Renting My Sweet Home – Turkish Speaking Podcast 8

Renting My Sweet Home – Turkish Speaking Podcast 8

Hello friends. Welcome to our 8th Turkish Speaking Podcast that we’ve been offering for free. Today I have some good news and some bad news. This podcast will be the last free podcast that we’re offering on our YouTube channel. But we also have a good news. Our Turkish speaking podcasts are not finished yet. From now on, you will be able to listen to various different podcasts at Turkishaholic’s Listening Bank section. By being a Premium member, you gain access to our podcasts and many other beautiful contents. In order to learn more about Premium membership, you can listen to the explanations at the end of this video or you can click on the Premium Membership link in the video explanations. In today’s podcast, we will learn how to rent our house. You will learn many new vocabulary in this episode so please be sure to listen carefully and do repetitions. While watching this episode, you can open the subtitles or download the podcast PDF from Turkishaholic. If you’re ready, let’s not wait any longer and start! Easy Level Dialogue Welcome, what kind of house are you looking for? I’m looking for a house near the subway. Could you help me? Of course. How many people are there? How is your budget? It’s one person, I would like to rent to be maximum 1000 liras please. Please come with me. There is a nice flat 15 minutes away. It’s a really nice house. Is there a supermarket here? Yes, there is a supermarket behind the subway. Great! Let’s look inside the house. I’m really curious. Intermediate Level Dialogue Our apartment is on the third floor. It has three rooms and a living room. The living room is approximately 30 square meters. Can we look at the rooms please? I wonder where do the windows look at? This is our biggest room. If you like, you can use this room as your bedroom. Does this room look at the south or north? Does it get sun light? This room gets the most sun light. It’s fairly warm in the winter. I’m glad to hear that. I get cold really quickly and I don’t like sleeping at a cold room. Heating is central, that is why this house becomes fairly hot. Maintenance fee is 200 liras. For a place in Istanbul the price is fair. Ok, I like this house, I would like to rent it. Advanced Level Dialogue There’s something I’m wondering. Does this apartment have a parking area? One of the biggest problems I have in Istanbul is finding a parking area. You didn’t notice because we entered from the back entrance but this is actually an apartment complex with three apartments. Everyone has their own parking area. Is that so? I never noticed. I guessed I didn’t notice because of all the trees in the area. I’m glad there is a parking area. I’m relieved. Also, the apartment complex has its own security personnel. The buildings are a bit old but they are really practical. The only part that I didn’t like is that it doesn’t have an elevator. Fortunately its on the third floor, so it won’t be a problem. Unfortunately, because this building is nearly 20 years old, they didn’t include an elevator. But the building is only 4 floors. It’s not like the apartments with 20-30 floors you see in newer districts. Yes, you’re right. Is there anything else I need to be wary about? Garbage is collected at 8 at night an 8 in the morning. You can tightly bind the garbage bag inside your garbage bin and put it in front of your door. Garbage is not collected on Sunday. Ok, do you have the number of the building superintendent? Will he help me if I need assistance with house-related problems? The building superintendent Mr. Mert, will assist you as much as he can. Let me give his number to you. If you have any more question, you can ask him.

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