Realtor Elizabeth Otok (949) 632-2800 Laguna Hills Real Estate Agent

Realtor Elizabeth Otok (949) 632-2800 Laguna Hills Real Estate Agent

My name is Elizabeth Otok and I’m
a realtor with Evergreen Realty HomeSmart in Mission Viejo I moved to Orange County in 1985 and on my road trip to San Diego I stopped by Laguna Hills and fell in love with the area. I discovered that I love
real estate and I like working with people so in 1998 I became a realtor. Mostly what I like about it is the satisfaction from the client, and you can see how my clients are satisfied with me by looking at my five stars Zillow agent referrals from them. You’ll see that the reason they come back deal after deal to me is because they are satisfied. In fact, people would ask me, oh the real estate here was down a couple of years ago, and they would say, how are you doing? I’m doing fantastic! In fact, a lot of times my husband will say, if I’m not in a great mood, he’ll say, “what happened did you not sell a house today? Of course, finding a house is uh, you are looking for the square footage, you’re looking for the bedrooms but it’s not only that. Your looking for more, you’re looking for the right place for the family, the right location, the right everything about it . So I also work with clients that are investors and from
time to time they do 1031 exchange. They know how reliable I am and they will come back every time when they need something with real estate. I do service a large Polish community here So sometimes people will say, “Oh Elizabeth, oh my gosh, you sound so funny” and then I would say Jehn Quiavarto

3 thoughts on “Realtor Elizabeth Otok (949) 632-2800 Laguna Hills Real Estate Agent

  1. Great to know that there are professional realtors that are longtime experts in their niche.  I always say, work with a professional!

  2. I love your Polish accent.  My Grandmother was Polish and my mother was raised in a very Polish environment and it was wonderful.

  3. I love that Laguna Hills is so close to Laguna Beach, but also more affordable.

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