Recruiting real estate agents – “Thank you” Letter Video

Recruiting real estate agents – “Thank you” Letter Video

Hi there, my name is Danny Wood and I’m going
to be showing you how to recruit real estate agents online… and I’m not talking about
the newbies. Now in a future video we’re going to show
you how to target the brand new agents who are just getting into real estate… because
I mean honestly we all need to start some point. So you might as well have a system
to capture & cultivate a list of people at that stage… but for now we are going to
look at recruiting licensed agents. Now most of you already have a brokerage website
that includes a “we’re hiring page” but the problem is… it actually doesn’t attract
licensed sales agents! The contact form on your site usually gets
submissions like “I haven’t got my license yet and I want to work part time…” AKA “I’m
looking for a JOB” and this leads to the biggest frustration brokers have with company website
leads. It attracts more tire kickers than ladder climbers.
So how do you target real estate agents in your area who are actually doing deals?
A dated method (that works) is to send a “thank you” letter to each agent after they deal
with your office. Now the problem with that is: 1) the cost, 2) the labour & 3) keeping
it consistent! Not to mention it’s really hard to build rapport with those darn real
estate recruiting letters. So we added a modern twist and made it digital!
Ever hear of a thing called “VIDEO”? Ya it’s kind of a big deal. Not only is it a great
way to convey a message. It’s also super easy to automate. It builds the rapport because
they can see (and hear you)… but you can also cover more points before a letter hits
the trash can. You might want to look at our system. It emails
a video to all the co-operating agents after a closed deal. **The cool thing is that the
email actually comes direct from your email. Like the one you are using right now. What
is it… a Gmail, a company email, whatever it is, when they reply it goes directly to
you! The video is scripted (example): thanking
them for doing a deal, it offers the use of your office (if they ever need it), and asks
them out for lunch… + it gives them a free account to our online training program.
**Many franchises have agent training, but you can’t offer it to outside agents. With you get an online training program that is “white label”. That means
when the agents log in it re-brands as your local office! This now gives you a training
program you can offer to agents you are looking to relationships with.
You get notified if anyone creates an account! So if today your office did ten deals and
the email goes to all ten agents, but only two created accounts… well smarty pants
now you know the two agents you should be following up with! (Look at you being efficient
with your time 🙂 Haven’t you noticed it consistency over time
that makes life easier? Think about it. Have you ever talked with
an agent about joining your office and they say “Na, everything is good and I’ll never
move”… *spoiler alert, but its 2 months later and they changed to another real estate
brokerage? It’s usually just the timing when you talked
last because they probably were happy, but hey… sh*t happens. Like office politics,
boredom or “greener grass” syndrome. Who knows? Or maybe they were just waiting for a big
listing to close before they moved. You already know recruiting agents is a contact
sport and now you can see “no other tool will allow you to touch as many real estate agents
as video” Lucky you, we have a package deal that includes:
1 recruiting video, automation of email delivery & the white label training!
For pricing, a demo & questions please click here.

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  4. Good advice! Consistency is key.. I like the way they say 'about' in Canada. 🙂 Think a-boot-it… 🙂

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