Reasons Your Wholesale Deal Hasn’t Sold | Wholesaling Real Estate

Reasons Your Wholesale Deal Hasn’t Sold | Wholesaling Real Estate

So you’ve got a deal under contract and
it’s been 5, 6, 7, 10 days and you still haven’t sold it. Well I’ll tell you the
real reasons why your deal has not sold. Hey what’s up! Welcome to my channel if
you’re new, welcome back if you’re true. I’m Dara, real estate investor,
entrepreneur, and consultant out of Atlanta, Georgia, and in this video, I’m
going to share three tips as to why your deal has not sold. And when I say deal, I’m
referring to your wholesale deal that you have under contract–something that
you are wishing to assign or double close. So typically, when you get a deal
under contract with a homeowner, you give yourself time to find a cash buyer. And
that amount of time varies from person to person, state to state, case-by-case. But on average I like to give myself 30 to 45 days to
close with the homeowner giving myself that much time to find a buyer. And I get
to start to panicking after day number 10 if I haven’t found a buyer yet. So
here are three reasons that I’ve come up with as to what will make a deal not
sell like that *snaps*. The first and probably the most obvious reason as to why you
haven’t sold your deal yet is because you do not have cash buyers or maybe you
don’t have enough cash buyers and I trust that that’s not your issue because
you’ve watched my playlist on how to find cash buyers. So if that’s not the case
then maybe it’s reason number two. Reason number two as to why your deal has
potentially not sold is because you aren’t doing enough marketing. So some
ways to market for cash buyers are to post online:
Craigslist, Facebook, you name it; to put out bandit signs in the area; and go to
meetings just to name a few ways and again I trust you watched my playlist on
how to market to cash buyers. So since you’ve watched my playlist on how to
find cash buyers and how to market cash buyers, I know those are not your problem.
So the third and final reason as to why your deal is still sitting there after
two weeks is because you priced it wrong. If a deal has not
sold like that, if people aren’t banging down your door, blowing up your phone or
your email about this deal of yours, then it’s probably more than likely because it
is just grossly overpriced. Maybe you priced it too high, maybe your rehab
numbers are wrong. Watch my video on how to estimate repairs and or maybe your
comps are wrong so never fear nevertheless you can always go and
renegotiate a better price and or better terms with the seller, but just keep in
mind for any one of those reasons if you still have a deal that has not sold then
it’s probably due to a lack of cash buyers, a lack of consistent guerilla
marketing for cash buyers, or just a really really bad price. So these are all
fixable problems so if you want to get your deals sold in seven to ten days or
less then definitely work on relationships work on actually building
relationships with cash buyers work on making sure that you keep a good name
for yourself by having good deals for these cash buyers and in no time you’ll
be selling deals like hotcakes and people will be coming to you for more of
what you got. So I hope this very quick video has helped you understand what you
need to do to get your deal sold a lot faster so that you’re not sitting on
stale contracts and so that you’re not always having to back out of contracts
with homeowners. And hey, speaking of contracts, if you don’t have any, go ahead
and look down in the description box on the five that I have for sale they
include purchase and sale agreement with seller and with the buyer, a termination
agreement, joint venture agreement, and an assignment agreement. So down there in
the description box there are a lot of other links that are extremely helpful
for you guys so go ahead and check it out. So if you like this video, go ahead
and give me a thumbs up, comment below and share, and subscribe to my channel if
you haven’t already. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the
next video.

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  1. I was the first to like this! Dara omg

  2. Know the difference between "sold" and "closed". While it's very possible to close a deal in 7 days or less, what I mean by having it sold is having a cash buyer put up earnest money and a signed contract with intention to close.

  3. Thanks for the insight gives me something to go over with myself love your videos

  4. Can you make a video on how to make a sale ad fpr Craigslist, FB etx

  5. Hey dara. its been 24 hours and im STRESSED! please check out my deal here.

  6. Sometimes just fessing up to the seller and trying to renegotiate works! Sometimes worth it if you throw out that hail mary when it gets too late.

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