REtipster.Club – The real estate investing model that ACTUALLY WORKS.

REtipster.Club – The real estate investing model that ACTUALLY WORKS.

(bright music) – Hey, there this is Seth
Williams and I want to talk to you a little about
real estate investing. What you’re looking at right
here is the first course I’ve ever created on my
first love in real estate, and that is land investing. Land investing is an often
overlooked niche of real estate because I think there’s a
common assumption out there that there’s just not that
much to be done with land. I mean, people think that it
doesn’t produce cash flow, or it can’t produce any income, like a rental property would. Or some people just
kind of find it boring, because it just sits
there and nothing happens. What I’ve found is that in a lot of ways, land is the most amazing
opportunity that most people have just completely missed the boat on. There is virtually unlimited potential for the people out there who are willing to look
at this type of property for what it can really do. We’re going to talk about
some of the best ways to find deals out there that most people can only dream about. We’ll talk about how to
know when you’re looking at a good or bad deal, and identify which ones you
actually want to pursue. We’ll talk about how you
can buy some of these properties at some insanely low prices and then turn around and
sell them at an unbelievable profit, all while crafting
a long-term business plan that can carry you to the
kind of financial freedom you’ve always wanted. Or anywhere else you want
to go for that matter. This course is set up
in 12 weekly modules, and by the time we get to the end of it, you’re going to have this stuff nailed. This is something that anybody can do, and as I think you’re going to find, it’s actually a really fun business. I’ve been doing it for
years and I find it to be a really fulfilling activity. I think you will too. It’s not just about how I
run my real estate business though, this is about you. You might go for yields
to help you build a real, sustainable, money-making business as a real estate investor. I’ve figured a few things out as I’ve been doing this business for the past seven or eight years. I’ve been able to evolve this technique, learn some new tricks,
implement some new things that have helped me to make more money, waste less time and find a lot
more fulfillment in my life. I’m going to show you all this stuff. Maybe you’re brand new to the
real estate investing gig, or maybe you’ve been at this for a while and you’re just trying to add
a new tool to your tool belt, whatever business you’re coming from, I think you’re going to
find the next 12 weeks to be very enlightening. As I show you how my business works, and how you can start doing
the same thing for yourself. Now as part of this course, you’re also going to get full access
to the RE Tipster Forum, and this is a community
that we’ve designed to act as a supportive, engaging
environment for those who are embarking on this
journey to land investing. Now this forum is only
available to paying members, so you can expect a lot
higher quality to come out of these conversations, a lot less noise, a lot more helpful,
legitimate answers from people who know what they’re talking about. But the truth is when you
start working on your first few land deals, you’re going
to have a lot of questions that are very specific to
the situation to begin with. These are questions that
even the most detailed course can never fully address. That’s what this forum is
designed to help fill in those holes and offer real time feedback to the questions that
you’re encountering as you figure this business out. This is a great business to be in. As a member of the RE Tipster Club, I think you’re going to get
a lot out of this training and community. If this sounds like the right fit for you, all you got to do is enroll below and I’ll see you on the other side.

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  1. Seth, I used the free trial on the Agentpro247 and found that much of the information is either inaccurate or not updated. For example the home across the street from me that was just sold has been updated but property I sold 16 years ago was still listed as myself as the owner. Is it inaccurate because it is the free trial or is the system flawed.

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