Should I Hire a New Real Estate Agent – Does It Really Matter?

Should I Hire a New Real Estate Agent – Does It Really Matter?

Hi everyone, your Tampa Bay real estate expert Lance Mohr and in this video today we’re going to go over a really important question to a lot of you home buyers out there and that should you hire a new agent when buying a home I’m going to go over the pros and cons of that in just a little bit okay so the question is should you hire a new agent when buying a home first off there’s always pros and there’s cons and you need to do what’s best for you and your family now with that being said it’s not just about how new the agent is but how experienced the agent is you can get an agent might have been in the business for five years and they’ve only sold 10 homes or someone who’s been in the business for one year maybe they’ve sold 40 or 50 homes I would say the threshold would be about 20 homes you really don’t even start to know what you’re doing in real estate until you sell at least 20 homes and there’s a lot of really good brand new agents and there’s a lot of really bad brand new agents there’s no different of what they’re whether they’re new or whether they’re experienced it’s a matter of the knowledge level that they have so the good thing in the pro about using a newer agent in the business they’re usually going to have a lot of hustle they’re going to be mirrored very motivated and if you require a lot of time or a lot of different hours to look at different things they’re usually really really gung-ho and so that’s the really good thing about a new agent now on the downfall in that or the negative is it just comes down to experience because at the end of the day is real estate agents we only have two things to sell our knowledge in our service and when you’re working with a buyer’s agent really it’s only about two things it’s about the knowledge that they have in the negotiating power they have to be able to negotiate anybody could just walk in any real estate agent could just walk in and present an offer but how do they present the opéra how do they negotiate and we’ve all heard this mein you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s never been more true in real estate so I would just say really take a look at the agent and see what their experience level is because hiring someone who’s not experienced might not only cost you more money but it may cost you getting the home or you might have a bad experience the whole way through no I’m not saying you will I would just say no matter what the situation is if you’re talking to an agent just ask them some general questions how long they’ve been in the business how many transactions if they had how many buyer’s or seller’s what percent did they deal with more buyers more sellers and just get an idea get some information because at the end of the day not all real estate agents are created equal so I would say go with someone who you trust but someone who is knowledgeable someone who could guide you through the process I know a lot of times I was doing a lot of training years ago there’s a lot of new agents in there and the problem was they just really didn’t know much about the contract they didn’t know about the area they didn’t know about negotiations so like when I work with a buyer I’ll get a buyer in my office we’ll talk I’ll ask them a bunch of questions and usually within no time at all I can narrow down very very quickly where they’re going to be living and that’s why only usually takes me several hours to get people in homes from start to finish now a new agent might have a lot of time in their hands but it could take them weeks if not months to get you into a home so anyhow the guidance you need it’s the professionalism you need and it’s the negotiating ability if you have any questions whatsoever don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re looking for a home in Tampa Bay please give me a call when you know how I could help you I wish you the best of luck if you like this video give me a thumbs up have a great day and I wish you the best of luck in your home buying experience

One thought on “Should I Hire a New Real Estate Agent – Does It Really Matter?

  1. Thanks for all your videos Lance. I have been watching
    theses for hours a day. Great info. You
    are a credit to your profession. Move back to Dallas and represent

    I am buying a new home here in DFW. I have done extensive
    research for MANY months. I have been vetting (have personally interviewed many
    face to face) agents for the last 6 weeks. I first send all of them a list of
    valid questions to answer based on some of your recommendations that I already
    knew to ask as well as other simple questions. The ones that have responded via
    emails (very few) dodge all the hard questions and most don’t even reply. Most say
    what they can't do.i.e "We are in a sellers’ market you will overpay for
    new homes" I can't negotiate for you" …etc. I set up a face to face
    with the ones that do answer most of my questions and seem to be reputable. Big
    disappointment there.

    I started working with one that wanted an EBA signed. Not a
    big issue, but I am glad I never signed, as I fired her 2 days after I decided
    to work with her. After she emailed me asking the telephone number of the community
    I told her I was interested in, that was the beginning of the end. Unbelievable
    she came with a 5 star review from Zillow based on 65 reviews. She has been in
    business for 29 years.  These reviews are
    probably manipulated. That type of laziness/incompetence seems to be rampant in
    this industry. I met with an agent from Redfin a week later in person. He
    dodged a couple hard questions, but had many years as an agent as well as
    worked for major builders. He knows both sides of the transaction. I said let’s
    do business, as he was the best to date. We spoke a few times and exchanged a
    few emails. He just won’t give me any action plan. I know the home building process
    pretty well. There is no substitute for an agent, as you have already paid for
    their services and we don’t know their business like they do. He has closed
    many new homes in my area, but I don’t trust him if he can’t at the least
    provide me something so simple as timelines and steps to navigate the home
    buying process.

    I am so disgusted with the REA community. They have their
    money waiting for them, be it in the builders budget, or from the sellers
    pockets from resales. Why are they so uninterested in getting business from
    prospective clients? Maybe they are just too intimidated by my knowledge of
    their business and the fact I hold them accountable? Maybe they are just what
    they are, lazy, money grubbing thieves. Buyers Agents do (allegedly) have the buyer’s
    best interest at heart. They may be overrated as well. One will never know, until
    it’s too late.  I am not sure if you
    practiced real estate in DFW before you moved to Tampa, but if you had, you must
    know agents that are half as knowledgeable and forthright as yourself. This would
    be a 200% increase in what I have dealt with. I have wasted the last 6 weeks
    with nothing to show. thx for reading..

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