REAL ESTATE WHOLESALING | Probate List, Surrogate & Family Court

REAL ESTATE WHOLESALING | Probate List, Surrogate & Family Court

going to court hours it’s just not you
if you think is worth your time you don’t know the value of time but time is
worth a lot more than money hey what’s going on my friend this is
all coming to you live from my Empire Pro Studios I have a question I came in
here and I wanted to address it real quickly question I tried calling a
surrogate court for a probate leased a probate list they told me to call Family
Court Family Court told me to call surrogate
court back the lady on the phone didn’t know what I was talking about I
specifically asked for probate property list the lady didn’t know what I was
talking about I’m sure that I’m asking for the right least he can someone tell
me if I’m leaving something out good question
hey here’s what I want to tell you about the courthouse a lot of people say you
need to get to know your courthouse and your local area blah blah blah all those
kind of things and I have a little bit of a different take on that I don’t
believe you need to okay I don’t believe you need to this business is way simpler
real estate wholesaling business is a lot simpler than all of that okay what
I’m gonna tell you is this the things you need technical terms you need to
know about any type of business will come to you okay there are typically
very few basic things that you need to know and they are very basic and
fundamental and a 5th grade level type of things once you start thinking past
that you start complicating things and then the business becomes a lot more
difficult for you that’s something I need to warn you about ok it’s a lot of
people that put information together and the the wrong goal is the one goal for
them it’s not necessarily to show you how it works the goal is to make it
sound robust make a sound sophisticated make you some on replicatable and then
you to you fall for it evaluate you pay $30,000 for it and then boom you notice
that it’s not working out the way I thought it would work out right yeah
that’s the way it usually goes down but the truth of the matter is that
the simplest things in life are the most profitable things in life okay so you
think about people that Warren Buffett he doesn’t go for the blockchain and
blah blah blah it’s the technology he goes for Geico he goes for coca-cola
it goes for simple companies that at least from his understanding each
understands it and it’s very simple okay so let’s bring that back to real estate
in real estate it’s very very simple rule as the whole southern is even
simpler what you’re looking for or motivated sellers you need to generate
moods varicella-zoster you need buyers you need qualified
buyers I don’t care about cash buyers just qualified buyers people that have
access to money either to a mortgage a hard money lender money and more
importantly they have desire and became they’re able to have the ability which
is the qualification to buy a property that needs tender loving care TLC a
property that needs a little bit of work a property that needs somebody to be
headed to it you need people that are qualified buyer so you need motivated
service and you need qualified buyers and you need to keep it that simple if
you keep it that simple this business becomes a lot more easier for you to
understand that makes sense but if you start complicating it with all these
terminologies so gate probate blah blah you complicate it for yourself okay if
you don’t know the fundamental before you start worrying about that that’s
what I mean okay I’m not saying probably doesn’t work I’m not saying sorry it
doesn’t work smart I don’t know what circuit is right now and you mean look
at me and say how do you not know what surrogate because I don’t worry about
that because the bosses don’t worry about complicated technical terms and
you may look at me and say hey that’s not really complicated you must not know
this business maybe you’re right here’s what I know I’m not to put in
front of you right now okay I know how to put information in front of the
audience another put information in front of the consumers and know how to
get the word out because that’s the only thing you get paid for in real estate
wholesaling you get paid to market you get paid to generate people three P’s in
any business that’s product there’s process and there’s people right what’s
the product in real estate where does the real estate come from
from people motivated seller what’s the process people what do you mean by
people process well I’m your I’m talking to you right now it took a person to put
this video and put it on online right so that’s two people well it takes people
watching this video before it becomes popular before it shows up on the side
it shows up on the email where you’re watching it from it takes people so you
can still leverage people when it comes to the process what’s the third P were
people right people any qualified buyers because money come from only one place
money comes from people specifically buyers so why are you complicating this
business for yourself and that’s what I have to say about this question let me
go through the question one more time I tried calling surrogate court for a
probate list okay they told me to call Family Court you know what that tells
you that’s not what they do over there you know that’s not what they do over
there they have those things like list they have them available online or they
have them over available they’ll point you to where it is if you go into the
