RENT FREE! epik korean apartment tour // sejong city, jochiwon

RENT FREE! epik korean apartment tour // sejong city, jochiwon

here we are at the front door of my apartment. i don’t have a key, so i use a key code. the first thing that you see when you walk in is the shoe entryway. in most asian households, you take off your shoes when you enter. you take off your shoes and you put on your indoor shoes. the door automatically locks behind me. here, i have my shoe cabinet. this is where i keep all of my shoes and some extra masks just in case the air is bad and any supplies i might need for school. here are the rest of my shoes that i don’t usually use at the moment. at the bottom i have paper towels and tissue, and i have extra slippers in case someone visits. this is where i keep my umbrellas. i also have a scale. this is what i use when someone is calling me from outside, or if i have a delivery or a friend, then i can press the key to open the gate for them to enter. this is my closet-slash-dresser. i have all of my clothes inside and there’s also three cupboards for storage. here are my clothes. ibought these hangers on Gmarket. they’re really good quality. this is an air freshener. what it does is that it sucks up all of the moisture so that mold doesn’t build inside of your closet space. here, i have a whole bunch of storage space as you can see. i have a lot of storage space. this is my mini little garden that i’m trying to grow lol yeah… tons of storage space. it’s a mess, i’m so sorry. these are some of my pictures of my friends back home and my boyfriend. i really wish i printed more pictures. i need to find a place to print pictures. more storage shout out to solr lmao more storage… i have a lot of storage this is my microwave that was provided. fridge and freezer that was also provided. my fridge is empty don’t judge me. this brita filter the best thing i ever bought. omg the best thing ever. this is the air conditioner. i haven’t turned it on just because i’m kinda scared if it’s not clean or anything. this is my laundry rack. in korea, we don’t use dryers, so this is what i use to dry my clothes on. yeah… i have a lot of space. i’m really grateful for the space that i have. i think my apartment is a pretty good size, especially for it being only one person. this is a mirror-slash-rack that i bought on Gmarket. i put my heavy jackets and sweaters on here, or things that i know i’m going to wear. that’s me lol. here i can also hang bags and my beanie. here on this table, i have a chair. this is where i do my hair in the morning, or sometimes i eat. this closet was actually built into the apartment, but i don’t really use it. what i use it for is to hang my winter clothes when i’m not using them, and also to store my stuff and my suitcases. you notice that the door keeps hitting on the top and i’m guessing that’s why they bought an actual dresser. so yeah… i don’t really use this except to store winter stuff and my luggage. all of those hangers were left by the previous person that was here before me, but i don’t really like them so i just bought my own hangers. i have this really big window which gives me a lot of natural lighting and this mini table is also here. i use it to put all my makeup. as you can see, i brought a lot of makeup with me lol. you can also see a lot of the things that i use to film videos. i bought this little pillow off of Gmarket so that i could sit on the floor. this is my bed. yeah… it’s very uncomfortable. it’s a very hard bed. i bought this rug off of Gmarket and i think it brings a really nice touch. i also bought the little table on Gmarket as well. i bought the comforter and the mattress topper on Gmarket aswell. this is how to control the floor heating and the hot water. in korea, for the heating, when you want to heat up your room it heats from the ground up for the most part. so this is how i control the heating. so if i turn it on and that is the temperature of the water. i can control it like that. now the hot water is on. so if i want to shower, i have to click this. this is some instructions that my co-teacher left for me. this is a huge fan that i bought from a previous teacher. in my apartment, i actually have a partition so i can separate the kitchen from the living space, but i pretty much leave it open all the time. this is my kitchen. it’s very small, but it’s okay. again, a lot of storage space. here are my burners. i only have two burners. i have to make sure to turn on the gas anytime that i actually want to cook and also remember to turn it off afterwards. i have my sink and i have this dish rack. i bought this off of Gmarket since there wasn’t one here and yeah… it’s been a game-changer. honestly (truly). i also bought this kettle on coupang, which has been really great. lots of storage space. this is where i keep the garbage bags and extra cleaning stuff that i have. this is where i keep my pot and pan and my snacks from home. this is the little ventilator that gets rid of the smoke when you’re cooking and it has a light and the actual vent itself. storage and even more storage. i’m pretty grateful for the amount of storage space that i have. here is the bathroom. in the bathroom, this is a wet bathroom, so everything gets wet. i am putting on my bathroom slippers. in the bathroom, i have a really big mirror a really big mirror the hooks, i bought from daiso. the toothbrush holder and this rack, i bought from gmarket. there was nowhere for me to keep everything, so i bought this and it’s been really sturdy. here’s where my toilet paper goes and there’s a cover over it because, like i said, everything in the bathroom gets wet. this is the medicine cabinet. there’s also a electric outlet in the bathroom, but it doesn’t have a cover on it. so yeah, i’m definitely not going to use that. here’s the cabinet- just typical bathroom stuff. here is the shower. i bought a shower filter, and i definitely recommend you to buy a shower filter if you come to korea because the shower the water here is very hard and it can make your hair fall out. it’s bad for your hair, your skin.. this is my shower filter. i first changed my filter in march- march 7th. this is what it’s looking like today on june 1st. yes, i need to change my filter. but yeah, you can see what a difference it makes. the shower is connected to the faucet. this is just the water running, and if i want to take a shower, i have to turn the knob and then the water comes out and i can shower and everything drains out into that drain. every time, i just remember to turn the knob again so then when i wake up in the morning, i don’t spray myself with the shower. yeah, that’s the bathroom. i actually really like the concept of a wet room because i feel like it’s really easy to clean and manage and take care of. so i really like it. then the last section is out here. this is where i keep all of the boxes from my many online orders. you can tell i order stuff online a lot. when i came into this apartment, i actually had two chairs, but i don’t really need the second chair so i keep it out there. here is my laundry machine. it’s a laundry machine lol. nothing special, and of course everything is in korean. thankfully my korean co-teacher left me with some translation and instructions so i know how to use it. this is where i keep all of my soaps and this is my view. so beautiful lmao. yeah, this is my apartment. i’m really happy with it. i’m really grateful for the size that i have and the fact that it’s really clean. the previous person that was here before me didn’t really leave anything for me except the hangers in the closet. overall, i’m really happy with my apartment. i have a lot of storage space and i have a lot of natural lighting. i love it. i also like that if my friends are to come over, there’s space for them to sleep on the floor. this is what my apartment looks like at night when i have my lights on. i think it looks really pretty and i just like sets me in a nice move to go to sleep. what i like about these lights is that there are different settings so i can change the intensity of the light for whatever I need. yeah, that’s my apartment! i hope you all enjoyed it, and i hope that this gives you an insight into what you can expect to have as an epik teacher, or if you are living in sejong city and jochiwon, especially because i live in jochiwon. this is my rent free epik apartment!

