It’s a whole new world with Facebook advertising. Facebook was basically just to post pictures of my kids I’m talking to my partners and we’re trying to getting ideas. And once I told them this we were on it We were on a trip to Tampa and on the plane they were bugging out They saw my phone after I got off the plane and we landed they saw my phone blow up They were like, why is your phone going off constantly? All right, what’s up guys? Jason worked up here and I’m here with Gary out of New York Gary. What’s up, man? How are you? Jason? Not much I’m doing good. Thank you so much for joining me. So Gary’s on here today he posted in our Facebook group the other day with some absolutely insane results With our six-figure ad system He got a hundred and twenty leads in His first two weeks of going through an implementing system and you just tell me you didn’t have really any Experience with Facebook ads before jumping in this is purely like you just post pictures of your family and different things going on But that was pretty much what Facebook was to you So yeah, we’d love to hear a little bit about your story And I know you’re just pretty new into real estate And so tell us about that journey and then soon after you saw an ad for our program Jumped in and right out of the gate started seeing amazing results with it. Yeah So basically, you know, I got my real estate license in October of 18. I started with a friend of mine in January maybe, you know early February and I, you know came across this six-figure agent I was ordering books and I was ordering, you know PDFs and all these other different things that everybody advertised online and this just kind of you know stuck out me for you know, for some reason I Watched your you know you demo and I said, I don’t know what let’s give it a try I mean I again I didn’t realize the power of Facebook and Instagram because you know as I mentioned before I have other businesses that we use it for but nowhere near What I’ve been using it for with this and I think I ran my first ad February 23rd and I just checked today. I mean we’re up to 154 leads at this point and it’s actually overwhelming. Yeah, that is crazy. So what would a what’s your daily budget? Well, how much are you spending to be able to generate those leads? So I did the recommended, you know, 10 dollars a day Which one when I heard it, you know, I was like, oh my god, I’m gonna spend $300 a month That’s really not how it works. Yeah something I was not totally aware of until I started doing it Yeah, so I did the ten dollars a day Let’s give it a shot. Yeah. No, that’s awesome. I mean 10 bucks a day You’d like to get 154 leads in the last few weeks Yes, that’s pretty of me I mean I don’t even know what that cost per lead is on how much you smile a little over a dollar I think or something like That it was there was nothing. Okay that that’s awesome. Yeah, especially in the real estate space when you compare that to You know Trulia Zillow real calm you get lease for like 25 to 35 bucks So, yeah, especially New York and you’re you’re not only like Guinea knows lease But you’re competing with other agents in your area for those leaves for those same exact people. That’s right So anyway, I love love hearing about that success there which which ad campaign. Were you run and we’ve got several in there I’m just curious which one you’re running. So the I right now I’m up to Well, I had had three I took one off because one of the houses sold. So being that I didn’t have Any listings or anything? So that was one of my concerns when I you know Downloaded the software and started running everything. I said guy. What am I gonna do? But again watching the videos I went to one of my agents that works in my office Yeah had a listing. He said no problem. I posted his and then we were just getting hits like crazy He recently sold that I unfortunately I didn’t get the buyer end of it because he he got a buyer and himself He recently sold it so I took it off, but then I did the the list Okay all the homes on Staten Island five hundred thousand and less and That just blew up my phone. Like I said, I was I was on a business trip I got off the plane and my phone just started going crazy and my friend was like this. This is ridiculous And then and then I just recently met another agent in a different in a different office and she just gave me a new listing because a lot of my Clients were asking for new construction. So Shadia new construction listings and The same thing it’s just non-stop that’s awesome yet those new construction ones those work amazingly well because obviously New construction new build you got the cool fancy pictures and everything like that and those ones just perform extremely well So that that’s awesome So anyway, you’re getting all these leads and as we all know the fortune is in the follow up So it’s big-time like you can get all these leads, but if you don’t have a good follow up system in place You’re not touching base and you’re not really gonna closely deal So what what is your follow up system look like are you calling these people right away? Tell us a little bit about all that so I mean again, you know I realize in the world that we live in people do not like to talk on the phone I’m slowly learned that I’ve been on I’ve been in the business this type of business for over 30 years, so Now with this generation and they want it quick. They want text me Send me the information email me and so forth. So So for the first listing that I did I just did the app So you guys know what I was getting, you know, the I was the text was going out the email was going out They were getting it right away And then I was you know responding from there if I had if I felt I had a connection Then I would Nate then. I would do the phone call. Yeah You know With with the first listing people didn’t realize the price of the house cuz I ran that whole thing off Look at this, whatever photos and to get the price So when people did get the price, you know, because again in my area the numbers are up there So but at least I got the lead and at least I got you know Something to you know, reach out to them with and say hey if you’re not looking for that I have this Yep, so that worked out well but then I watched your video on the Messenger robot chat thing. Oh, yeah. Yeah was the many many chatters many today? Yeah not Is insane. Yeah, so I Just saw him. We had a realtor meeting today at one of our local places 2:30 last night. My phone is having a conversation with a client and I I Actually paid for the upgrade so I can get the delay and get the little three dots that actually look like I’m talking to that totally well, that feature is Unbelievable. I actually get a I gotta get it get an email from any chat telling me you know How great I’m doing because I’m getting so many follow-ups with it Yeah, so talking and then once again, once they go through that whole process with the mini chat And it finishes off saying okay I’ll take a look for you and I’ll get back to you and then boom from there I get back to them and I say hey listen You know you have time to talk and it’s that that was that blows me what? It’s so true and that this is one thing I talk about all the time like you look 30 years ago You pretty much had, you know landlines. Yeah home phone to home phone you could leave voicemails and you’re just like looking at the methods and forms of Communication and then you started getting cell phones You got texting and then social media comes around and now you’ve got like messenger Instagram snapchat Texting voicemail you have so many ways to connect with people now that if you’re not going through and Maximizing all of the different methods of communication because like you said like some people prefer phone calls however Not as many as they did 10 20 years ago some people from preferred texting some people prefer Facebook Messenger So if you’re able to go through and set up a lead campaign and utilize all these different avenues just gonna benefit you that much more get you that many more sales conversations appointments and Also just more close deals at the end of day. Yeah, and like I said, it’s to the point where I Have another person in my office that I’m I have to have to give her some of my leads. I Just do I cannot I don’t have the time and I can not get back to the fast enough Well, I sure the bad thing. It’s definitely not a bad thing. Totally. I’m sure she’s not complaining about this You probably loves you Okay, well awesome well I mean just to wrap up here if there’s any like let’s say realtor that may be new into the real estate space or they tried Facebook as In the past and maybe just didn’t have success or someone’s this on the fence What advice or what’s what would you have to tell them I? Mean if they’re not doing Facebook, I don’t know how they’re gonna survive in this real estate world And again, I am new to this I am only a few months in I mean as I said, I have other businesses we’ve promoted in the Facebook You know market but nothing like this at all. So I mean between The advertisement you get on Facebook and Instagram If you’re not doing it, you’re not gonna survive 100% no I totally agree and it just you just like obviously it’s not saying you’re not gonna do two referrals Or not doing some of these other prospecting methods, but as you mentioned like, you know Your little face a messenger bot was having a conversation at 2:00 a.m. Last night so it’s just another way to go through and just use leverage and Contact and connect with a lot more people. Yeah, and like I said, I show people as the conversation is going on I’m actually showing people look at what’s going on. Yeah, it’s great. No, that is so awesome. Well, Gary Thanks so much for jumping on here. I know you’re busy. So I want to take up too much of your time But thank you so much for jumping on and sharing your story with everyone great. I appreciate it. Thank you for everything


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