Realtor Calgary & Who is the Chamberlain Real Estate Group

Realtor Calgary & Who is the Chamberlain Real Estate Group

(upbeat guitar music) – Well, what we truly
believe that differentiates Chamberlain Real Estate
Group from other brokerages, and even teams in the
city is three things. The first one is that we actually have a paid internship program. It really differentiates us, because when you get into real estate,
it’s a hard gig to start. Especially coming from another industry, if you have a young
family, anything like that, because you don’t get paid right away. So we wanna basically teach you how to make money in real estate, and basically build you
up from the foundation up. The second thing is, we actually
have a fast-track program. So in our career track, and where you’re moving as an agent and
growing, within 36 months there’s chances that you could end up being a growth partner or
an expansion partner of us. So we are looking for the right people to grow our company,
and for them to be able to also grow a team inside
of our brokerage and team. So there’s a huge opportunity
for someone to do that, to create leverage in their own business, and actually create a
solid business as well. And so our third thing is, we don’t have any brokerage fees. So there’s zero monthly fees,
zero caps, anything like that. And we’re really focusing on creating a true quality experience for our agents and the clients that we get to work with. – We wanna be a resource for people. We wanna be helpful for people, and it goes beyond just doing
a real estate transaction. It’s how can we help in your life? What can we do to help you out, no matter what you’re going through? It doesn’t need to be
you’re buying a house, or you’re moving or you’re selling. Whatever it might be. – I think we pride ourselves on really staying in touch with our clients, making sure that, I mean,
even if we helped them out five years ago, always updating them on events that we’re doing around the city. – Relationship is key, ’cause that’s what, I mean, we all want that, don’t we? We want people who care. We want people who are gonna be around for the long haul, who
are gonna stick it out. And so if we can be that, then I mean, as a business, we will be successful. – For our community and
our social work that we do with Catholic Family Services, I love it. I think it’s so great to be
able to work with families, connect with them that way, and just volunteer and spend our time there. – Families deserve a good experience, and so that is our philosophy. We want to keep growing that. – I looked at a few different teams, and Chamberlain Group just stood out. The online marketing, but above everything it was the values and the way
that they handled clients, and really focusing on helping families. That was the thing that
stood out for me the most, and as soon as I met with the
team, I’m like, this is it. This is gonna be my new team family. So it’s been great. – When I started this, it
was originally actually to be a realtor, but only
because I knew Jared, and I knew his family,
and I knew the other guys on the team because I
went to college with them. And I knew that they were not the people that would step on each other for a buck. They were not cutthroat, they really, they believe in this team that we have, and how that team works is different than any other team I’ve ever seen. – So at the Chamberlain Real
Estate Group, we really believe that people are more
important than profits. People are just fundamentally good. There’s something good
about every single person. We really believe that there’s
always enough, abundance. And we really start the whole thing with, and we really model ourselves after being a team first and a family second. So being a family, if you have siblings, having a sibling, you will
love them unconditionally, despite their behaviors or
their actions toward you. But being a team, it’s all about support. It’s all about pushing
yourself to be better. It’s all about winning together, and really pushing a big ball forward. When you’re trying to have momentum an it’s just you by yourself, it can be really challenging and really hard. But when you have that team aspect, that dream team around
you, where everyone’s working in their strengths,
everything becomes easier. And you get to, yeah, have
a better life because of it. So that’s really what we’ve been doing. – If we’re being honest, I
think all of us would say that we’re just in it to help people, and provide a service for people. – At the end of the day,
that’s the goal, that’s, we wanna give, we wanna help,
we want to be a resource. And so when that’s the focus, I think it just makes you successful. – It’s almost like a family more than a real estate group, right? – I think that, you know, we will grow as the right people come. We will never hire someone just for the sake of getting bigger. It’s always that they subscribe
to the same value set. – You know, when you get a group of people that work well together, and love each other, and
have those same values, it just transforms what you can do. That’s the most important thing. – People who interview on our team, the first thing they
notice is that team aspect. Going above and beyond in
not above and beyond for us. It’s the standard. (upbeat guitar music)

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