Rich Dad Poor Dad for Real Estate Investors

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Real Estate Investors

It’s time to revisit
Rich Dad Poor Dad for real estate investing. That’s today’s
video, let’s dive in. Hey there, I’m Clayton Morris. I’m the founder
of Morris Invest. I’ve rehabbed
thousands of homes. And we’re a turnkey
business, which means that we rehab the
homes, place a tenant, and do everything
for our clients. So today, we’re going to
talk about the foundation of everything that
I do in real estate, and that is Rich Dad Poor Dad. That is Robert Kiyosaki’s
landmark book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. I remember reading
this book back when I was young and ignorant,
driving around California, when I just moved out
there after college and didn’t know
what I was doing. I had grown up with a real fear
around money, a real poor dad philosophy on money. The idea that you
work for a paycheck, hope to save some
money, whether it’s a 401k, which I didn’t even
understand a 401k at the time. I didn’t even know
what that was. But that every year, you
would hope to get a raise, and that would make you wealthy. And then at the
end of your life, you hoped you had a little
bit saved up to live on, and you could coast
off into the sunset. So I grew up with– no fault of my parents,
that’s just the way that 95% of this
country is raised to think about money, to
think that they should be working for a paycheck. Robert Kiyosaki’s model in his
book talks about the other 5%. That 5% of the American economy
makes up 95% of the wealth. 5% of people own businesses,
invest in real estate, and create true wealth. And everyone else
works for those 5%. There’s a reason for it. It’s because, frankly,
there’s a lack of education I believe in this country
about wealth building, about money making. Most people, I think,
in my high school were taught just how
to balance a checkbook. That was it. That was all the
monetary training that we got growing up. And the beauty of the
Rich Dad Poor Dad model is in taking that paradigm
and totally shifting it away from working for
a paycheck and having, instead, money working for us. Robert Kiyosaki talks about four
ways, four asset classes that create wealth in this country. Number 1, the number 1
way is through businesses, when wealthy people
create businesses. And other people work
for those individuals, they have employees
working for them that are then
putting in the hours, and they’re trading
hours for dollars. The business owner isn’t
trading hours for dollars. They’re probably off
in Cancun somewhere because they’ve built
the infrastructure of their business in
order to work for them. Now what he talks about
in the second asset class is real estate. Now the beauty of this model,
Robert Kiyosaki explains, is that when you combine
starting a business with investing in
real estate, he says those are the two strongest
combinations for wealth creation in this country. Now I want you to think
about that for a minute. Because we talk about that here
on the channel all the time, the best legal entities in
which to buy real estate, how to set up your business entities
for real estate investing. We have a whole series
of videos right here on the channel that
you should check out. But starting a business
doesn’t necessarily just mean starting an Apple or
a Google or a Facebook, although it could. Start ups are very powerful,
and they make a lot of money. A friend of mine just started
a health care startup, and he’s doing fantastic. And he just started
it a year ago. That’s not necessarily
what he’s talking about. What he’s talking about
is creating an LLC, starting an S corp, and
then purchasing real estate using that business entity. Follow me? You might not have 30
employees, but you’re setting up a business in order
to become a smart real estate investor. Those two things combined help
you create enormous wealth, because his point
is, if you’re buying real estate in your
individual name, John Smith, you’re going to be taxed
at John Smith’s tax rate. And if you work for
Starbucks, you’re going to be taxed at
a much higher rate than it does Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett used to joke
that his secretary is taxed at a higher rate than he is. Why? Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you why it is, and
what Robert Kiyosaki points out in Rich Dad Poor Dad. It’s because she is
taxed as an employee. That is the 95% of
Americans– are employees. That tax rate is higher. The tax code in this
country benefits entrepreneurs and investors– the 5%. It’s just the way that it is. I didn’t write the tax law, but
we can take advantage of it. We can use it to our advantage. The tax code in this
country was written to encourage investment
and entrepreneurship. So the other 5% are
business owners, and their tax rate is lower
