SECRETS of a successful REAL ESTATE career

SECRETS of a successful REAL ESTATE career

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video so let’s just jump straight into the topic this video is an exclusive
it’s something different something unique and something that they had in
mind since the very inception of this channel
the topic is exploration of the job opportunities and different career paths
we’re gonna talk to who Juan Carlos Garcia who is in real estate he’s a
real estate agent and in my opinion he’s one of the best at his job I have a
first-hand knowledge of his expertise because he was our agent when we were
acquiring this very house that I’m living in and shooting this video in my
opinion real estate agents job is very important house purchase is one of the
most expensive if not the most expensive purchase that the family will ever make
in their life so it’s really important to have a trusted person right next to
you I almost call Juan our extended family member because he was with us
through that period of time and his guidance helped us a lot
the downside of this profession is is that it’s riddled with different kind of
misconceptions and it’s riddled with different kind of people who are not
good at what they’re doing and they’re creating a bad image for the industry as
a whole I really wanted to touch on this topic and I really wanted to talk to him
about his experience what he did how he achieved it and how can we share the
message out there that real estate career is very important and it can
actually bring a lot of great value to people around us so without further ado
let’s just jump straight into the our discussion with Juan my name is Juan
Carlos Garcia I came to the United States in the late eighties actually
1987 January 15 I will never forget that day I started in the real estate
business in August of the same year the reason why I got involved with real
estate besides the fact that that was potential to grow and to be
independent financially was the fact that in New York which is where I lived
for the first seven years in the city of New York I realized that most people at
least most immigrants used to pay rent ownership of houses was kind of a
handicap it was kind of a a big challenge for most people and that
caught my attention where I come from most people actually
own their own home and I never was exposed to the fact that somebody will
come and collect rent from me and that’s what I did in the beginning when I was
in this country – And how was it to start, how would you start this career? it was a coincidence I was looking
for that job in a different field I was looking for a job in like cleaning and
all that because they paid $10 an hour and I was making $4 an hour as a
security guard in Radio City Music Hall I’m not kidding I spent the first six
months of the year working as a security guard I was looking for a job that would
pay more money and when I was looking on the ads on the paper it was a New York
Post I’ll never forget it I’m looking at an ad and then my wife today my wife she
was my girlfriend then she calls my attention I look I look back I
answer her question and when I look back at the paper and pick up the phone number of the next
ad that ad was not the one I meant to all that let me just put it to you that
way and the guy was smart enough to pick up the phone and even though he
knew I was calling about the wrong ad he still told me to come over he said yeah
yeah we we were looking for people in we’ll do maintenance and cleaning when
I went there – it was a real estate office. It was destiny…30 years later – I’m still doing this what do you think changed? Since you started? You had a particular perception about this role? What did it turn out to be a couple of years in? Interesting question. I started with a lot of enthusiasm because I saw the angle of servicing others okay and when I say servicing I mean
helping others to have or to go to buy their first home so that was
probably the main reason why I got involved and obviously throughout time I
realized that I was really in the business of sales and selling unless you
have the personality and even the attitude too. Sometimes it can get competitive. it can become very difficult okay but I never let that take over my objective my
focus into helping others and to make them realize the American dream which is
owning their first home well there is a couple of anecdotes that
anecdotes that I can that I can probably share one of them is that I remember
that I was working under the supervision of my manager okay who was a much older
man and he had experience of several years in the business and I remember
that the first time that I did my own
presentation with a client by myself without his help he kind of left
me there with an excuse that he had an emergency and I will never forget and I’m pretty sure that was not the truth he he said that his wife called him and he had
an emergency and he had to leave me there with the material you know at the
house of the client at their apartment of the client because they were renters and
he just left me there so so you know I could never forget that because
that kind of push me into having to do the work myself. – How do you educate people as they learn about house purchase? I think that everybody even if they
don’t have full knowledge of how to go about it understand that real estate
ownership is basic it’s probably the most important investment that you’re
going to do in your lifetime okay so the way I approached it there was in a very
simple way was mathematics I used to discuss with the client how much were
they paying in rent per year or per month and then I used to ask them do you
have do you make any tax deductions of that money is that money going to
be given back to you when you leave that apartment and people will just by common
sense realized that yes the money in rain was really gone for good
okay now on real estate ownership you pretty much change all of that you have
the tax deductions then you can use the house as a savings as a force savings
because after 10-15 years you still have the house you still have the equity in
the house and if the house went up in value through time that is also yours
that’s the investment part of owning real estate so it was a very simple way
but it was about mathematics in this section we’re talking about the
present-day about Juan’s vision of the current industry how it changed with the
implementation of different technologies like Internet and mobile phones and we’re
touching a little bit on all those misconceptions and all the negative
stereotypes that people have about real estate agents let’s take a listen what
do you think was the biggest game-changer is the internet the biggest
game-changer is the Internet access to information in a good way in a good way
but that raises competition raises customer awareness and it makes your job
more selective you know you are no longer you cannot be longer just any
