REALTOR TRAINING | Real Estate Agent Tips To 2X Your Business

REALTOR TRAINING | Real Estate Agent Tips To 2X Your Business

What’s up YouTube Jason Wardrop here and in this video, I’m going to break down how to double your real estate business With Facebook advertising we’re gonna break down by the numbers I drew to this whole thing out It took me forever because my handwriting is terrible So if you guys can’t read it, I apologize, but I’ll walk you through step by step So let’s first take a look at the conversion rate of all of our differently sources because this is really important to understand before we break down into the core the heart of the numbers of Why this actually makes sense and how it can actually double your business So if we look at social media leads, okay, this is Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn any of those different platforms? You have an average conversion rate of 0 to 4.25 percent Right. Now what that means is if you get 100 leads from Facebook Instagram YouTube any of these other platforms? That you will see 0 to 4.25 or in other words Basically 4 deals go through from those 100 leads right now in my experience The 0 range is usually agents who are brand new They don’t have any experience with being an agent now If you think back to when you first got started and you’re just kind of like getting your feet wet You didn’t really know what’s going on. That probably was you right there but on average Agents that I work with. They’re it’s usually around the 2 to 3% range so 0 to 4.25 that that’s right within the range there and then as far as Referrals and this could be referrals from your existing database Or referrals from another agent a friend family member whoever it is. There’s going to be typically a 25% conversion rate right? So for every 4 referrals that you get for leads, let’s call them. You’re gonna have one deal go through Right, and then direct mail It’s just terrible. It doesn’t really work guys. It’s extremely expensive. So there’s about 0.1% So you definitely want to stay away from that because it’s extremely expensive and out about you. But anytime I get direct mail I just take it. I throw it away throw in the garbage so These are kind of the numbers. So you might look at this and this is what I have a lot of pages Look at this and the like well Jason, I’m just gonna stick with referrals I why would I ever invest money in social media? Because there’s only like a 1 to 4 percent or 0 to 4 percent conversion rate on those leads and believe me guys I totally get it I see exactly where you’re coming from you’re getting over a five basically a six times six to seven times higher conversion rate with referrals now The only thing about referrals is I don’t know about you, but I only have so many friends I only have so many family members I only have so many people in that existing Network existing database so I can’t just go get unlimited referrals every single month every single year every single week And so what we do is we break it down and this is kind of what I broke down For you on that training on the webinar is we set up a Facebook ad? we send that person from the Facebook ad from Facebook to a Landing page and from that landing page we grab their name their phone number their email address and then we have this little email Text mark and you follow up in place That we’re nurturing that person we’re sifting and sorting through all those leads because you might look at it Like well Jason if I go get a hundred leads and I only close two deals I’m wasting my time with those 98 other people, right? Well, the thing is the nice thing about technology and automation We can simplify your life and save you a ton of time. So you’re only dealing with those people they’re ready to take action and actually close a deal so we have the email text marketing take place and go through sift and sort through all of your leads and Invite these leads to set up an appointment with us on our calendar Okay And we showed you guys that in the training there where you go through and it syncs with Google Calendar ICalendar any of the different calendaring platforms and then from these leads We’re only working with the leads who are the most qualified in other words the leads who have already set up an appointment with us right, so This is basically that process and the nice thing about Facebook advertising and a landing page is you can really scale up your lead generation As much as you want right And that’s why You can be okay with the lower conversion rates is because you’re getting a higher volume of deals of people that you can network and communicate with and The more leaves you generate here that grows your existing database So then down the road two three four years that it grows that that network that referral database, right? so on average Facebook ads They generate leads about six dollars in 50 cents per lead on average now That’s a national wide average that that we’ve seen and we’ve tracked and we’ve had a number of people generate leads for a lot lower Than that in the one to three dollar range But obviously there’s some areas like let’s say a San Diego or San Francisco or Miami some of these like higher-end places Obviously leads are gonna cost a little bit more but the great thing about it is your Commission’s a whole lot more in those areas because The prices of homes are a lot more expensive So basically breaking this down if we look at kind of Referrals and social and we look at how we can actually go through and double your business So I broke it down pretty simple and let’s just say on the referral side of things You are getting eight referrals per month okay, so eight referrals per month that equates to about a hundred referrals per year which honestly You probably would be you’d probably love in your business If you’re getting eight referrals per year Right that not be pretty solved pretty awesome and at a 25 percent close rate you would get two deals To go through each month and let’s just say you’re making $5,000 in commissions per closed transaction Which I work with a whole lot of agents that make a whole lot more than that. You probably make more than that as well but you would be making $10,000 in commission from those eight referrals from those two deals that you close Right and the great thing about it as many agents tell me is it costs absolutely nothing to go through and do that Which is a beautiful business, right? You just go through you put in your