ROBINHOOD REVIEW πŸ“ˆ 100% Free Stock Trading, Worth It?

ROBINHOOD REVIEW πŸ“ˆ 100% Free Stock Trading, Worth It?

– How’s it going today, guys? I hope you’re having a fantastic day. So in this video here
we’re going to be doing an in-depth review of the Robinhood app, and if you guys are
curious about different investing platforms out there and you’re doing your research, I’ve linked up down in
the description below all the different review videos I have done so far on this channel. So I do encourage you to shop around, look at the different options out there, and really consider the
features and benefits of each investing platform
and then figuring out which one really best suits your needs. Now Robinhood captures a lot of attention because it is completely free. $0 commission, $0 minimum account balance, so you could literally open up an account, fund it with $10 and
start investing in stocks. So there’s a lot of appeal to this but what I really want to
make sure you guys understand is that it is a very limited platform and that’s kind of what
we’re gonna get into here is the pros and the cons of this platform, why I like this platform, and also why I’m not such a fan of this platform at the same time. Now like I do with all of my reviews, I do have a pinned comment down below with a timestamp for
the different sections so if you guys are looking
to skip ahead in this review, that is a pinned comment down below where you can jump ahead
to a separate section. First of all let’s talk about
what Robinhood actually is. Robinhood is a free trading app out there that has really ballooned in popularity. It allows you to invest in stocks, ETFs, as well as cryptocurrencies and options. Now the cryptocurrency
piece is still limited to certain states in the United States, so if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency through Robinhood, you’re going to want to make sure it is currently available in your state. Beyond that, Robinhood is a
very basic investment platform. It is a 100% online platform, meaning there are no physical
storefront locations. So I’m sure you guys have
seen the Charles Schwab or Fidelity locations around where you can go to a branch office or you can call someone up on the phone. With Robinhood it is completely
electronic and online and so this right here might
be a con for some people, the fact that you can’t
call someone up on the phone or you can’t stop into a branch
location to talk to someone but really, the difference
here is the fact that you’re not paying anything. With the traditional
online discount brokers you’re paying a fee for commission and they have a minimum account balance that is more or less
what Robinhood eliminated but by eliminating that fee structure they are not able to offer
the personal attention that you might get through
your other brokerage account where you can call someone on the phone or stop into a branch location. So what can you invest in
using the Robinhood app? First of all you can invest
in publicly traded stocks or ETFs on the New York
Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq so right off the bat that tells you that you cannot invest in penny stocks, you can’t invest in foreign stocks unless they trade through
ADRs, and you can’t invest in stocks on the
over-the-counter exchanges. You can also invest in cryptocurrency through the Robinhood app if
it’s available in your state and currently this includes
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum
Classic, and Litecoin. Robinhood also now allows you to buy and sell options free of charge. So what this means is that there are no mutual funds available on Robinhood and there are no penny stocks
or over-the-counter stocks. Moving on now, what
are the fees associated with a Robinhood account, and
what are the requirements? Well the only requirements
is that you do have to be a US investor, 18
and up, but beyond that, there are no fees
associated with Robinhood. It is completely free, no
minimum account balance, and no commission cost for trading. You might be asking yourself, well how does Robinhood make money? What they do is they offer a
feature called Robinhood Gold, where you are offered margin,
you can buy stocks on margin, and you can also have after
hours or extended hours trading and you also have the availability to have instant settlement with your funds rather than waiting for funds settlement when you are selling your position. Typically you would have to
wait for those funds to settle to withdraw them or to reinvest them but Robinhood can offer
that instant settlement with their Gold Package. So that is how Robinhood
is actually making money. Okay, so what are the
pros of this platform? There are pretty much
two of them that I see. First of all it’s 100% free, which really lowers the barriers to entry to get started with investing. Traditionally if you wanted
to open an investing account, it might be a $500 or
$1000 minimum balance but with Robinhood, it is $0, you can get started with
pretty much nothing. The second pro for them is the fact that it has a very simple interface pretty much anybody can
jump on there, get started, and understand what it is they are doing but that in and of itself is also a con because the platform is extremely basic. And for any investor out there that’s really doing a lot of research you’re gonna be extremely
limited by this platform. So that right there is the
first con I see for Robinhood. That platform is extremely basic and I have used Robinhood before. I still have some
investments with Robinhood but what I would find is I was doing all of my investment research
on other platforms or other websites and I
was only using Robinhood to buy and sell my shares and I really, would rather have the ability
to do that all in one place where I’m on an app that
allows me to do research and learn about investments and then do my transactions as well. Another con for some is the fact that Robinhood does not offer mutual funds so if you are looking to
invest in mutual funds you are not going to be able
to do that through Robinhood. Now a big con is the fact that they do not offer retirement accounts and this right here is a
huge problem in my opinion because you cannot open any
type of retirement accounts. You can’t do the self-directed Roth IRA or a traditional IRA through Robinhood and I think a lot of
people don’t understand the difference here between investing through a retirement account
where you can be tax sheltered or investing through a
traditional brokerage account where you’re paying taxes and you’re paying at the
maximum rate in some cases. So really educate yourself on investing through retirement accounts if
you are a long-term investor especially as a young person and understand the advantage of investing and being able to do so
through a retirement account. Another con is that Robinhood
does not offer a DRIP or dividend reinvestment plan. A lot of other brokerage
accounts out there allow you to reinvest your dividends automatically and Robinhood does not do this. Another con is also the fact that you can only purchase
whole shares of stock on Amazon, so there are no fractional
or partial shares available. And one platform that does
offer both of these things, they offer a DRIP and they
also offer fractional shares is M1 Finance, this is also
a completely free platform and I’m gonna link up the
review to this as well. If you guys are on the
fence between Robinhood and maybe something else, I would highly recommend
taking a look at M1 Finance because in my opinion that
is a superior platform and M1 Finance is my favorite
investing platform out there for beginners who are not looking to pay for commissions
when they are trading. So that review is linked up
down in the description below. Another con is that there
are no pre-built portfolios with Robinhood, so you
can’t really go on there and start investing in a portfolio that was built by somebody else. They’re putting all of
that power in your hands to decide what you’re
going to be investing in and you also really
can’t build a portfolio or automate that process at all. You can’t automate
deposits into your account, you can’t automate investments. Really, it’s as basic as it gets here with this Robinhood platform, and that is the advantages that some of these other platforms offer out there, it’s the fact that you can
automate your contributions or automate your investments, or automatically reinvest those dividends that are paid out by the
stocks you’re investing in. And then the fourth con is that Robinhood only offers
the very basic order types. If you are somebody who’s looking for the more complex order types, you’re gonna wanna look somewhere else but for the most part these order types are all you would need as a beginner. So moving on who is Robinhood
for and who is it not for? Robinhood is a good platform for beginners who are looking for a very
basic investment platform but like I said, I would
recommend doing your due diligence looking around at a couple
of different platforms, particularly M1 finance. Who is Robinhood not for? It is really not good for the
research-oriented investor. If you’re looking for candlestick charts, if you’re looking for more
information about companies, if you’re looking to do
fundamental analysis, you really can’t do any of that
here with the Robinhood app. You’re going to have to do
that on different platforms and you’re probably
going to be disappointed with that very basic platform. But understand that is what
Robinhood was built for, it was meant to be the most basic and simple investing platform out there. So I’m really not saying
it’s a bad platform, it was just built to be
very basic for beginners and if you’re a little bit more advanced as far as investing goes, then you’re probably not going
to be happy with Robinhood. But anyways guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video, that is my opinion of Robinhood app. Let me know what you think down in the comment section below. But thank you so much
for watching this video and I will see you in the next one. If you are interested in learning more about investing in the stock market, I’ve created a free course just for you. The link is in the description below. Here are a few other videos
you might enjoy as well. (groovy music)

