Should You Buy A Real Estate Investing Course?

Should You Buy A Real Estate Investing Course?

All right, what’s going on everybody? In today’s video I’m going to be going over
whether or not you should purchase a real estate program or a course. I’m sure you’ve probably seen online, Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube, different real estate coaching programs that promise teaching you
how to get rich in real estate, how to start flipping houses, how to become a real estate
investor. In this video I’m going to tell you exactly
what you need to know about purchasing a real estate program or course. All right, for starters, you absolutely do
not need to buy any type of real estate program, book, seminar, coaching program, mentorship,
or anything like that to be successful in real estate. I’m sure if you look around at the different
real estate investors you can find people that probably just started doing real estate
investing, got an intuitive feel for it, learned from their mistakes, and became successful
as real estate investors. Now, that being said, from my own personal
experience, I’ve actually done numerous coaching programs and real estate courses, and things
like that. And I’ll probably continue to do so, because
the way I see any real estate coaching program or course, it’s an advantage. And as a real estate investor, you want as
many advantages as possible going for you. Some of those advantages might be, hey, you’re
in a mentorship program, you’re in a coaching program. Or maybe you have a really good network, or
maybe you have a lot of funding. There’s different advantages that you should
look for in the real estate business. And it’s funny to me too, because there’s
a lot of real estate professionals that think they’re above any type of coaching program,
or course. Or above any type of other further education,
when in reality if you look at the top athletes, top CEOs, even the top real estate investors,
they all have some type of coach, mentor. Or maybe they’re in a mastermind group, different
things like that. Lebron James has a shooting coach, nutritionist,
personal trainer. There’s probably 20 other different types
of coaches. The top CEOs, they all have mentors and different
coaches that they rely on, just to give them an edge, give them a slight edge in the business. And I know from personal first hand experience
some of the top real estate investors in the US, they’re all coaching programs, or joined
a coaching program. At this point might have even started coaching
programs. And they’re all in mastermind groups, they
all attend seminars. They’re always looking for ways to gain more
advantage over their competitors. And one thing I would add to that is even
if you join the worst coaching program of all time, or the worst mentorship, or whatever
it may be, you’re always going to learn at least one thing that will make you a better
real estate investor. For me, if you’re serious about the business,
you should always be looking to further gain more advantages and learn more, and evolve
as a real estate investor. Because a lot of people also think it’s some
crazy skill that only people on TV can do, and I actually heard Dan Kennedy say this. He was actually referring to actually becoming
a millionaire, but you could actually apply this to real estate investing. It’s a lot like learning how to fix a car’s
transmission. In other words, it’s a learnable skill, it’s
not some made up skill. Real estate investing is very simple, you
get a lot of leads, evaluate a lot of deals, and then a certain percentage of those are
going to be good deals. And then you put them together and get the
deal done. And actually he gives an example of Ron Le
Grant. Ron Le Grant actually used to be an auto mechanic,
a car mechanic. And he saw an ad for a real estate program,
how to get rich in real estate. And this was I think in the 80s, or maybe
even the 70s. And so he signed up for the class, I think
it was 200 or 500 bucks, took the class, and started implementing what he as learning,
and became one of the most successful real estate investors in the US. And now he has … he still does real estate
investing, you can actually look him up, but it’s funny because he was like the auto mechanic
turned real estate investor. And most people would think of auto mechanics
as kind of like a blue collar type of thing, but if you’re just willing to learn and work
hard, it’s not like real estate investing is some hugely complicated thing that you
need an Ivy League degree, and masters degrees, and things like that. It’s a learnable skill, and the way you learn
it is through books, seminars, mentors, coaching programs, things like that. And it was funny too, because Dan Kennedy
said, “How many other car mechanics back in the 70s or 80s saw that how to get rich in
real estate ad, did nothing, and probably are still in the same position they are today?” So if you actually just focus and apply yourself
and seek adventures and learn from these different programs, you can absolutely become a real
estate investor and start doing deals. Now, if you don’t want to purchase a real
estate course or program, which is totally fine, like I mentioned, you don’t have to,
I think it is an advantage, one way of finding mentors and things like that and doing coaching
is just listening to podcasts. There’s hundreds and thousands of freely available
real estate investing podcasts. And what you can do is just spend maybe a
week, and you can just call it a weekend seminar, just listening to 100 different podcasts. They’re free, they interview real estate investors,
they tell you exactly how they got started, how they find deals, what types of deals they’re
doing, mistakes they made. Different likes that. So it’s almost like having a consulting session
with some of the top real estate investors from across the country. And another free way to get a mentor, or join
a coaching program essentially, I mentioned this in some of my other videos, but just
find the top real estate investors in your area, and start sending them deals. So, start sending them off market deals, like
start doing direct mail, maybe size, maybe networking. Start looking for good off market opportunities,
and send them to the top investors. And a lot of times they’ll coach you on how
to get the deal done. They might partner with you, and they’ll teach
you a lot of tips along the way. So, overall I think real estate coaching programs,
while there’s a lot of hype and things like that around them, I think they’re actually
great. I did a real estate coaching program, I continue
to get mentors, I’m in a real estate mastermind. I continue to go to seminars, I continue to
read books, because I’m never going to learn everything there is to know. But at the same time, I want to be the best,
I want to have every possible advantage. I want to learn every technique possible,
just because a lot of times people don’t know what they don’t know. But there’s a lot of information out there
that people, they just never got the information. They never learned how to buy a house at a
discounted price and sell it at a higher price. They never knew how to get 20, 50, 100 leads
per month. And by joining these programs, you’ll learn
specialized information that you would almost never learn in any traditional type of education. I was actually just looking at the curriculum
of a masters degree program, and I was like I wanted to do it because I think networking
would be great, and it probably still would be great networking. But none of the stuff was really applicable
to me as a real estate investor. I mean it kind of was, but I could just learn
the same material from reading books, and it probably wouldn’t be as technical. I was like this just kind of seems pointless. Overall I think real estate coaching programs
are great. You absolutely don’t need to join one, but
I think they are valuable if you can. I would actually suggest joining one, just
because it will give you different advantages. You’ll meet other people, you’ll get into
this whole network of people that do real estate investing for a living, so it’s a pretty
cool niche, and it’ll open your eyes to so much information that most people, even in
the real estate industry, aren’t even aware of. Like they just never got the information. And if they did, their business probably would
like way different. Thanks for watching this video, and I would
definitely recommend looking into different real estate coaching programs and course,
things like that. And the way to find a good program or course,
just look at the testimonials, just try to find a course or program that tons, hundreds
if not thousands of different testimonials. That’s typically how you’re going to find
a good program. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, please
share, please like. And I will see you in the next one. All right, bye.

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