Real Estate Video Tours DJI Ronin-M Review

Real Estate Video Tours DJI Ronin-M Review

Hey everybody this is Lance with I want to share a short review of a new piece
of equipment I’ve been using for the past month or so for real estate video walk-through
tours. It’s the DJI Ronin-M. You may have heard of DJI as they are the maker of the
popular Phantom drone. They released the Ronin gimbal stabilizer in I believe July of 2014,
and now a year later they have the Ronin-M which is lighter, more compact and easier
to transport. I’ve been shooting real estate walk-through
tours since late 2011, and up until a month ago I was using the Glidecam HD-2000 to stabilize
the tour video. In the beginning I was pretty bad. I couldn’t keep it stabilized so footage
would rock back and forth. I would try to fix it in post, and it would create weird
artifacts and zooming issues. I got better over time with practice but I would always
find myself redoing shots because they would start to tilt when I would walk and I didn’t
like the end result. Fast forward to today, and I am now a proud
owner of the DJI Ronin-M. Setup was a piece of cake.
I took it out of the box, put it together, and put my quick release plate on to hold
my Canon 5D Mark II. This is a huge benefit, that the quick release fits. This means I
can just snap my camera on making quick work of getting set up at homes. I used the manual to get the camera balanced.
The different adjustments are easily modified with thumb screws or thumb levers. You just
loosen parts of the stabilizer up and make small adjustments until your camera is balanced
before you turn it on. The battery has an LED indicator on it and
let me tell you, this thing runs forever. I’ve shot 13 or 14 homes I think now? And
I’m only on the first charge. When you get it set up, you can download the
DJI App and use it to make trim adjustments to the stabilizer. This comes in super handy
when you need to tilt the camera slightly one direction to get it perfectly level. Using the stabilizer, you get super smooth
footage. It’s unbelievable really. I still walk softly, something I learned when working
with the Glidecam HD-2000, but the Ronin-M does an outstanding job of keeping footage
smooth without much effort on your part. There’s a built-in panning mode where the
Ronin-M will follow where you are pointing. It makes panning rooms super easy and painless.
Simply start panning, and the camera will smoothly follow whichever direction you are
pointing. You can do vertical movements to get different
shots, but unfortunately you can’t tilt the camera out of the box. There is a remote
that comes with it, but I never have anybody with me so that doesn’t help. I did just
order a wireless thumb controller from DJI that attaches to the Ronin-M frame to hopefully
allow me to get tilting shots while in the home. Because of the design of the stabilizer, you
can’t set it down unless you put it on the stand. It’s inconvenient for sure. If you
want to review footage or change settings, you have to hold the camera up and try to
push buttons in an uncomfortable position. It’s heavier than it looks, especially after
holding it up for a couple of seconds while trying to watch footage that was shot. You could mount an iPad or LCD screen onto
the Ronin-M frame and use something like the CamRanger to view a live feed, but it’s
just going to add weight to a device that is already pretty heavy to use. At first it
seems light, but after walking through a property your back will probably let you know that
you have been working. I’m sure it’s just a minor defect on my
unit, but the stand has little rubber pieces that come unglued. It may be the Texas heat,
or just faulty glue, but the rubber piece comes off frequently and I have to put it
back into place. That’s probably my only complaint about the build quality – otherwise
things feel really solid. If you are looking to add video to your services,
especially walk-through tours, I couldn’t recommend the DJI Ronin-M enough. You’ll
get super smooth footage without the hassle of trying to balance a stabilizer like the
Glidecam HD-2000, resulting in excellent video for your clients.

31 thoughts on “Real Estate Video Tours DJI Ronin-M Review

  1. Great review. We sold off our MoVI M5 in favor of the M. We don't use it for "walk through" tours choosing to use it to track talent for lifestyle videos instead. Great review.

  2. Great Review Whats the name of this quick release plate?

  3. A monitor is a requirement in my world. Btw we had a real estate team in Dallas request us to come out there and shoot 10+ community videos, I text them your info today. Good luck

  4. Great review! Question – how do you keep the light the same in while walking through the rooms… Light changes but your video seems to keep one very nice color.

  5. Best review of ronin so far

  6. Was this shot in slow motion or are you just walking slowly?

  7. Great job! How do you set up your 5D MKII to maintain focus while moving forward.

  8. UEPVideos, turn on your tilt axis in smooth track menu and slowly tilt your handle bars toward your chest or away from your chest and the gimbal will follow your tilt functions, also utilizing over slung mode makes this process much easier and the camera and stabilization systems sits much more comfortably on your arms and shoulders 🙂 just a pain to rotate footage in post 🙂

  9. Hi. Which lens dis you use for filming this video? Cheers.

  10. awesome review! i love what you said about the glide cam. i actually use the glide cam. and yes it very hard to get smooth shots with it. a lot of people say gear does not matter. but i think the dji ronin m is way better than the glide cam. so much more easier. i plan on getting the dji ronin m soon!

  11. Great video on the Ronin M. I appreciate the detail that you went into!

    Just wondering what focal length you use for your walk through video tours?

  12. Ronin went cheap on the stand, arms and legs are connected via a small flexible cord. lame. I've only had my for a week and I can see it starting to wear fast already.

  13. Saving up for sure. My XCam Sabre is good, but results depend on how you feel that day – Ha
    Thanks for posting this review – Excellent as always.

  14. wow amazing

  15. Thanks for showing this video. For two years now I have tried to get a Glidegear steadicam to work. Finally got it to hold position and not turn or tilt. Now it's the pendulum effect that just won't go away. So the Ronin M to go with my Sony a6300 is the next tool.

  16. I can hold my Osmo all day. LOL

  17. Just tilt the Ronin up and the camera will follow. Also the wireless thumb controller is epic. Finally, I use the Atomos Ninja 2 touchscreen to easily start, stop and preview footage without ever touching the camera. Nice vids!

  18. Great video! What lens do you use on your Canon?

  19. What focal length do you use with the 17-40mm lens?

  20. How did you get focused footage while you walking? It is hard to do with Canon!

  21. Hi Lance. When you are shooting the 5dM2 and 17-40mm, what focal length are you using? I get plenty of distortion at the wide end and you seem to have handled it.

  22. next time before review please read manual…

  23. Hi Lance! I'm flying a Ronin-M with Steadicam Vest & Arm, Nikon D610 and a Sigma 12-24 wide angle lens. We can't seem to take the "swimming" motion out of our footage. Any ideas????

  24. What speed do you have your pan and tilt speeds set to?

  25. You can make a pair of pvc legs for less than $15 and they can stay attached to the Ronin. There's a YT tutorial on them.

  26. Don't Get In My WAY BULLY Producer Lindsay Show/Calgary CENTRE, OR ELSE!!!!

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  28. How much is the DJ!-M Gombal Stabilizer cost?

  29. Quick question! I think I noticed you are using a DSLR filter. Any filter you recommend for real estate?

  30. legit review of ronin m! Thanks for making something so concise and to the point.

  31. Do you ever do a seemless walk though? Like no cross-fades? If so, how do you handle white balance? Auto seems to shift around too much and make the footage look cheap. Manual will make one room look great them everything goes blue as you walk to a different lighting condition lol

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