Selling Real Estate for Beginners vs Selling Insurance – Trailer

Selling Real Estate for Beginners vs Selling Insurance – Trailer

The one thing I really love about final expense, compared to, I was in real estate before, for a short period time. I went from remodeling houses, to real estate, I was flipping houses and doing remodels. To turn and sell them, and decided “hey why not get the commission for that as well.” Got my real estate license. Figured out I like sales, but the key with real estate is, they’re big sales that pay good commissions, but they’re not all the time. You go in and you mess up a listing. You have an opportunity to sit down with the potential, you know someone wants to list their house. You’ve got one shot, most of the time at closing that sale, and if you close it, and your listing a couple hundred thousand dollar house and getting a six percent commission on it, once it sells, you know that’s a big sale. But then you have the market it again and sell, but those only come every so often. Even you’re good realtor most of the time, it’s not like all the time. In final expense the thing I loved coming into it was, you constantly, mentally you got the right attitude, but you constantly get a redo. It doesn’t matter how bad and how big you mess up a presentation. You get another shot of it, and another shot, so the key is…. [inaudible]

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  1. I actually just started looking into selling FEI. I have no previous experience but am "looking around." What I'v found is:

    1) Leads are EXTREMELY expensive($40 plus) each.. And the leads may be retreads or "bad"–(Who are you?' I don't know how you got my number' " – etc.

    2)Charge-backs seem to be a killer..

    3) Turn over rate seems huge for reps too..

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