Real Estate Tips & Strategies For New Agents – New Agent Tutorial With Mike Hicks

Real Estate Tips & Strategies For New Agents – New Agent Tutorial With Mike Hicks

Alright, what’s up guys, Jason Wardrop here and i’m here with Mike Hicks. Mike thanks so much for joining me here Yeah, thank you man thanks for having, me glad to be here awesome yeah so michaels got an awesome youtube channel Which will leave the link to his youtube channel down there in the description so you guys can go check that out He is a Realtor in tampa florida right yep tampa florida tampa florida so anyway We just wanted to connect on a few things and today i want to kind of like talk about real estate agent tips and Strategies for new, agents, like there’s a lot of things that you know New, agents Struggle with, where with, some time you kind of like get the foundation of knowing where to go through And take the next level and i get a lot of agents reaching out to me and as you guys know That watch my Channel here i’m not actually a real estate agent i’m more focused on the lead generation marketing side of things facebook advertising And so i you know reached out to michael here and i was like hey man will you share some good tips and strategies You’ve been a how, long you’ve been a realtor now Five years, five years, okay, awesome so so he’s got some good stuff that we just kind of want to do this little collaboration on and You know share some of these tips and strategies that you guys could benefit here so So yeah i mean michael you, wanted to kind of rundown Like, maybe some of the the common struggles that new, agents, deal with when they’re first jumping into the real estate business and then We can kind of dive in once you hit like some of these pain points, some different ways actually overcome those things yeah, definitely definitely and probably one of the most Common questions that i did or one of the common issues that i see is a lot of realtors don’t exactly know Where they, want to go with their business a lot of them will They, think they, don’t really necessarily know If they, want to be like a top producing agent or if they just, want to have a comfortable lifestyle or Somewhere in between they don’t have a, exact plan or exact Goal, for where exactly they, want to be then you know it’s it’s okay if you’re, not going to be a top Producer and that’s what i tell a lot of people i myself i don’t, want to be a Huge to 300 deal a year agent with A, massive team when i like i like doing like 30 40 deals a year and i like having a my, personal time my personal Space and all abed and not having to worry about a lot of Freaking lifestyle right and exactly good lifestyle that’s what it’s all about that’s for me exactly there’s no point of making like Millions of dollars doing this if you’re, not gonna be able to actually enjoy it so That’s that’s one of the biggest things is figuring out exactly, what type of age and you? Want to be so because then you can kind of reverse-engineer it and figure out how. You’re going to run your business So what will question on that if you don’t mind One thing that i kind of tell most agents Is kind of pick an area of expertise of focus and i don’t know if this is something you would recommend to because like Obviously i haven’t been an agent but You know if you’re kind of comfortable around that three four hundred thousand Dollar price range for a home or maybe half million or like, you’re just like dealing with Luxury, homes like, don’t be like that this is like how Like from my experience of business you know it can’t be all things all people so you got to kind of pick your Your hot niche and just focus just on that now i don’t know If that’s kind of accurate but that’s kind of what i typically help, tell people to really go is definitely um that’s one of? One of the more common mistakes that i see is like people will try to be a Jack-of-all-trades they’ll work with everybody, from like, condos or selling for like, fifty thousand dollars all the way up to try to Cold-call expired listings for million-dollar houses or stuff like that and nothing’s wrong with that if you’re first starting out and trying to figure out Where you, where you fit in but it’s always good to figure out. Your niche and not exact And not just figuring out. Your price point that you want to be in but, also figure out What type of buyers or what type of sellers you, want to go after do you Want to exclusively spend your time cold-calling expires or sale by owners do you, want to work with first-time homebuyers do you Want to work with rent to own properties do you, want to work with beach houses luxury houses whatever it is you Want to work with figure that out and Kind of stick to it and that’s probably? that’s Probably, pretty pretty accurate as far as what i’ve seen one of the big issues is no that’s awesome i love it yes it’s kind of like Kind of just quick summary you know what he’s saying is just fine? Decide what type of agent you want to be and then find your kind of go to where you comfortable, where you’re early Going through, and you can just be the expert on that type of deal and move forward from there Exactly exactly and picky backhand off of that another thing that you should Do when figuring out what type of agent that you want to be and what type of niche you Want to be in is talk to or figure out? Who the top producers are in your current market in your current area and figure it out and you know Reach out to them and kind of talk to them before you do so kind of stalk them online Because everybody has a good online profile that’s a top, producer at least that i’ve found And they put out exactly what they’re, doing if they’re big on facebook you’re going to see that they have a Huge, massive facebook page or they’re, going to be big on instagram or they’re gonna have a, massive stillö following Or with a lot of reviews or something like that and talk to them to figure out exactly, what’s working And what’s not that can save you a lot of time and a lot of pain points because i know for myself i spent the First nine months of my career not with. A single sale whatsoever and You can alleviate a lot of time wasting a lot of money wasted By figuring out what exactly is going to work so it’s like if you’re in you’re in if you’re in an area Where say facebook Isn’t necessarily or online leads aren’t necessarily going to be a big thing and more and you’re an older community Where direct mail and people appreciate door knocking or Coming around and being personable that may be a better thing