Real Estate Video Tours Chicago (4 of 6) Mike Cuevas

Real Estate Video Tours Chicago (4 of 6) Mike Cuevas

Check out that view behind me. Now we use
the Internet to market properties and that’s the way that we get our message out there,
but it’s the tools that we use such as this wide angle camera lens that really makes your
property pop online. Check this out. All right, so this is part four of a video series we
have on how to sell your house for top dollar. And as you can see that the use of video and
pictures are extremely extremely important. And they allow us to do things such as film
this wide angle lens, seeing right here that your actually looking at. Now, there’s a very
very important distinction you need to make between what the purpose of videos are and
what the purpose are pictures are. And right off the bat the purpose of the pictures are
to show off the features. So for example, right behind me we have a very upgraded kitchen
that we would take close-up shots of pictures for, but the video will actually get someone
to get a feel of the floor plan of this entire space that we’re in.
The pictures don’t show the dramatic shot that you’re looking at right now with two
levels, 2100 square feet, or even the size of the huge rooftop deck above us, with a
big skyline view of Chicago. And the video allows us to take a virtual walk-through of
the property. Now you’ve got to make sure that this stuff is done professionally, because
just the wide angle camera lens that we’re using right now to film this video, makes
a huge difference. And even the pictures that you film or you
take of the property, they’re done on certain size so that they fit proper websites accordingly.
So this is exactly how to market your house online. So go ahead and check the rest of
this stuff out.

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  1. This is an example of HOW to Use pics and videos the RIGHT way when selling your house

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