100 thoughts on “ROBINHOOD REVIEW πŸ“ˆ 100% Free Stock Trading, Worth It?

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    1. Starts mixing up the screen colors reds with green background and graphs (not the usual)
    2. Percentage mistakes in favor of RH, especially when holding positions in multiple stocks.
    3. My portfolio graph a year ago had a 1,800.00 spike for a few days when I wasn't trading at all for some time, didn't own any stock, and had less than 40.00 dollars in the account. This incident is still reflected on my portfolio graph.
    4. RH will not execute sale or buy orders when in my favor, literally like playing against a defensive algorythmn.
    5. I've saved many screen shots to show all this, there are also no corresponding deposits to match graph anomalys.

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    As far as Robinhood being 100% free, its just simply not the truth…
    Each stock sale in the US (for all brokerages) is charged the following fees:

    SEC: $13.00 per $1,000,000 of principal (sells only). This fee is rounded up to the nearest penny. FINRA Trading Activity Fee: .000119 per share (sells only).This fee is rounded up to the nearest penny and no greater than $5.95.

    Now that we’re transitioning to Clearing by Robinhood, there are a few extra charges that Robinhood can reduce or eliminate. If u don't know, Robinhood has never charged commission fees, but they did pass along some fees that our clearing broker charged. These include fees for participating in voluntary corporate actions, fees for requesting broker-assisted trades, and fees for bank transfer reversals. Now that Robinhood has complete control, they can make sure you have the best experience possible.

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    The fractional share thing is still awesome and buying Amazon or Google makes it more obtainable at first.

    But some of the smaller stocks, or IPO's that have surges all the time especially when new, I don't have time for M1 to dilly dally or whatever it is that they do when I'm just losing money.

    I have fidelity too for my retirement but I did buy stock on there but its 5 dollars a trade, but it was instant when I bought it. All i did was go to the next page and BOOM, i had the stock and it was gaining immediately.

    There are some IPO's I'm looking at and I don't think M1 would put me at a advantageous position. Even the recent IPO RVLV the other day I wanted it immediately and it went from $16 and finished the day around $38 on its first day. I had no chance to jump in as M1 had me jump in when it was around $26. I didn't lose money, its just I didn't gain as much as I would have wanted to.

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