San Diego Realtor | Real Estate Video Tips for Sellers and other Realtors

San Diego Realtor | Real Estate Video Tips for Sellers and other Realtors

Hello everybody and welcome back I’ve had some questions asked about a short holiday holiday video i did, it is to less than a minute long and people wanted to know why i did it and how i did it. So why don’t we just watch the video and then i’ll explain. Last year we took the opportunity to say happy holidays by showing you a dancing chair this year we’d like, to show you Christmas tree in a bottle and some footage of san diego we think you’ll really enjoy. As we close this out today i want to share how happy i am for one of my friends that’ll be reuniting with one of his children, he hasn’t seen in several years. This is what the holidays are about i wish you all a Merry Christmas. I promised you the “how and the why” well let’s start with the why first. last year we did something very similar to this and it went over like gangbusters. Everybody really enjoyed it. On a business sense we understand that demonstrating on a regular basis, to our clients, so they don’t forget, that we utilize video like few others, is important. You’ll note that this was a 60-second feature it was something that we could place on Facebook or Instagram and touch all of our clients without consuming a lot of time. Facebook and Youtube are different people come to Youtube to learn something and they want more value. They’re here for a period of time to watch what we’re doing. So that was the reason that we performed this 60-second version, of this instead of making it much longer and going into depth in some kind of semi documentary style. The question that i’m asked most frequently is about the chair and how i did that. it’s really very simple you just set your camera up on a tripod, you take a photograph and then you move the chair then you take another photograph. You assemble them all into a format so that they could be utilized as a video and you have a hyperlapse. I’ll put a link to what i believe is one of the best hyperlapse tutorials from youtube in the description below. I don’t think anybody needs instructions on how to put Christmas lights into a 5 gallon water jug, but that’s what i did. I looked for a unique lighting effect and I think i pulled it off. It is rather unique So how did i get the time lapse on the boat all i did was take a Gopro Hero4 Black. I taped it to the railing at the back of the boat and set the camera in what i thought was the proper time sequence. And often and way we went. I think i stood there for about 45 minutes why the camera captured that portion of pulling away,from the dock. I took the Theta 360 and i took a couple of shots but they didn’t get utilize, but i do have that footage. The captain dancing on the dance floor i actually captured that with my Iphone video, in slow motion mode. That’s really all that it took it’s not that complex. it’s really more a desire to come up with something just a little bit different and sharpen your video skills. Now I’m going to close this the same way. You’re a Realtor and you can do anything. We prove it every day, especially at the holidays, Merry Christmas everybody!

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  1. I love the moving Chair!

  2. I remember seeing the moving chair for the first time. I was very impressed!

  3. impressive

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