Savannah Utilities – list of utility companies

Savannah Utilities – list of utility companies

Utilities in Savannah… I know, it’s a
boring topic but we’re talking about it anyway. Hey everyone welcome back to my channel.
I’m Karin Carr. I am a Realtor in Savannah and I am the owner of the Georgia Coast
Homes team with Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners – that’s a mouthful.
Today we’re talking about utility companies. So you’re moving here, you’re
buying a house or maybe you’re even renting a house, but you’re gonna have to
have all of your utilities turned on and a lot of times you don’t really know who
you need to contact. So here’s what it is in a nutshell. For your electricity
there’s really just one game in town and that is Georgia Power. So I’m gonna link
to their website down below you’re just going to establish service in your name
I would recommend that you do it as of the day of the closing date so if you
are scheduled to close on January 30th you’re going to put the utilities in
your name as of the 30th hopefully the seller did not turn off the utilities in
their name until a couple of days after closing but you can’t rely on that you
certainly don’t want to be moving into your new house and have no electricity
for the first three days so go ahead and set those up as of the day that you’re
closing on your new property or your your lease start date all right what
about cable and internet and that stuff you’re gonna have to find out whether or
not Comcast service that service if you’re interested in Comcast you’re
gonna have to find out if they service your neighborhood believe it or not they
don’t go everywhere in the entire metro savannah area so go to their website and
her in the address of a house that you’re gonna be moving into and find out
if they service it but if you’d rather have DirectTV or Dish Network or a
smaller… what’s the word… fiber-optic. If you’d rather have like a fiber-optic
company I’m gonna put a few comments in the know I’m gonna put a few links in
the description box down below what about garbage pickup this is interesting
and it varies from County to County in certain counties your trash pickup is
included in your property taxes so when you’re paying your
pretty taxes that includes your garbage pickup that is not the case for every
county and it’s not the case for every house so you’re going to have to find
out if you are buying a house and you are the buyer have your agent contact
the sellers agent to find out who pays for trash pickup what about water water
is usually provided by the city or the county in which you’re going to be
living so again I’ll have a bunch of links down below that depending on where
you’re buying your house or the house that you’re moving into you can just
start clicking on those and finding out who you need to contact what about gasps
well this is an interesting story there are not a lot of homes in Metro Savannah
that have gas stoves gas fireplaces gas water heaters gas dryer gas it’s just
not that common around here so if you do have natural gas at the house that
you’re buying you can go with whatever gas company you want and I’ll put a few
options down below if and this is more likely you have a propane tank that
services your stove or your fireplace you’re just going to contact one of
these propane companies that will come out to your house and fill the tank
every so often it may be once a year and maybe every six months and maybe every
three years it just depends on how much of that gas that propane that you use
alright we’ve talked about electric we’ve talked about gas we’ve talked
about water we’ve talked about cable and talk about trash picker I hope you found
this helpful if you did give me a thumbs up write a comment down below and
consider subscribing to my channel because I put out new videos every week
all about living in Savannah and I know you don’t want to miss fun

5 thoughts on “Savannah Utilities – list of utility companies

  1. We have 3 different companies for electric and they differ from each area. It can differ from across the street. The gas companies are the same way. Oh, and they change all the time.

  2. Great information for a buyer. Common question.

  3. Two videos in ONE DAY! And they both of hive subtitles, you are really stepping up your game! My goal is one video a week in 2019 and I'm already struggling lol

  4. So useful! I try to always remember to send my clients the utility info a week before closing

  5. So often buyers don't get them turned on in time or the sellers turn them off to soon. I have had sellers tunr them off when they sign.

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