Rear Window (6/10) Movie CLIP – Sneaking into the Apartment (1954) HD

Rear Window (6/10) Movie CLIP – Sneaking into the Apartment (1954) HD

[ Woman ]
This is the Doyle residence. Hello, this is L.B.Jefferies.
l’m a friend of Mr. Doyle. Who’s this?
This is a baby-sitter. Oh, uh, when
do you expect them in? They went to dinner and
maybe a nightclub. lf he calls in, have him get
in touch with L.B.Jemeries? l might have quite
a surprise for him. Well, do we have
your number, Mr.Jefferies? He has it. Good night.
Good night. ## [Jem] Ah, Stella was wrong
about Miss Lonelyhearts. ## ## ## [ Softly ] Lisa, what are you–
Don’t– ## Don’t– ## [ Softly ] Lisa, what are you doing?
Don’t go– Li– [ Softly ] Come on, come on!
Get out of there! She said ring Thorwald’s phone
the second you see him come back. [ Stella ]
Give her another minute.

14 thoughts on “Rear Window (6/10) Movie CLIP – Sneaking into the Apartment (1954) HD

  1. 2:06 … a delightful plot twist … miracle of grace, Grace in her floribunda '50's maxi dress shows (and Hitchcock wittily deploys) her Kelly family amazing Olympian athletic attributes: here, no stunt double, she risks her neck (and dress) in this dangerous maneuver from fire escape to slide entry at window. And Stewart's aghast reaction.

  2. I've still got this on VHS… VHS! I should update, I've no more VHS players in the house :S and I love this film so much

  3. What I love is that she did all that sneaking around in that dress!

  4. wow first saw this movie on Christmas when I was 12 (in 1992), I had gotten a new Sega Megadrive and had been playing sonic 2 all evening, but had to stop so my family could have the TV back to watch this film, I started watching it reluctantly at first -I was really tired, but I soon got engrossed in the film, I force my self to stay awake all the way through, by the end, I said to my dad 'wow… I think that was the best damn movie I've EVER seen!. 🙂

  5. Did it never occur to Lisa that someone could see her breaking into the house? Haha!

  6. Big dress, high heels, no safety net, slipping through a tiny window. Awesome visual but I cringe every time. In other movies when characters do stunts without a double, you can see past the frame to possible ways the actors were protected on set. In this clip, there are no wires or air pads or doubles.

  7. Also, Lisa can totally kick butt, LB Jeffries. She can deal with your world. Let's see you deal with hers–spend some time at Fashion Week. That's a scary adventure, too.

  8. Grace Kelly was a lowkey BAMF in this movie.

  9. this movie seems to be pretty good.

  10. great movie

  11. im from family guy im just saying

  12. It seems that the consensus is that Grace Kelly did the stunt herself in climbing into Thorwald's apt. it's impressive! Thanks YouTube viewers for answering my question. (But I still haven't forgiven Grace Kelly for stealing Judy Garland's Oscar.)

  13. i would have to call this scene one of the greatest scenes of suspense of all time, rear window has me on the edge of my seat every time I watch it, I swear Hitchcock created this sort of dangerous tension on film

  14. Her look of sheer glee when she finds the purse. Grace Kelly was a class act.

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