average realtor because the Internet is putting the best on top you need to try
and do your best to be the best or to do much better if you have yourself very
good question the advice that I would give to myself will be to just follow
the process believe in yourself be persistent and embrace technology and
change I think that those are the basic rules that have made me successful
through time there is many people in my age bracket there are Realtors and
because they don’t embrace technology they don’t embrace the new way of
marketing which is social media etc they they fall behind they fall
behind and I think that the most important thing that you can always have
present in your life is change changes of fact is a constant and the sooner you adapt to that the faster you’ll become successful the fact that real estate doesn’t
require skills as long as you’re good with people you’re gonna do fine what
would you say to those people this is totally wrong it requires not only
skills but requires a set of mind a mindset I’m sorry that it’s not easy to
to get to okay that’s why not everybody is a good real estate agent some
in the matter of fact most real estate agents that are not successful okay I would say that
about 7% of the real estate agents are the ones that are making 90% of the
money so you’ve got more Realtors that don’t really make much money because it
is precisely that no soft skills not good with people
barely good with people and they don’t care to learn to put themselves into the
the constant learning habit because that’s what it requires to be
doing what you do he said there is a particular process if you advise
yourself to follow the other things I saw
a lot of people are saying Oh real estate is amazing because I can work on it I want
to I can be on my time and it’s very easy a nice job to do so now speaking of
the process it sounds like they’re probably wrong about totally wrong
actually you have to be very disciplined the reason why people say that is
because when you are an independent contractor which is what basically a
real estate agents and you don’t have anybody telling you what to do at all
times then it’s really up to you to get the into the discipline self-discipline
to put those obligations those tasks in front of you and one of the things that
I also can say that made me successful is that I put those processes those tasks
those obligations into my mind and I just follow through with them okay and
you know I don’t need anybody to tell me do these do that I just do it myself
because I know that’s what I need to do and I know that that is going to is
going to take me to the next level in my process of you know successful real
estate that very interesting I wake up around 7:00 7:15 I do through a
meditational and personal development process in the morning but that’s
something that I do you know has nothing to do real estate it has to do with me
and my mental attitude and state right after that and get into the computer
check my emails in the morning that is always things that come in a last minute
there is always documentation that need to be done so I would say that I spent
probably about an hour to two hours every morning you know somewhere between
830 and 9:30 or 10:00 dealing with a administrative work after that I either do
call sessions because I do have a system that I use that sends mailed expires and
all day fishbones that came into the market or
out of the market the night before make my phone calls make my appointments if
that is appointments to be made and then I just follow through with my other lead
generation systems if I have appointments to show obviously they
normally happen after 12:00 okay sometimes I have days that are fully
fully fully busy until I 8 o clock at night sometimes is less so I kind of
adapt and I adjust based on on every day but every day is kind of a new challenge
for me in this final section of our video Juan will touch on the future I
really wanted to hear his vision of how this industry will change going forward
and I really wanted to hear where does he think his place is now that he been
through the industry for the last thirty years let’s just hand over the mic to
the star of this video. What are you plans? What does the future hold for you? very interesting obviously you know after 30 years I’m no
longer 20 that’s clear I think that I’m at a point in my career and in my life and in
my mind in which I want to kind of leave a legacy so it’s not so much the money I
can make because I’ve done it before and I was still doing it it has to do with
what am I going to leave behind after I’m retired or after I’m dead and legacy
is probably what is keeping me up at night at this point and one of the
things that I’m doing all the changes that I’m making is I’m starting to work
with new trainees young trainees that have not been poisoned by you know other
companies and real estate agents and things like that
so I’m looking to to hire young guys who want to succeed in real estate but they
don’t have any prejudge or predisposition to it
and I just look at myself when I was in my very early twenties and I remember my
days when I had a manager who was in his 40s and you know he was teaching me
everything and I’m sure he was not a perfect person and I’m sure he was not
the best manager either but you know I chose to to follow through with him I
chose to learn and I chose to believe in him and to the point that today I’m
still in the business so I think that it is a big legacy that he himself gave me
even if he doesn’t even know that I’m here I don’t even know anything of him
for the past 20 years so you know that’s what I want to do I want to do the same
for others. Where can people find you? well yes I am very active in social media I do have a website and I
am pretty much in all social media channels Twitter Facebook have my
business Facebook page I’m an Instagram I mean all the social media channels
okay my website is and Juan, thank you for finding time to do this. Hopefully we’ll see you in the next video covering a different topic some other topic thank you very much
thank you and that’s all the time that we had I would like to thank Juan for
taking time out of his very busy schedule to record this conversation I
think I learned a ton I hope you learned a lot about this career path and this
industry in general now you know plus one additional very good real estate
agent so I’ll make sure to leave Juan’s contact information below his real
estate company Sunbelt is located in Stanford Connecticut and covers that
area around Greenwich Stamford Norwalk Fairfield area
you’re gonna see it along his website next saturday
at 10:00 a.m. we’ll be back on this channel with part 2 of this video where
I’m talking to two students who are currently under Juan’s mentorship and
who had a lot of interesting information to share about how they are starting off
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