Rental Real Estate Demand 2018

Rental Real Estate Demand 2018

The labor shortage
is so bad right now. But what does that mean
for real estate investors? That’s today’s show. Let’s dive into it. [WHOOSH] Hey, everyone. I’m Clayton Morris, longtime
real estate investor. And I love to watch the
market trends to see where we’re going currently
in the economy and in the real estate market. Wall Street Journal
just publishing a story which I’ve been
witnessing firsthand while I’ve been out and driving
these different communities, that there is a massive
labor shortage right now. And there’s also
a massive shortage of new homes in rural areas,
those outside of city areas. And it’s really
affecting employment. So what are the numbers? Well, we’re looking at a
record low unemployment in this country right now. You think, that’s
fantastic news, right? It is. However, it’s hurting
employers, in a way, because employers simply
can’t keep up with the demand. What do I mean? Well, for instance, there is
a chair manufacturing company in Portland, Maine,
just to highlight an example, that builds chairs. Well, they can’t find the labor
in order to build the chairs. So they’re having to take out
ads, trying to recruit people to move to this smaller town. They’re having a
difficult time doing that. I also know that in
cities like Columbus, they highlight in this
Wall Street Journal piece, that the population
growth in Columbus has grown significantly
in recent years. Its labor force
grew 1.3% in 2017. And the working age
population went down. So the working age
population has actually left, but the unemployment
has also gone down. And these employers are
looking for good labor. I’ve seen this in
Indianapolis, where I do a lot of real
estate investing– one of my favorite markets. And we’ve seen all
of these employers. For instance,
Salesforce took over one of the tallest buildings
in downtown Indianapolis– the huge building,
used to be Chase Bank. Now it’s owned by a Salesforce. And the lawyer team that
I’ve been talking with from Salesforce– friend of mine– is one of their lawyers. And actually his kids go
to school with our kids. And we were talking, and
he said it’s very difficult right now for us to
even find good lawyers to work for us here in
downtown Indianapolis. So they’re having to
do recruitment efforts to bring in outside talent. And you might think,
well, who cares, right? New York City does that. People move to New
York City all the time to work for an awesome company. Yes. But these smaller
companies can’t afford those types of
recruitment incentives to get people to pick up and
move their entire family. And the biggest
problem right now is not even from the employers. It’s from the lack of housing– so the lack of new construction. All of these builders
are sitting there, saying to themselves,
should I do this? Should I build a
house right now? Because what happens
if the economy shifts? So there’s such a demand
for new construction. And these families
are saying, I’m just going to stay downtown. I’m just going to
rent right now. Or I’m going to rent
a place right now, because you don’t have any
properties for me to buy. In certain counties, there
are so few properties available that they’re even
selling before [CHUCKLES] they’re finished. I was out– and
here’s some video if you’re watching
on the video feed here on our YouTube channel. I was out recently
in Idaho, touring some of all of this
new construction that’s unfolding out there. And you wouldn’t believe– I mean, community after
community after community is just being built up. And I was with one of the
head of the project managers. And we went out at like
6:00 in the morning. We went through like 40
different properties. And they’re doing
a fantastic job. And he said that many of the
houses– almost every one of them– are sold before
they even finish them. And if they are done and
they’re sitting on the market, they’re only on the market for
like one or two weeks and then they’re sold. The demand is incredible. And the demand for rent
is equally incredible. So here’s what
I’m talking about. If you’re a real estate
investor, like me, and you buy a
rental real estate, what does this mean for you and
those B-class neighborhoods? Well, it means zero vacancy. It means very, very
low vacancy right now. In Boise, Idaho, for
instance– yes, you’re going to get a much lower
return on investment there. So you’re basically buying a
house for rent, maybe $300,000. I buy houses that are
like $60,000, $70,000. Those are my bread and
butter and what we do. But then the return on
investment is about 5%, 6%. But you’re also
seeing zero vacancy. People are staying there. Or if someone moves
out, you’re immediately getting another tenant
in the property. And that’s now what we’re
seeing across the board in a lot of the areas that we invest– very low vacancy because there
is such a demand for rent right now. If you’ve got a really nice
B-class property or a B-minus property and you’re
in one of those areas where a family needs
a place to live, you’re going to see
almost a 0% vacancy rate. And I can say that in
all the markets right now I’m currently invested in. In Michigan, in Indiana, in
Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and all these different areas
where I own rental properties, I don’t have any vacancies. And the one area that
I do is in New Jersey– [CHUCKLES] in New
Jersey, an area where you have
really high taxes. So I’ve got two evictions
happening right now on two of our New Jersey properties. We’ll get do a tenant turnover
on those, get those cleaned up. And then those will fill
right back up again as well. So nationwide you are seeing
a shortage of housing– a shortage of
available properties. So for rental investors,
this is fantastic news. But for the person looking
to buy that new construction property, I’m telling
you, even just looking in Idaho, holy smokes. Last year, these houses
were selling for $350,000. They are now selling
for $500,000. So if you are a developer or you
are in that game as a flipper– it’s a good time for you
as well to be a flipper. I’m not a flipper. But for rental real estate,
holy smokes, the price and the vacancy rate right now
just kind of across the board is looking fantastic. So there you go. And here’s another one. I’ll just give this little
tidbit before I wrap it up. Last year, a car seat
maker in Columbus, Ohio– they couldn’t find
available workers. So the general
manager of that plant said they would have had
this expansion to get 300 workers– they
couldn’t do the expansion because they just didn’t
have the skilled labor. So it is hurting some companies
that can’t keep up right now, because so many people
wanted to buy these car seats and they couldn’t
keep up with it. So really, it’s an
interesting time. I mean, heck, it’s
better than 2008 when everyone was out of a job
and everyone was panicking. Now everyone has a job,
and employers are really trying to find people with
skills to actually employ them. So it’s a total
flip in 10 years. It’s kind of strange. I’d love to hear your
comments and feedback. Are you going through
this right now? Are you an employer? Do you have employees
that you’re looking to add people to your company? Or are you looking to
buy a new home and move, but you just can’t
find the inventory? I’d love to hear your comments. You can post them here as well. And thank you so
much for subscribing. We have tons of videos
and tons of podcasts to help you out and become
financially intelligent. My name is Clayton Morris. Now, go out there. Take action. Become a real estate investor. I believe it’s the number
one way to build wealth. We’ll see you next
time, everyone.

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