Retire In 5 Years With Real Estate

Retire In 5 Years With Real Estate

Hey friend. Welcome back. Kris Krohn here.
And today, I’m talking about how to retire in 5 years through real estate
investing. So, a lot of people want to retire. They want to make money and they
know that real estate is one of the best ways. It’s created more millionaires in
this country by far than any other methodology. In fact, I don’t care how
many people you read about that are crushing it in tech and startup and
in Silicon Valley. Real estate is the number 1 moneymaker in the world for
giving you and I personal control over our financial destiny. So, the question is
you want to retire in five years. What are you going to need to do that? I don’t
know that number. You need to know your freedom number. But let’s just assume
that your freedom number is $100,000 a year. $100,000, 6 figures. Basically
means you don’t have to have a job. You don’t have to work for somebody else. And
you can command your own financial future. So that number was roughly… What
it was for me? My number was actually 10,000 because it was like cherry on top.
It was way more than I needed. I was poor at the time. Probably spending $2,000 a
month on my expenses. And we’re just going to use $8,000 because
8,000 a month, 12 months of that, that’s a hundred thousand dollars a
year. So, how do you actually do that? Well, I want to share with you how I reverse
things in real estate. You know what you want, you residual eyes it through real
estate and this is what that means. If the goal is $8,000 a
month, is $8,000 a month, then the question is how much real
estate do you actually need to produce that? Well, let’s make some assumptions
here. When I do my backyard lease option system, I usually buy a home and I count
on at least $400 a month of cash flow. But honestly, it’s often more than that.
We’re talking about really basic homes that you can buy for a hundred thousand
up to $250,000 And if you were to rent a basic
home that you buy with the basic down payment, you know, you’re probably looking
at to $300 a month cash flow. Maybe 350, 400. But when you put a lease option on
it or lease with an option to purchase, you’re going to usually add two to three
hundred dollars a month to that. So this $400 a month,
I feel as actually really conservative. And if I
know I’m making 400 a month on each house and my goal is to make 8,000, then
I got to do a really basic math story problem here. If Chuck wants $8,000 a month and can make $400 on every house, how
many houses does Chuck need to buy to reach eight thousand a month? And you
pull out your calculator and you do your 5th grade arithmetic and you find out
that it means Chuck needs 20 homes. So, this is your magic number. You need 20
properties. And this is conservative right here. So you might only need 15 or
17. But let’s just say that you need 20 homes. Now, first of all isn’t that
comforting? 20 is such a small number. I mean you can count to 20. It’s a lot
easier than counting to a million or 2 million. 1, 2, 5, 10 to 20, right? You
can do it in like 10 seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20! So, 20
is the number of houses you need to produce at $400 a month each $8,000 a
month. That’s your game plan. You need to figure out how to do that. Now, how to
actually buy those homes? I’ve prepared a special report for you that will
actually walk you through the 4 steps in my ultimate game plan report of how
to do that. You can download it for free, just click the link in the description
below. And then reach out and talk to my team. You can actually have me as your
mentor. I’ll actually be the guy in my private community training you working
with you. Answering your specific questions. That’s kind of crazy people.
Like, “Kris your YouTube channel so big, how could you make time for me?” But I do.
And it’s awesome and it works. But just a little bit on how we’re actually going to
buy this house. What you’re going to learn in that game plan is number 1, you’re
going to learn the criteria that you need to buy that house with. You can’t just
buy any house. It’s a very specific kind of single-family home, below the median
that we want to purchase in the entry level space. The second thing that we’re
going to be looking at… The second thing is to only buy homes that have an ROI of
15%. Now, some of this return on investment could be from equity. Part of
it’s going to be from tax benefits and appreciation and growth and cash flow
different things like that. But you need the right criteria and then you need the
right deal. So the right strategy, the right deal. The third thing that you need
to learn how to do is how to fund it. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Kris, I
we want $8,000 a month and I don’t have money to put into real estate.” Maybe you
do. Maybe you don’t. If you don’t, I’m going to share 4 strategies in that
document. 2 of them don’t require any money at all. So, you’re going to fund it
with my no money strategies. This is how I do all of my real estate. I don’t put
my own money in anymore. I’m always partnering and working with
people so I reveal those strategies. And then the fourth and final step is, how do
you accelerate? Let me tell you what I mean by that. It took me four and a half
years to retire. So my first year that I was actually out there doing real estate
I bought a home. My second year, I bought a second home. My third year, I bought
like 6 homes. The next year, I bought like a dozen. And the last half a year I
got up to 25 properties. Can you see that it accelerates? There are
accelerants that will actually help you go faster in real estate.
Now, one last overview with some new information. Single-family homes, priced
below the median, 15% ROI. I’ll show you exactly how to calculate that. That just
means get a good enough deal. There are different ways of funding this. 2
strategies with money. 2 strategies without. And the last one is an
accelerant. There are 3 different accelerants that I use it allow me to go
a lot faster. Because if the first year you buy one home and you like, “I wish I
could go a lot faster.” And then the second year you’re like me like I bought
another home, “I wish I go faster.” You know, in the next year you buy 6 and you’re
after you buy twenty and boom. You’re off to the races. What you need is a game
plan and if you don’t have a game plan, then click the link in the description
below and you can download mine for free. Read it, go through it and then if you
want help beyond that, there’s ways that I can mentor you and help you do that. Or
it’ll give you the information that you need to crush it on your own. Either way
go out there and light it up. Because you know what? $8,000 a month,
that is not a lot of money. $8,000 a month, that’s
only 20 homes. Say it out loud right now. That only 20 homes. Say it out loud right
now. That is only 20 homes. Only. Because some of your like, “Such a big number.” It’s
only 20. It’s not a lot. Listen, I’m kind of a dork, you could probably tell that
by now. And if those dorks doing and I’m just telling you you can do it too. So go
download my free gift. It’s from me to you, it’s in the link in the description
below. I’ll show you the full game plan and I wish you the best of luck. Also, if
you don’t subscribe, I hate you. Just kidding. But if you like
this information and want more of it, then you should subscribe and ring the
bell. And then I can give you more information like this.

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