courthouse now going into the courthouse or going to visit the course I’ll is
that the best use of your time is there a better way to get those listing than
to go to the courthouse could you pay $50 to a membership account somewhere
and have access to all the lists you want to build this business the answer
is yes yes yes yes and the answer is no it’s not worth your time going to a
courthouse it’s just not you if you think it’s worth your time you don’t
know the value of time if I time you said worth a lot more than money
do you understand for every time–every suck on your burnt that you went to the
courthouse and somebody it’s just not deny the mood to show you craziness like
that because everything is available online then you walk around town and
then you get stuck in traffic and then you pay for the parking tickets and pay
for parking ticket at the courthouse and then you have all the stuff you could
have figured out while you’re sitting in your seat in your table or your desk at
your house using the Internet okay so you don’t need to be going to the
courthouse that’s number one number two it’s obvious why did they just not
wanting to deal with you that’s why they keep sending you back and forth between
Circuit Court and Family Court yeah you know plus if you really need
information even if you had to go to the courthouse you can still check online
check their website and see what you can the best place to find this kind of list
okay chances are if it’s in that list it’s not going to be in your town you
don’t even need to be looking for that list you spot because the list is not
popular and if it was a popular and profitable list everyone would know
about it the courthouse is not just called as the
lawyers wouldn’t want access to those lists because the lawyers are trying to
solace it for business from these people as well too but most of this is not
profitable nobody knows about it that’s a really good cue that I want you to
take home with you if nobody knows about that list when you call is because it’s
not a profitable venture for you to get to in the first place
there are probably other types of lists for you to tap into in most counties pre
foreclosures it’s a great one I’m not saying pre foreclosure is all
you should go for I’m just saying it’s a great one plus their services online to
provide you with this kind of list that you need to market to if you want to
market but that way personally I don’t think you need any kind of list I think
you should be advertising online and I think you should be advertising on
Facebook in your target zip code and have your plan design right there on
Facebook in your target zip code I think it’s the best thing in costumes as low
as five dollars per day to put your bad design in definitely in front of the
people in the cities that you want that’s what I think is the best thing to
do right now okay but again that’s topic for another day I covered that in
details and smart real estate wholesaling
so he goes the lady on the phone didn’t know what I was talking about because
it’s not a profitable thing all right it’s all about money that’s what it
comes down to even for the courthouse okay if it’s something that lawyers want
they would know about it okay I specifically asked for probate property
list the lady didn’t know what I was talking about I’m sure that I’m asking
for the right list can someone tell me if I’m leaving something out well no
you’re not leaving anything out the Guru taught you how to do that okay some guru
that’s probably about three thousand miles away from you it works in his own
City and it’s taught you in your with that as the gospel truth you know
yeah it doesn’t always work in every city you know every County okay what
works in every city in every County is digital marketing
it’s basically learn where the attention is in your particular market find out
where the attention are and you need to be market wherever the attention is okay
and that’s why I keep talking about digital marketing is everywhere in all
you need to do is learn that because everyone else are shying away from it
they shine away from it because it takes learning something a little bit new even
though it’s cheaper it’s the cheapest form of marketing okay because not only
that you’re able to track your results and smart goals measurable the M in
SMART goals means measurable you need to be able to track your resort track your
input into the business but with these other things like going to the quarters
and things like that I am guessing you’re not recording your mileage all
the way to the quotas from your house I’m guessing that you’re not recording
anything you’re just wasting resources trying to follow the gurus who step or
what the gurus are preaching that they don’t do themselves so you want to be
very aware of that I want you to be aware what are you doing
learn the fundamentals find out where the attention is the attention usually
follows the money that’s a cue that’s a quick quick tip right follow the money
and focus on math because in your if once you know the fundamental you find
out what works in your local area and you focus on that what I can tell you
works everywhere is learning how to use digital marketing for this stuff and you
can learn that and smart real estate also then you can click that link over
there to download hopefully even lighting and educate it what I want you
to do right now is please give me a thumbs up if you like this video if you
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