paid there’s a process that we have to go through now in real estate We have this little thing called escrow and prior to getting paid You have to go through escrow and before escrow you actually you actually have to get a lead So you get a lead you convert that lead whether it be a buyer a seller somebody interested in your product You find the lead and then you convert them into them buying the lead buying the home which then goes into escrow Selling the property which then goes into escrow or whatever product it is You have to go through a process before you end the sale so you have leads escrow. Then you get paid pretty easy, right? well prior to leads we have to understand where are we getting our leads and a lot of the time guys we We think of this in two different forms we have passive and Then we have active And what I’m gonna talk to you a bit about today is all about the active things that bring in leads on The passive side we’ll talk about this We’ll talk about all the stuff on the passive end but prior to doing that I want to talk about what gets us paid today because I know this if you’re new to an industry The only thing you want is to get paid right away. I understand that and that’s what this video is for So we’re gonna talk about the active approaches to finding leads The first thing we have to understand that if you’re in real estate It’s either and what more I want to talk about the most important topic first. Sorry, the most important topic is Center of influence and your past clients, right? I mean, let’s think about it it’s the people that you already know the friends the family the people you’ve Associated with the people you went to school with past employers past Past relationships. These are all the people that fall into your center of influence You simply give them a call say hey, my name is Adrian. As you know, I’m in the real estate business Who do you know that I can help buy or sell a home? So that’s one of this that’s one Funnel the second one. Well, that’s one source to the funnel the second one. Let’s call expired listings Expired listings so if you’re in the real estate field Are you going out there and looking for expired listings and under expired? I’m gonna put the goldmine which is past expired Past expires. So what’s an expired listing a listing that was on the market with an agent? They weren’t uh Nate they were unable to sell it for whatever reason the contract passed And now that contract is expired You can contact these people and say hey When do you plan on interviewing the next agent for the job of getting your home sold or whatever script you decide to use which? We’ll talk about in another video. So you have center of influence past clients. I’m sorry senator influencer past clients expires and past expires So there’s already two sources to your lead funnels. So I got to ask you a question. Are you even doing one of these? Because if you’re not we have to step into one of them and you guys I have to bring up Passive passive is a lot of the online marketing that you’re doing. It’s it’s it’s marketing that’s passive. So for instance online marketing Mailers write mailers is one mailers. You send them out and you have to wait for them to call you So I’m not talking about anything that’s passive here I’m talking about the active things where you have to go get in front of people to actually get them to say yes or no To your product. Does that make sense? So we’re not going to talk about Facebook we’re not gonna talk about Instagram. We’re not gonna talk about Snapchat when we look at any of this, we’re gonna talk about the active things again guys. I’m sharing with you What made me a lot of money very early on in my career I stuck to Sources I stuck to I understood the lead funnel that I’m teaching you right now and I just stuck to what worked So after expired and past expires for those of you in the industry, what could be next for sale by owners? Okay. Great So let’s throw fizz boson here. So we have fizz bows and fizzles You’re simply calling somebody who has their home for sale and asking them. When do they plan on hiring an agent? We’ll talk about again scripts later. So you have for sale by owners past clients I’m sorry past client center of influence expires past expires now let’s move on to you just listed just Sold and I want to take a moment here and I’m actually gonna star this because this is where I got most of my business From as a new agent does it take more time? Yes, it does because they’re cold leads does is it more work? Absolutely? But when I was what I’ve learned from just this adjust soul Did you also create a community because you’re starting to reach out to people in the community? They’re starting to know who you are by name you get their email. You stay in touch with them You send them valuable information and these just this adjusts old people that you speak with They end up going into your database for your center of influence. That is HUGE. Now just this is just sold agent What the hell are you talking about? What’s just Adjusted just sold. It’s very simple It’s the goldmine that 99% of agents all miss out on when one home sells usually two or more sell right away Would you agree with that statement? You see a home that gets put up for sale. And there’s another home that gets put up for sale right after that If not on the same block then for sure in the same neighborhood, would you agree? Of course you would because it’s probably happening in your