for your area if you can’t figure out exactly How to make facebook work or if you can’t figure out how, to make another thing work you know Talk, to the top producers and figure out what they’re doing and kind of copy, what they’re doing and put your own spin on it and put your own flair to it Ya know i love that and honestly i see that same thing in my business where you know When i first got started i like it was it was tough because i didn’t know How to go through and launch, my, software and go. Through grow My, company and then i did exactly, what you’re saying? I wouldn’t found other top producers it was like okay this, is the way, they’re growing, their, business i’m gonna Model exactly what they’re doing and i think tony robbins even has a quote you know, like if you, want to be successful Just model what the top players are actually doing and then you’re gonna magically turn out. These success obviously, after some good hard work but You, gotta, you gotta get find that that plan that strategy, that, game plan, um that’s gonna help You win and so you know, when you’re brand new? You have no idea what that is you gotta find the experts? You, gotta find who’s killing it and model what they’re doing? exactly exactly But yeah, another tip that i would have or something that Would probably benefit is one of the things that i needed to learn and took Awhile to learn is to schedule into time block a lot of what you’re doing In real estate you’re your, own, boss and a lot of people starting out in the business it’s their first time being their Own boss and the first time running their, own business and if you’re not joining a brokerage, where you have to come in every Day at 8 o’clock and they force you to be on the phones i did a? cloud
you Have that opportunity to not do that you have the opportunity to or the ability to do what you want and a lot of agents Will fall into the Trap of you know, let me just check facebook for a little bit or let me just you know reach out to check My, email for a little bit and next thing you know Is two hours later and you haven’t done any lead generating you haven’t followed up with anybody inside of your database you haven’t done anything You’ve gotten any business done at all and then you think, oh i’ll try to figure out something after lunch We just go to lunch real quick and next thing you know You, haven’t done anything at all all day i mean it happens all the time so they’ll be scheduling and learning how The time block, is it’s crucial no i love that yeah time management i think it’s crucial no
Matter what business you’re in especially if you’re kind of like Almost you know an independent business owner kind of you can manage your time manage what You’re, doing one thing i found cuz, now that i am an, agent but it’s kind of similar Where like i can kind of create What i do during the day is i like to go through and batch things So i’ll like i remember when i was first getting started i checked, my email Like every 15 minutes just like go back it’s Like you know Emails are always popping in whether they’re promotional or something you actually have to address And now i focus on i don’t check, my email to like at least 11:30 and I try to take that whole morning time block just be as productive as possible because i’ve got energy You’ve got going to check it and i can just plow. Through like sometimes i get over. 100. Emails i’m just like plow Through in 15 minutes instead of like checking back And forth so anyway i love a man yeah that’s a, huge tip right there That’s definitely a big thanks i know for myself i thought time block my? Day and 15-minute intervals from a second i wake up until the second that i’m actually going to be done with work, throughout, the Day i put my phone and do not disturb if i’m you know calling expires or calling Cell by owners or anything or if it’s time, where i’m specifically going to be working on my Ads or if i’m going to be creating videos or whatever it, is that i’m doing my 100% focuses on that one thing because At least what i’ve found, is if i’m a Hundred percent focusing On something then i’m going to get more done in like 10-15 minutes of a hundred percent focusing on it then i would be trying to focus or trying to do like, five or ten things at once and Like all of them will end up getting nothing done basically definitely definitely a lot of man yeah but yeah, another thing that new, agents shouldn’t necessarily or will look into or should figure out is Picking a crm, and sticking to it and pretty much knowing that your crm And your database it is your life it is everything as a real estate agent Your leads will be coming in all the time and if you don’t follow up then if you don’t Deal with them in a timely manner and if you’re not nurturing them properly they’re just going to use another real estate agent Because of course you’re, not the only real estate agent that that they’re Going to be speaking to or there’s going to be inside picture they are inside of inside a side of their database so if You’re, not nurturing your leads and you’re not taking care of them you’re Going to lose out on a lot of business i know i did when i first started out and you know it’s a good read it’s a good, thing i have trip campaign set up and a specific follow-up plans and action plans for every single lead that comes into your database and Treat them as if it’s every single person that comes into. Your database give them a dollar sign so say if you, make Say if you’re making
Five thousand dollar commission check is and you get one sale for every one hundred Leads that come into your database just to make them round numbers give every lead that comes into your database a fifty dollar valuation or So that way if you think about it is every single that every single person that you’re not following up with you’re Losing $50 or every single person that you’re not That you don’t feel, like, making a phone call or you’re scared to make a phone call just Take $50 and put it in the trash basically so i mean that’s one way that i looked at in the head and get over? my