than an individual rate. Therefore, if I buy real
estate as a business, as John Smith LLC
instead of John Smith, then I’m going to be
taxed at a lower rate than if I purchased that
property in my own name. Also, because I’m
a business, I’m getting all of the tax benefits
of real estate investing. I’m also getting all the
write-offs and the depreciation at a level. I’m also getting the legal
protection owning an LLC that I wouldn’t get if
I was a sole proprietor and owned it in my own name. He talks about those
two asset classes– having a business
and real estate. Combining the two is
like a freight train, it’s unstoppable. If you do it right, you
can create enormous wealth. The third way that
he talks about– mutual funds,
buying some stocks, making sure that
you’re diversified, OK. And the fourth way– commodities. He talks about gas and oil,
not investing in oil stocks, but actually owning the
real estate associated with the drilling rigs, which
you can then become a part of. That’s never something
that I’ve ever focused on, it’s not my specialty. But it’s definitely one
of his four asset classes that he says you should
be able to invest in. But his first two he lays
out are the two strongest and most powerful ways
of creating wealth– having a business and purchasing
real estate with that business. It’s unstoppable. The whole paradigm shift
in Rich Dad Poor Dad is really powerful,
the idea that if you can teach
your children not to think of earning a paycheck. My son the other day
to my wife and I said, I want to go to
college but you’re going to have to help
me pay for it because I don’t know how to make money. And we just looked at him,
and he’s six years old. And we said, oh buddy. We’re going to give him
the tools and the skill set in order to create wealth,
something that I never had as a kid, something
that I was never taught in school, that true wealth
comes from increasing our net worth and those assets
that are producing cash flow. And that’s what Robert Kiyosaki
talks about in Rich Dad Poor Dad, that the poor dad focused
on working hours for dollars. He would trade 10
hours of work a day for a certain amount
in return for dollars. That’s not scalable. You can’t expand beyond that. You can hope to get
a raise next year. And then the rich dad
philosophy is in trading money for cash flowing assets. As he calls them, the
golden geese, the geese that are producing those eggs. You don’t want the eggs,
you don’t want those eggs. You want the geese
that are going to continue to produce those
eggs month in and month out. And that’s the power
of rental real estate because, month in and
month out, your tenants are producing cash flow
for you so that you can hit a certain number. Maybe you want to cash
flow $5,000 a month? Well, that’s what,
10 rental properties? 10 rental properties
and you’re done. You’re now producing
that $5,000 a month. You don’t have to work
another day in your life, if you don’t want to. That’s what we talk
about on this channel. And we show you the videos. In fact, my ultimate
passive income guide is a video that’s pretty
long, but it’s so detailed and we go through
step by step by step how to create passive income. The Rich Dad Poor
Dad philosophy, if you haven’t read the book,
is the foundation of everything that I do in real
estate investing. Frankly, it’s the foundation
of all real estate investors because it’s that philosophy
of producing cash flow and increasing our net worth,
and not working for money, not working for dollars
and trading it for hours– hours for dollars,
hours or dollars. And I got to work overtime? Great, and maybe I
get time and a half. Uh-uh, no, done. I want you to change the way
you think about money, forever. If I give you nothing else
on watching this channel, please do that, try to shift
your thinking about money. I would love to hear your
feedback in the comments below. We have such a great
community here on the channel. Just go down there and leave
some comments, your thoughts. Maybe you read the
book for the first time and you’re taking action for
the first time in real estate investing, I’d love to hear it. Also, if you’re ready to
take action and pick up your first rental property
and you want it totally done for you where you don’t
have to get out a hammer, hire contractors, find
tenants, that’s what we do. That’s my whole company– we help you do it. Click on the link
below at Morris Invest. You can jump on the phone
with us for 30 minutes and we’ll help you pick up
your first rental property. That is our goal. And we work with
hundreds of investors around the world who have
many properties that cash flow every month. So go out there, everyone, take
action, become a real estate investor, and subscribe
to the channel, if you haven’t already. We’ll see you back here
next time, everyone.

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