neighborhood right now So therefore have you ever noticed that the just listed sign the sign that went up that says home for sale It’s through the company X but you notice that company wasn’t the same company that listed the other property It was company B that list at that property not company X Y Think about this why why did company X not list the second property? You guys it’s very simple because agents never go door knock cold call or do anything besides passive marketing? Mailers online stuff thinking that they’re gonna call You know just sister just sold is where you pick up the phone and you say hey Jeff, my name is Adrian I just listed one, two three banana Street four bedrooms, four baths It’s listed for 900,000 and I’m curious to know who do you know that’s looking to move into your neighborhood I’m just curious to know if you did that to every single one of your listings if you did that to every single property you Sold do you think you would do another deal? Of course you would so this is the goldmine but you actually have to do it. We have to simplify it again Complexity is the enemy of execution. So when it’s super complex, we never do it. It’s very simple grab your business card, right? Call me on it knock on the door introduce yourself and hand them your card you guys it’s that simple But we make it complex. So simplify it So just this are just sold for sale by owners expire pass expires center of influence and past clients Now we have the traditional stuff that everybody does the open houses, right? Everybody does the open houses, but it’s part of our sales funnel and then I’ll lead the last one So we have open houses just as to just so for sale by owners Expires past expires center of influence and past clients now if we look at this last one I always like to call this. This is more of a specialty field This is more of like a niche per se and this can be probate. This can be let’s put short sales on here We’re about to see an influx of short sales at the market. So short sales. So you’re out now Prospecting for n OD you’re now looking for people that unfortunately have lapsed on their loan and they need some help So I’m just curious to know guys This was my sales funnel when I first started and did you notice that I’m doing one two? Three four five six different activities for me to get leads I’m doing six different activities for me to find what is called a lead and What I learned after helping agents what I’ve learned after helping myself, is that 90% of the population? 90% of sales people only stick to one lead or a matter of fact the worst part It’s not even it’s not even an active. I’m sorry. Not one lead one source. It’s not even an active source It’s a passive source. That source is online marketing mailers We’re hoping that somebody’s going to call us and if we’re hoping we’re gonna be hoping forever and so therefore if you want to change your business if you want to change your income if you want to change your current position you Have to understand that you have to include Active sources into your business or you’re never going to scale the way that you want to scale So these passive is great. This stuff is great. It works on the sidelines But this is that this is the engine this is what drives your business. Does that make sense It’s these sources these active sources that you go out there and do but notice that I did not one of them I did all of them at the same time to bring in more leads so I can have a better possibility of opening more Escrows, which will naturally lead to me earning more what? Yes you got that right money and Then with this money I can go put it back into another business or help other people with it Which is a completely different conversation but you get the point and The point is is that I’ve simplified this whole process into a funnel that brings these sources together that brings me weeds you guys It’s very easy, but you actually have to take the time and go Okay, what are my sources and am I doing them every day? And then the most important thing is creating a schedule that can support these sources and And if you want if you want go to my YouTube channel, hit the schedule video There’s a video that shows you how to do a full schedule around just this but this is the most important part It’s understanding. What are our sources that brings us our leads and from those sources What do we need to do more of and what do we need to do less of or what? Do we need to cancel out because it’s not working and Replace. Does that make sense? so Hope you guys got something out of this video and I want to encourage you make her own sales funnel matter of fact reach out To me. I’ll even help you send me a direct message Instagram is at Adrian Hernandez you can also Send me an You’ll find it in my bio and you guys don’t forget hashtag homes for hunger because what we do is we take this money and we help give it back to those that are In need of food those that are starving in this world. So it’s hashtag homes for hunger It’s something we do on the backend, so just want to share this with you with you Hope you got a lot of information from this if you have any questions reach out to me Thank you guys so much for tuning in Don’t forget hit that subscribe button Hit that like button while you’re at it and the biggest thing of all share this with everybody, you know Thank you guys for tuning in. I’m Adrienne Hernandez. See you soon

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