Send Your Borrowers Personalized Video Messages | BNTouch Mortgage CRM

Send Your Borrowers Personalized Video Messages | BNTouch Mortgage CRM

hello everyone Aiden from being touch here and today we are gonna be walking you guys through our brand new video tool you were gonna find that from an individual record and essentially it'll allow you to record and send videos right from be in touch so you'll be able to add a personalized touch to any of your marketing or updates that you send out to borrowers or prospective borrowers so to get to it it's from an individual record so we're going to go into our mortgage files here and we're going to search just give that a second to load ok so we're going to find the record we want we're going to click into that record alright and to send the video you're gonna see here from this contact button we have all these different options you can use inviting to portal sending a text message video message and now a postcard as well okay so we are going to get into a send video message okay so you can have choose who you send this on the behalf of so if it's you or someone else on your team you can choose who the sender of the message is you'll then choose your recipient you can add multiple recipients here and then for delivery method we have email text message or email and text message if you want to be thorough with how you send the video out you can customize the subject line to whatever you want so the easiest way to think about how to use this to say let's say you have a you know a pre-approval and you wanted to create a quick video to congratulate them on or your approval add a little personal touch to someone being pre-approved so you've been pre-approved hi John you've been pre-approved right and then now we can record videos and then you actually have a video library where all your previously recorded videos go so if you wanted to you know have a cookie cutter message that you can send out to a bunch of people you'll be able to record sort of an evergreen video that you can then use again and again and again so for this we'll go ahead and record a new video ok and you'll just see a basic video recorder come up here with a record button and then there we go so there's me so we did something like hey John just wanted to congratulate you on your loan being pre-approved and give you a call in a few hours to congratulate you and we can go with next steps from there Thanks all right so once you're done there it is so the video will play back you can enter a name of the video okay so we're going to name it add it to your library again if you messed up on something you can record the video again here and then we're going to save this video okay so we'll close that down and then here you can add a message to your video okay so this is gonna be your regular text editor when you're sending any sort of email or text message you can add in all the same stuff like images and change the text color and everything so we'll just add in a quick little message here just wanted to personally reach out and let you know you been pre-approved for a loaner okay so we can again customize the subject customize the message is going to go out and then you can attach a document here so let's say for example if you had you know a people pre-approval that earlier you wanted to go with this you could actually attach it to the video so now they're getting essentially an email or a text message with a document attached that has a personalized video from you that has their name in it to really go that extra mile and have the personal attached to this and now okay it's all set up again I took a minute or two right really easy to do and then we're just going to go ahead and click send and this will then send our video to John cool and then once it goes back to the individual record screen and we know it's been sent and we're going to go into our email INBOX here well and once you see we have the message here it showed up in email and then again if you had this by SMS or text message it would pop up on their phone with the video link and the message that you wrote into the message editor okay we're gonna click into that email go ahead and display the images right so you'll see we have a nice little design email here with the video tile as the preview of your face and again all your contact information will be down here at the bottom so the person will then click on this video and the cool thing when you click on this video it'll actually bring them to their portal right so let's say you wanted to let them know that they're missing a document in their 1003 or something along those lines they'll actually be able to log into their portal from this video so it puts it in a place where they can actually move forward with anything any sort of next steps or action items you wanted to let them know about they'll be actually able to do that from this portal where they're watching the video so they can log into the portal from here right they'll be able to click play and you'll see the video recording over here and again this video quality will be as good as whatever your webcam is right so if you have an HD webcam or something like that these videos will be able to record and whatever quality for whatever webcam that you have available right then you'll see here you have the contact info so right from the video they'll be able to contact you again if you're using this to stay top of mind you'll have your picture there and again they can log on their portal and do whatever they need from there okay so this is the video tool we just added it I hope you guys enjoy it again it'll it'll give you a chance to add a nice personal touch to all of your marketing and status updates as of right now this is only for individual video since we are looking in the future to add some automated aspects to be able to allow you to create videos and send them in your campaigns as well so look out for that coming in the future hope you guys enjoyed and happy closings

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  1. Do I need to install a module for this? I don't see the video option in my clients file.

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