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  7. First off I am a fan lol just literally binge watched all your videos lol I love how you are and how chill you are and hope nonething but the best for you…..I do have a q though because I am too working on my degree to get to koreaπŸ‘πŸ½ but I want to know does the area you live in determines how your apartment will look? because I see youtubers in seoul apartmenta is smaller and the further out you out the bigger and sometimes even better they are because I want to be close to the beach but also close to Itaewon and then close to seoul which I know is not possible but I can dream lol any advice??

  8. do you just stare at yourself when you shower?

  9. gosh it's sooo cute ~ sometimes when i get discouraged about my life i watch these tours to remind myself what is possible for my future

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    This apartment is so lovely

  14. I love your vidz but can't hear you, please can you speak louder or you can get attachable mics for your cam

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    Edit: also, love your slippers where did you buy them? And lastly did you get your teaching certificate online? If you did which site did you get it from? I'm looking for online tefl/tesol courses but I don't know which ones are the most trustworthy. So far I've looked into and

  18. This is really amazing 😍 did you experience any of the unexpected when moving in? I've heard of people moving in their first month with just enough to get by, and then they're askes for a ridiculous deposit to actually use the apartment.

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  25. These videos are really inspirational, they just encourage you to go on an adventure, my dream is to one day teach and live in Korea.

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