RealtyMogul Review | Best Crowdfunded Real Estate Platform 2020?

RealtyMogul Review | Best Crowdfunded Real Estate Platform 2020?

9 thoughts on “RealtyMogul Review | Best Crowdfunded Real Estate Platform 2020?

  1. Great video review Ryan. Thank you for the quality contents you churn out. Looking forward to do a collab sometime in the future. For new guys just discovering this channel, you are in the right place. I created a channel to document my personal finance and career journey.

  2. Just so you know Ryan, this did not pop up in my subscriptions box, I saw it while browsing your channel

  3. Learn More About RealtyMogul:

  4. VNQ has performed a little like Tesla being that it acts a bit like a swing trade.

  5. When it's CLO just say no.

  6. I watched the Fundrise vs RealtyMogul video and don't truly understand the taxes you'll need to pay compared to REITs on the stock market. Do you have any insight on this? From what I've heard, is it just taxed as regular income?

  7. Thanks for the knowledge and suggestion. Would it be possible for you to compare the ROI of this investment vs something like VGSLX (REIT)?

  8. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for this video.

    Is there any indication to the historical performance of this product? I am aware of the avg distribution rate. But the principal could fluctuate too and I had no luck of finding it on their website and.

  9. That wasn't as much of a review as it was a summery of what it is.

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