Fear of being on the phones i hated being on the phone when I first started being in real estate no i loved it honestly like that’s one thing, where i see like Not only just like the real estate business but in all businesses, where People they focus so much on the short-term game they’re Not really focused on the long-term game they’re in it was like turn and burn, and make the quick buck because like, obviously That’s exciting to go get that big payday but as you’re talking About like most of it is gonna be in the follow. Up most of its gonna be long term building those relationships your database continues to grow and grow and You know something that you’re doing right now could benefit you three years down the road five years down the road ten years down The road so you got to keep that contact, keep that connection And it’s always being thinking long term as opposed to i mean it’s, also good to think short term but, you’re thinking, both long And short at the same time, and that’s how. You’re gonna really grow A sustainable business in my personal opinion as well oh yeah You’re, definitely right about that and i’m and it’s funny because i was a i literally just posted in my facebook Group, about two, days, ago i had a lead that came into my
database 18 months ago i haven’t heard one thing from them and the entire 18 months but i kept him on my drip campaign and i Kept sending, them home listing so they were hearing from me probably two three times a month and they recently only like two Three days, ago they reached out to me finally and said hey we’re interested in seeing this house, this, was from a Drug campaign from probably, about i’m sorry, was from what it was a listing that, was pod that, was sent to him About a month and a half, ago and they finally responded to her like, hey, we’re interested in seeing his house But i’m going out of town on thursday can I see it tomorrow and i was like sure, so i’m posted i was like hey This, is the power of follow up i didn’t have to do anything with this lead But just keeping them on a drip campaign and following up with them with listings and all this other kind of stuff Your most of your leads that you’re going to get and most of the people that come into your database especially online leads They’re, probably, going to be around six months out, that’s pretty much one average from the people that interact with on a daily Basis, that’s around six months i would say every one out of a hundred is ready to purchase right now Yeah, but for the most part if you Do your follow-up in six months all of most of the business that you’re generating right now is gonna come in six months yep No, i i’ve seen the same exact thing, and that’s what You know the realtors that i work with i tell them you know, hey if you’re generating 100 leads a month or whatever you’re gonna
See maybe two to three percent on the high end but yeah one to three percent that range right there But it doesn’t mean that those other leads are, bad it’s just you got a nurse i mean like Buying or selling a home that’s a pretty intense Purchase price there’s a lot of emotions of all there’s a lot, of stuff going on and it’s most people’s biggest purchase they’ll Ever make in their lives and so it’s not like i kind of compare it to like you go to Your refrigerator you see you’re out of milk and you’re like i got to go get milk you run in the grocery store you’re in And out five minutes like it’s five minutes sales cycle versus, buying a home that could be like several months long so anyway, oh, yeah definitely that that’s pretty good and how do i have to use that one Anyway, well any last like tips, any last little things that you Want to throw out here um i think two more that are that are very important One is to know Your cost and to know every single and to figure out all of the cost that you’re going to have associated with your business So that you’re not going to go broke If you’re if you know that for every sale that you’re going to get once again let’s use for round numbers i’ll use $5,000 Take out taxes first then look at. Your brokerage split look at if your have a team lead their split but Also, you got to look at your marketing you got to look at The cost of running business like all have all the tools that you have so if you have a crm. Your lead generating website All the things that you need know Those costs and know all your personal expenses as, well and by budgeting all of these things out you won’t you’ll be like Okay, i thought that hasn’t dollars coming in but if you’re not Knowledgeable of it you’re, gonna be like, oh we’re there to go i’m just lost i spent at all and You thought that you had a good bit of money coming in yeah so that’s very important uh from that aspect, and The last bit would probably be two as far as lead generation, goes for a new real estate agent talked to five new People every single day If it’s not online it can Be online but it could, also be in person at the gym your barber shop Your as you’re getting groceries home depot wherever it is you have to five, new People every single day and if you, do that every single, day That’s 1500 plus people that you’re going to be adding to your database every single year and if you’re Going to be in the business for a, while because most real estate agents drop out after the first two years If you know you’re going to be in the business for a While those 1500 people will add up and even if they’re Not going to be purchasing real estate right now if you’re following up with them and you’re nurturing them and giving them information They’re, still going to Use you as your real estate agent and if they don’t a lot of those people will give you referrals because of the fact that You, were able to give them knowledgeable information so That’s great -? Well michael thanks so much for sharing all these tips and strategies for all new, agents They’re just getting started or even if you know. You’re not completely a brand new, agent but You’re!
Still just like trying to figure out the best game plan moving forward i think these are all Awesome times of advice and so i appreciate you jumping on here no problem Yeah, so guys just one last reminder i’ll add the link to his youtube channel down below So he’s got tons of content over on his channel you guys should go check it out, subscribe to his channel go watch Some of the videos go see like if you’re brand, new get into the game It’s a great channel to go through and follow And see what he’s doing like, we were talking about earlier like go, find the experts go see what they’re doing and Then go and model what they’re doing to go and you know gets that level so anyway guys thanks, again if you’re Brand new here my name is jason wardrop and i try to launch a, new? Video every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow. Your business so do you Guys, want more content like that, make sure you, subscribe the channel, and with that said i’ll see you all tomorrow

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