Ride to Mumbai | Locha Express 🔥🔥🔥 All India Ride

Ride to Mumbai | Locha Express 🔥🔥🔥 All India Ride

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel Xtreme Moto Adventure Although I am in Kochi, you will get to see the Mumbai vlog today So guys, follow me on Instagram, to get the real time updates about where I am and where I am heading to. So please follow me on instagram, you should be seeing the link on the screen now About today’s vlog, I was stayin in Mumbai for 3-4 days So whatever it is, i’ll be showing you a mix of all these days in today’s vlog So let’s go ahead and start the Mumbai Vlog Good Morning guys, I’m leaving to Mumbai now So I was staying at Sohail’s house last night As you saw in the previous vlog, He met me on the highway and insisted that I stay back So I stayed at his place in Surat City We are on our way to have breakfast now After having my breakfast, i’ll be leaving to Mumbai. nice. So guys, I am getting to see this monsoon’s first rains in Surat city There is a slight drizzle, you can see this behind me And we are here enjoying ‘Locha’ ‘Locha’ is a Gujarati dish I don’t know much about the dish ‘Locha’. Not sure if its ‘Locha’ or ‘Lochi’ What is it called exactly? ‘Locha’? ok. So Sohail will tell us about the dish ‘Locha’ Let me first show you what the ‘Locha’ dish looks like And what is this called? This is ‘Patodi’.
‘Patodi’.? ok. So tell me Tell me more about these dishes What are these all about? Firstly, any riders who come to Surat, whatever it takes., We make sure they try ‘Locha’
Ok. And this ‘Patodi’ About how ‘Locha’ is made, Let’s find out from the shop owner himself So how this dish came into being…. The people who leave at 5 AM in the morning to Mumbai for work, The ones who travel up and down daily They used to have ‘Khaman’ and leave You mean ‘Khaman Dhokla’ ?
Yes they used to have ‘Khaman’ and leave But then one day, These people came in the morning to eat ‘Khaman’ But ‘Khaman’ was still being prepared The owner said ‘Look, the dish is still being prepared’ Its not solidified yet Its still raw, it’s a bit messy ( as in soft, not solidified) So these people said ‘Just serve it’ even if its a Locha (roughly translates to Mistake, Mess or Messy in Hindi) So since they persisted, the owner served as it is and added some oil on top of it They had it and loved it Thats how the Mess or ‘Locha’ dish came into being You mean it turned out to be a ‘Locha’
(roughly translates to Mistake, Mess or Messy in Hindi) Yes. And what started then and is still being served now Ok then Sohail Deepak : “Thank you”
Sohail : “It was nice meeting you” Sohail : ” Take care brother ”
Deepak : ” It was a pleasure coming here” Sohail : “Ride safe”
Deepak : ” Yes, surely ” So, after having my breakfast, I am continuing on my journey But before that Let me get the chain the bike chain lubed somewhere Chirag has come, he is taking me to the place. Just see how windy it is. I’ve never seen such strong crosswind till date Its shit scary to ride in this crosswind, quite literally. Its being pushed to the left and right Look here, eggs! Eat eggs daily, eggs and eggs Look at this. So it’s been over an hour since I started riding Let me stop somewhere to freshen up and have something cool to drink I am thirsty and let me have something to eat too Its hot There’s some place to sit So guys, I’ve stopped on the highway that goes straight to Mumbai There nice cool breeze and I had fun riding too. But I wanted to stop and enjoy this a bit more So I have stopped here now The view behind me is very beautiful So you wont be able to see in this now But let me flip the screen and show you Then you’ll know how beautiful the view is And Oh brother, what a beautiful road this is What a scenery Its looking very beautiful And there is greenery on both the side There are mountains I closed my visor Seriously, this weather here is really awesome And I am feeling like just staying here at this place But then, Mumbai, the hotel where I am staying, it’s still 130 kms away Today Google Maps made a mess of things for me in Mumbai And now, I am having dinner with Deep and Ansh So what have you guys ordered? For now we have ordered ‘Pav Bhaji’ I’ll show you ‘Pav Bhaji’ now and as we order, ill show you the rest So these guys have shown me around the place We roamed for around an hour or two. We went to Marine Drive, and we went to Gateway of India So let’s wrap it up for today I’ll show you a few shots of what we are having,
after that Bye-Bye So guys, I have reached my room And today’s day went quite well But i faced a lot of problems at the end of the day Because, as i entered from Thane, Google Maps took me round and round I entered at 5:30 PM but I only reached at 8 PM So guys, if you are coming to Mumbai It’s best to ask direction from locals
and not rely on Google Maps So let me also tell about the room I’m staying in The room is actually quite small I booked Go Stay through Goibibo.com So I didnt expect the room to be so small in size Here, let me show you See how i have stacked the luggage here And all this is so close to it The room is very compact Look at this, its a very small room All the luggage is spread across Like OYO rooms, though they are a bit different and also a bit expensive too But then Mumbai is quite expensive, so i thought something in my budget My Budget is actually a bit low, that’s why By that standards, this was ok-ok kinds but the photos actually looked nice But then, when I reached here, I felt the room was quite smaller It’s ok for a single person but if you are two then Then I won’t recommend for two people So please stay away from ‘Go Stay’ if two of you are travelling together That’s it for now, Till next video Signing off, this is Deepak. Bye bye

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