Rent Increases and Tenants Rights

Rent Increases and Tenants Rights

Rent increases and tenants rights if you’re facing a set in rent increase you’re probably feeling upset and frustrated but don’t panic it’s true that except in rent control jurisdictions once the lease providing for a fixed rent expires tenants can be subject to rent increases
by landlords at just about any time but you still
have legal rights and your landlord still has legal
responsibilities landlords cannot increase your rent on
the basis of illegal discrimination such as race veteran status sex or religion it is
also illegal to increase your rent in retaliation for
exercising any of your legal or contractual rights under the lease agreement such as
requesting reasonable repairs or notifying local government authorities of uninhabitable conditions in your
apartment in fact tenants can often challenge such illegal
rent increases before a court or local rent authority in those cases tenants may be able to
recover damages including punitive damages from the
landlord each state and even some cities has its
own laws and procedural requirements that a landlord must follow to get a rent increase some of the laws
and rules specify how much the rent may be increased
others set out the minimum advance notice required some jurisdictions even have rules that specify how the notice must be given to you and the information
it must contain whatever your jurisdiction’s rules
however petty they may seem if your landlord has not precisely
followed every one of them you may have recourse to postpone modify or even invalidate a notice of rent
increase be sure you have all the facts about
your situation and keep detailed notes about all
communications that you have with your landlord
including in person phone email and snail mail if you think your rent increase may be
unlawful or are unsure if your landlord followed
proper procedure in your area then seek out legal advice from an
experienced attorney who represents tenants in your area

19 thoughts on “Rent Increases and Tenants Rights

  1. need legal help

  2. @mike1971234

  3. need legal help

  4. I am an onsite manager for a mobile home community, I can't legally advise you, but I can tell you what I've done. 🙂

  5. Is this similar to what you read about on

  6. My landlord never fixes anything in my apartment…and just last month (after bugging them for 1 year) they finally fixed the sink falling off the wall. Now she sent me a notice of rent increase…yeah right. I'm gonna move out and let's see her pay extra money to fix up the unit for the next tenant. Greedy tenants are the worst.

  7. The ceiling in my bathroom has been leaking for the last 3 months. big chunk of the sheet rock came down on the floor a week ago. I informed them 3 months ago about the problem. The did quick fix that never works they never come down to me to ask if it worked. finally last week after the tone of my voice made it clear that it was unacceptable then they took it seriously. The maintenance guy told me that the toilet was not even tied to the ground that's why it was leaking. For the last 3 months I go to the gym to take a dump.
    Last Friday I get a notice from the landlord that when my lease expires in 2/31/16 that she will raise my rent $10 due to raise in maintenance cost. Aint that Amazing!!!???
    Any legal Advice is very much appreciated.
    Let me not forget to mention that when I moved in I asked for windows screens to be installed ( never happened that I walk in to my appartement bathroom and find a frog or bird..) I asked for a fan (hahaha). I tried to remind the land lord about it every time I pay the rent.

  8. I say let's kick the shit out of these greedy assholes. They are ruining our lives so let's give them some of there own medicine so to speak. Stop them at all costs.

  9. woman need to vote out city elected officials and legislators whom don't care about us. rent increases is hurting our community and our state. its making things worse for the businesses. its the poor and middle class whom feed the rich. if we don't have money cause of high rent increases then the banks and businesses are going to start failing.

  10. expect 3-5% annual increase…all you people complaining would do the same thing if you owned property.

  11. I have just gotten a rent increase of $325/monthly……it is a section 8 house and I am on Disability in Suffolk County, New York. Can I apply for an exemption based on my disability status in this county of Suffolk? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

  12. I have question please call me 919-734-3145

  13. The problem in Milwaukee is that landlord attorneys (as well as other consumer attys) no longer have incentive to work for tenants because their pay pay is grossly limited. I'm seeing LIHTC property owners abusing the system wildly…tenants have no recourse. Terrible!

  14. My landlord's increased my rent from $675 a month to $725 a month after me being here for over 4 years! She was new at the time, and yet still refuses to this day to give me a new lease on my new rent increase! Now I have heard that she is increasing my rent once again in August 2018! Is this legal for her to do without a new lease agreement of the new increases? Or do I need to get some money saved up for an attorney?

  15. My landlady passed away last year and her children took over the property only to increase the rent by $200.00!only for the children to sell the property to a doctor and his wife and they increased the rent by $300.00 which is way beyond what I can afford, all this within a year, do I have rights as a tenant or can I get affordable housing or what can I do as this is stressing me out big time

  16. I like the fact that he used the word “petty”, lol like he lowkey understood how I was feeling 😂

  17. Our rent was 815 monthly. Now it's 847. They never gave us a warning. They never called me, or emailed me. They also overcharged us for our pet rent too. Making it 20 instead of 10. My cat is a ESA and they registered her as that. So we only have to pay 10 for pet rent.

  18. I have heard al de reason why my rent should no get increase, but not one word on why is Ok for the landlord to have it increased at a rate of $50 every year claiming his or her property taxes have increased but they never show the tenants to how much that increase amount for every unit.
    In most cases on an apartment complex of a 100 units will get an increased base on the property value which is going to be less than a $7 for each apartment, so why that increase if the landlord is not losing anything when all I am getting as a yearly increase in my salary is about 25 cents per hour.
    So for that reason do not explain the reason why I cannot receive an increase but instead tell me the reason for them to do that every year draining out of my pocket whatever little remains of the salary of poverty I get paid? We the tenants been putting with these b-s for too long

  19. Give me a break it's hard to prove all this and takes a lawyer to assert al l these so called rights lol

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