Real Estate Wholesaling is Dead! NEW LUCRATIVE 7 FIGURES LOOPHOLE

Real Estate Wholesaling is Dead! NEW LUCRATIVE 7 FIGURES LOOPHOLE

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15 thoughts on “Real Estate Wholesaling is Dead! NEW LUCRATIVE 7 FIGURES LOOPHOLE

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    Edison Francis

  2. This is great content. I really like that you're speaking the truth. Hope we could exchange emails

  3. you are intelligent

  4. Sounds to me like your saying affiliate marketing is more profitable than wholesaling?

  5. Wonderful content. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am getting a 7.5% response rate from yellow letters but the problem is the leads suck.

  7. Text calves are not on this asiri Uber is Dilido the only way they are able to compete in the marketplace is because they don't have the same expenses. Expenses that are part of being legal

  8. I'm sure this works but I have no idea what you're talking about .Bring value and that will make me money

  9. Love the information and very informative and a lot of what you said I know already however, a lot of what you said you gave it a different spin which made it much more clearer. All I need to do is put into practice and maybe learn from someone like you.kudos!!!👊🏽👌🏾🇯🇲💰

  10. Thanks for the information it was something that was boiling in me for a moment after I got the understanding of wholesaling. You help me clearly understand what it is that I need to do as an artist.

  11. I’m learning that NOBODY gives away real game for free! And that’s ok the game is to be sold…

  12. True what you're saying, thanks.

  13. Wow a light bulb just went off in my head😉, this really helped me.

  14. You are awesome! I just finish your book Smart Real Estate Wholesaling. Thanks man, really enjoyed it and appreciate the knowledge my friend.

  15. This guy is a clown.

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