time your hard work you referral you with referrals Network all those different things you’re able to close two deals per month, right? now, let’s take a look at social media and just see how we can scale this because honestly eight referrals per month is pretty Good you’re you really like work in that Network and It’s probably not something that you can keep up month in and month out and just like continually getting referrals every single month now with social media with Facebook ads we can go through and let’s say we generate 100 leads in a month, okay, which it might sound like a lot of hundred leads but really it’s not too many It’s about three to four leads per day If you’re getting three leads per day that’s 90 leads in a month But let’s say you have a couple days that you have four leads So you get a hundred leads and then if we go back up here let’s just take the middle kind of ground between zero and four percent, which is 2% and Typically most agents that I’ve been working with They’re seen at least a two to three percent close rate depending on their experience and everything like that So they’re gonna have two deals go through and remember we’ve already sifted and sorted through a lot of these people with our automation with email text marketing facebook Messenger BOTS all that stuff that we teach you inside the six-figure agent system and Then they go through booked appointment with you on your calendar and then you’re able to connect and follow up those people Okay So you’re able to get the two deals your sift and sort have the machine just like Take place take action and it do it’s supposed to do and then you make equivalent so ten thousand dollars from those two two deals, and then your cost is only $650 so that’s the hundred leads ties by the national average of six dollars and fifty cents per lead in the real estate business, so six hundred and fifty dollars now my question to you is Would you invest six hundred and fifty dollars per month into your business if it could potentially? Help you double your business Of course you would right? I mean if you look at the ROI on this six hundred fifty dollars invested and you make ten thousand dollars back out Okay, that that is like that’s way more than a tedx That’s almost a 20x ROI on your money and it allows you to go through and double your business and the beautiful thing about this is When we get this machine when we get this system set up and in place It’s able to go through and sift and sort through all these leads and only the best leads rice the top So you don’t have to all of your time? Pre-qualifying these leads finding out dialing for dollars figuring out who is you know? Who’s ready who’s not we can go through and do a lot of that through automation. So you’re spending a majority of your time Closing deals working with people that are actually ready to take action Versus if we’re gonna go through and knock doors or if we’re gonna do cold calling You’re spending a majority of your time prospecting and Very little of your time actually closing deals So with social media with Facebook advertising Instagram advertising all these different social platforms we can have the machine do the Prospecting free up a ton of your time so you can spend more time with your family your loved ones whoever you want to go through and spend that with and then once you actually go to work and You’re focusing on what you need to do. You’re having the most productive time because the machine Has already in sifted and sorted through all these deals now Guys with all this I’m not saying to not focus on referrals because that is a hundred percent I would say that is the first place that I would go through and start with my real estate business But if you want to take things to the next level if you want to get that consistency in your business Then what you need to do is go through and just look at these numbers right here invest your money into Facebook advertising Get this machine set up which we teach you guys inside the six-figure agent system How to set it up and we have all of the copy and paste email Text messaging templates the Facebook ad templates the landing page templates everything to get you these quick wins and getting started So you can go through and double your business alright So hopefully you guys can see how with these numbers social media can really go through and help you double your business Now if you guys have not attended my 100% free lead generation training I will add a link down in the description to go through and attend that and so you guys can see How this whole lead generation process is set up. So I go through and explain the Facebook ad the landing pages What a landing page is why you want to use them the whole follow up how we’ve completely eliminated the need for? Cold calling in our business and with hundreds of other agents not need to ever make any cold calls Anyway guys the link to that 100% free training is gonna be down in the description And if you guys like this video as always go ahead give it a thumbs up comment down below Love to hear what your guys thoughts are on this whole 2x in your business on social Media Facebook advertising and if you guys are brand new here Make sure you guys subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell because from time to time We go through we do live trains tomorrow. I’m actually doing a live ask me anything So we’re gonna talk about real estate marketing lead generation Facebook ads whatever you want. So tomorrow at 12 p.m. Eastern time 9 a.m Pacific time I’m gonna be able to go through and do that ask me anything. So jump on ask your questions I’ll answer everything the best I can obviously if I don’t have experience in it I’m not gonna make something up, but with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will see you all later

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  1. What do you think? How much are you going to invest into Facebook advertising this month?

  2. Not sure I understand how this automation 'sorts' leads.
    If you're only getting email, phone, name how is it qualifying credit worthiness, ect?
    Is this a chatbot?

  3. Hey Jason, what about SMMA specializing in working with Real Estate Agents. Can you use this methods ? Do you think real estate Agents would pay a retainer for something like this. Thanks

  4. Icing on the cake is the social deals will eventually bring in referrals.

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