Redecorating and Organizing My Tiny Apartment

Redecorating and Organizing My Tiny Apartment

[Narrator] And as you prepare for the future,
you should recognize that your first home may be a trailer, or it may be your dream home. [Lindsay] This is my apartment. I’ve lived here for a little over four years,
and it’s pretty much perfect for me. It’s everything that I could possibly need in
a hundred and seventy-five square feet. But, I do kind of wish I had an oven sometimes. I’m just saying, it might be nice. After some slight uncertainty I’m
fairly sure that I’ll be living here in Boston for many years to come, so I figure now that I’m 24, it might be best if my apartment no longer has a bunch of poorly-framed
posters and random shit all over it. So I’ve decided it’s time to
make things look a little different around here. But that means I’m gonna
have to organize a lot of shit, starting with – under the bed. So my kitchen isn’t exactly a massive space,
but once you start cleaning things out, you really do realize how many dumb
little spaces and compartments there are. So I’m gonna start cleaning this out,
doing both the top and the bottom cabinets. So the next thing that I’ve got to do is
clean out this closet, it just has way too many clothes in it;
I don’t use half of them; a ton of them are old; they’re from high school, and I just
need to get rid of them. Honestly I find this whole thing is sort of laughable
considering like just before I ended up going to film school I wanted to be…
an interior designer? I didn’t end up sticking to that, thank God, but it’s something I do enjoy immensely, so I hope I ultimately end up with something
that Bobby Berk himself could be proud of. This is the bathroom – obviously It’s not too bad in terms of junk,
but it does need a good cleaning. Finally, I’m clearing and organizing all
the open spaces in my apartment – so, getting shit off the desks, getting rid of all the old stuff on the pegboard that I don’t use anymore, and getting rid of this old shoe compartment thing. Also I took the effort to measure out the
dimensions of several different spaces and shelves so that I knew exactly when
I needed to get when I went to my favorite place – IKEA. Essentially most of what I got
was just a ton of storage bins, but when I got home I had exactly the amount I needed, I was able to put everything away perfectly,
and it was satisfying as f*ck. I’m planning on getting a ton of art from Society6, but first I’ve picked everything out with their framed
dimensions, and I want to try and plot where each thing is going to go on the wall. I’ve also sent out some existing art of
mind that I didn’t want to part with to Framebridge, which is a service that sends you a prepaid mailer, you drop it off at a UPS, and then they send it back to you
framed and ready to hang. Okay I – I think it’s done, and I’m really
happy with the way it turned out. Take a look. I feel like over the years I’ve changed
things around in my apartment so much, but it kind of makes sense because
you’re never gonna get it right on the first try, it’s basically impossible, you really need to live in a space and figure out what makes the most sense, what items are gonna be the most accessible to you. But basically I’ve finally gotten comfortable in this space to the extent where I know what makes
the most sense, and I have decided, “Let’s make it look and feel like home and be the most efficient sort of space that I could possibly live in,” and I think that’s what I’ve finally done here,
after all those years, is made a place where I feel at home.

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