Alright, what’s up guys Jason Wardrop here with Cochy. Coch,. What’s up, man? Thanks for joining me here today. Hey, what’s up, man? Thank you very much. Thanks for having me awesome. So Kochi is a realtor in Long Island. Correct? That is correct Yes, awesome and how long you’ve been in the business? Huh? That’s a funny story, but I’m not gonna make it long. I’m gonna tell you that It’s about a month and a half right now, but there’s a long story behind it But yeah back into it, but about the month and apps. Alright, so you’re pretty pretty new agent then. Alright, I am yes Awesome. So you joined in with the 60 grading system how long ago was a few weeks ago? so About about few weeks ago. I saw a field here Thank Jill mine and I I thought it was great and I started by you know Getting some of your stuff and then I saw the the arts and all and I’m like, alright let me go in and I’m gonna say Four weeks ago, I think I got it. Hmm. So just a couple weeks into To the business. So yes awesome, man Well, tell tell us a little bit about I know you’ve had a lot of success you posted in the Facebook group And I just wanted you to share some of your experiences that you’ve had with the Arsenal system lead generation appointments all that stuff so Kind so people can kind of get a feel For what’s been working for you and how they can kind of copy and model. What what’s really working out there? so you know, I I Decided coming from other businesses that I really wanted to make this work I was in the financial industry for a long time and the reason why I got out of it was because it’s so restrictive I couldn’t in a way do what I’m doing right now with your system and So I started really learning what you were teaching on your on your videos Dovan into the target in really targeting the the leads and I’m you know, what for anybody out there I am horrible when it comes to technology I mean bad horrible, I It’s the same. I have two little girls and when I need a something answer I ask them because I’m hungry bad so I you know, I started delving into the add the whole thing and I realized that I’m you know, I’m very nervous for the first campaign and All of a sudden I got one lead and I was so excited I was so super excited because I you know I I didn’t believe was it was possible and um before coming here and talking to you. I have I Think there were 250 leach and it’s been for over two weeks, but I’ve been doing yeah Shoot, that’s awesome, man. Yes, sir And and you’re just tell me before the call Like you’ve had leads that are like coming from everywhere and you’ve been going off to Brooklyn as well and so I mean had those those leads turning some appointments for you how So, yeah, so I’m just coming from from a yo from some somewhere in Queens so I’ll tell everybody my main target is a I Speak Spanish and my main target they see a Spanish market Even though I am in which I want to give you as a success story later But out living let me not digress. So with the with the Spanish i’ve been targeting spanish areas, right? Yeah so today we went last week we met with this lady who we got through one of these leads and She said oh, yeah, I want to buy a house. We qualified the whole thing she qualified say we I went out there and when I say weeds because I work with another agent we had and the reason why guys and This is you know, these kudos for you Jason And the reason why I’m working with somebody else is because there’s a lot I can’t handle the whole thing by myself and And I have somebody else helping me who’s been in the business for 13 years And she’s got the experience. I call him there for a you know, a month and change Anyways, we got she submitted an offer for five hundred and twenty-five thousand. I’ll stay That I’m from one of the house that we showed on Saturday I was holding an open house. Um For you know for one of my listings We got an over there and it was somebody from some dish lists, so Good stuff, man. I if you guys are thinking about it, don’t think about it good stuff new. That is awesome And so you’ve gotten about over 200 leads in two weeks, you’ve had some deals that people are making offers Do you have you downloaded the arsenal’ mobile app? Have you been using that at all? You know what? No, I haven’t. I was actually that was one of the questions that I have for you tonight How do I get that because this thing is awesome. Yeah, man. So basically for everyone listening and free boost well, We’ve got a new arsenal mobile app. It’s on your iPhone or Android Either one of those app stores. All you got to do is search arsalan kg inside the App Store you login with your Arsenal mkg account and then all of your leaves are all of your contacts from the like your laptop version of Arsenal they’ll sink in with With the mobile app, and then anytime there’s a new lead that comes in. You’ll get it instantly notification so the app will say hey you got a new lead so you can jump in half and Call that person actually will log the phone calls. You can add like take notes after that call And then also as you know, we have the automated email text marketing for everything that comes in So I love that when the text gets sent out if the lead responds to the text Then you can just text that person back right within the mobile app Yeah, so it’s pretty powerful really cool, and I’m not sure if you’ve seen as I’m sure you have we’ve got like, you know The 14 day follow up. It’s already pre-built. Yeah. Yes. I got it. Yes Well, what we did was let’s say the lead responds after day three they text you back or something like that Well you as realtor you don’t want to keep annoying that person so you don’t want to like be like Keep sending out these messages trying to get them to interact right instead of going in and manually unsubscribing that person the system will actually detect that the lead responded and Automatically cancel off the remainder Follow-up messages, which is pretty cool. So then other than awesome Yeah, so just like it knows it’s like okay this person responded to Kochi right here So we’re not gonna send out any more of the follow-up messages because you’ve already started trigger the conversation and you just take the conversation From there. So yeah, it’s it’s just all included with the Arsenal system. Go to You know either one of the app stores, whatever phone you have. I will yeah out and Get it. It’s it’s it’s powerful with the case studies and last like month or so since we’ve launched it. They’ve been pretty awesome no, I Another of the features that I actually really enjoy is Being able to send massive text messages the service that you are that you link right there. I think that’s so powerful I the reason why did these people got into that open house that I was telling you that we can offer submitted was because Before the open house all of the leads that I had at the time. I think it was if that happened on on Saturday I think about a hundred and Fifty sixty something like that. Yeah. I sent a massive text message. I Invited them and you know, and I and I’ve it you know, the the bottom line is that it’s an awesome system I really I really enjoy absolutely awesome Well anyway coach you don’t want to take up too much more of your time, but guys Awesome success story, you know brand new agent just get into business You know doesn’t have a lot big tech background doesn’t have too many technical skills with Facebook as lead generation set all this up but really if you just go through and follow like the steps, we’ve really made it simple for anyone even if no tech background to jump in and start seeing results start generating leads pretty soon and then Obviously as you’re getting those leads you can start setting appointments and then like coach you right here. He’s got several people making offers now Which is awesome. So, you know one thing that excites me And I know that you’re about to close but if anybody is right there and they really are thinking about it I also have another job and the and it has never been so close for me to have a clear picture that I’m actually gonna leave that other job so that I can dedicate myself a hundred percent to What you know this business at uh, and I know that a lot of Realtors do that part-time But if you follow what Jason is saying and you know and apply and call these people call them quick That’s very important guys. Um, you know, the prospect of being able to Leave whatever other job you have I’m looking at probably another another month and and I’ll be out so if the things keep going the way they’re going so Uh, yeah, man. Thank you Kochi that’s awesome, man. I’m glad to hear it. So anyway, thanks for joining me Thanks everyone for jumping on watching this and we’ll talk to you all later Yes, sir. Take care


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