Retiring in Lakeland Florida

Retiring in Lakeland Florida

Today, I’m going to share my top six
reasons why retiring in the Greater Lakeland area is the best choice. Hi, I’m
Lisa Kelly, Lakeland Homes and Lifestyles with Premier Realty in beautiful
Lakeland Florida. I hope you can stay with me because at the end I
have a free bonus for you that I know you’re going find very helpful…So let’s
get started right now~…………… Choosing the Greater Lakeland area or
the surrounding Polk areas when you’ve made a decision it’s time to retire
to me seems like the natural choice. After all you’ve worked hard all your
life, you’ve raised your kids, you’ve had the big house and of course all the
responsibilities and maintenance of that big house… but it’s your time now to
start a new chapter and do all the things that you said you always wanted
to do. Like most people entering retirement, you want to be able to live
the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed about AND be able to comfortably afford
the “Florida Life”…. Which brings me to reason number one while the Greater
Lakeland area is the ultimate city to retire. Our low or in some cases, No taxes!
Florida has No state income tax. That means there’s no state income tax on
your social security benefits, your 401ks, your IRAs and there’s no state income
tax on your estate or inheritance either. But you’re going to want to sit down
with your financial advisor to determine what revenue stream is best for your
personal circumstances. But Be rest assured there are no state income taxes
here! …. Reason number two: Our areas shopping, culture, and our arts. One of my
personal favorites is the weekly farmers market. Local vendors bring their best to
the market each week; from locally grown produce to unique handcrafted wares. You
get a real sense of the community and you want to take part!! We also have
museums, 5-star restaurants and festivals for those with a more cultured palate.
That’s the beauty of the Greater Lakeland area.. whether you love the
small-town feel or the big-city amenities we’ve got it and we do it
right!! Because there’s so much to choose from, I’ve put a link down in the
description for you of all the restaurants, all the museums and everything
related to entertainment in the Greater Lakeland area. Reason number three: What
the Greater Lakeland area is best known for is for our parks, lakes and our
easy southern charm. From the rich history of the older homes and buildings
to all the wonderful parks and lakes, the Lakeland area promises to offer the very
best in outdoor fun for everyone. Enjoying fishing at one of our 554 lakes,
golfing in one of our 40-plus public courses, gardening, swimming or just
spending the day with friends having a barbecue at one of our 39 beautiful
parks.. And I am super excited about the new Bonnet Springs park being built
right now. it’s a hundred and eighty acre natural venue with walking trails,
banquet halls and activities for all walks of life.
I can’t wait!! That’s going be a separate video I promise!
Reason number four: Our glorious weather. if you like warm weather six months out
of the year and four months out of the year, you like hot weather with a little
bit of humidity and an occasional summer storm you’re gonna love it here! And
those two months I would say between January and March.. oh man, it is gorgeous!
our highs are in the 50s 60s sometimes 40s depending on if it’s a
February day or not and sometimes we do get down to around thirty sometimes even
20s on rare occasions. No Snow here I take that back,
we did have snow one day. It was January 19 1977. I’ll never forget it. Everyone
went outside and played in it .It made the national news. We had about 0.2 inches.
for my Canadians friends, that’s 0.5 centimeters. I mean a little tiny little bit. But it
did make national news. I’ve lived here for over a half a century and we’ve only
had three major freezes most of the time it’s
shorts t-shirts and flip-flops~ Reason number five: Our hospitals and
Clinics. Between Lakeland , Winter Haven, Bartow and Auburndale, we have some of
the best medical facilities in the state that includes Lakeland Regional, Heart of
Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center and Watson Clinic
Center and Research Center, Reason number six and the best part: The vacation feel!
The Greater Lakeland and surrounding areas are in the perfect location.
Positioned between Tampa and Orlando ; 45 minutes to white sand beaches, 55 minutes
from all the famous entertainment attractions in the Orlando area and no
more than three hours away from any coastal resort city in Florida. We have
the best of both worlds here! We have low taxes, low cost of living, very affordable
housing! All at the same time, you’re having access to that Florida lifestyle you’ve
always dreamed about. I’ve lived here for over 50 years and I can’t imagine a more
ideal place to retire…Thank you for taking the time to watch today. And don’t forget to click the links down below in the description of all the
details of some of the things I shared with you today.
Oh!, and that bonus that I promised you… You’re going to want to check out this
awesome relocation guide I made for you. In it you”ll find loads of
information, that’s even some of the longtime residents may not know.. So Enjoy!!
I’m Lisa Kelly with Lakeland Homes and Lifestyles with Premier Realty. and
until then, I’ll see you on the next one 🙂

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  1. I would retired there from watching this fab video!

  2. Lakeland looks terrific! I loved this video so much Lisa. You've really given people a great idea of what it's like to live there.

  3. Great information. I love the links you provided as well as all the visuals!

  4. Beautiful community!

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