Real Estate Tips: MUST HAVE Tools for New Agents

Real Estate Tips: MUST HAVE Tools for New Agents

what’s up everybody brian Casella here bc thank you for watching another video and welcome back to my channel now this video I was going or I’m going to basically highlight to you guys some of the tools that we use with myself and my team in order to get leads get listings and put deals together alright now if you’re a new agent or a seasoned agent having a proven system following a pattern to get a duplicatable and predictable result is gonna be key for you to have success because whether you’re in real estate or any kind of sales job your ability to continuously provide leads to your company and create more sales it’s what’s gonna cause you to either grow or die alright so what if some of the things we use number one and I’m gonna list these right here next to my head so you can see them mojo dialer we use a triple line mojo dialer so shout out to mojo their service is phenomenal it’s a it’s an auto dialer that’s web-based you put in the numbers I know dial it for you when it connects it’ll mute the other two lines and you’ll have a conversation with that person a little window will pop up with a bunch of information it is phenomenal you can keep notes it’s very simple easy to use I’m very rookie when it comes to technology and even the Mojo dialer for me is very very easy I’m gonna put their information here and I’ll also put their website all right so shout out to mojo again phenomenal dialer very easy very low maintenance and we put most of our database in there too so it’s almost like a crm to a certain extent because you can leave notes and put reminders number two expired and for silver for sale by owner data okay there’s so many based on your region there’s so many different options for you we personally use Vulcan 7 which is a pricier option compared to some of the other ones I also use red X as well Volken in my area here in Southern California seems to have more accurate numbers and it gets emails with Vulcan with red X we don’t get that red X we get more numbers and more expires however the accuracy in my region tends to be lower however I do use both I do load the old MLS data into the red X and pull and scrub old expireds to upload to mojo and then call that the red X is phenomenal for that their interface is pretty simple and easy to however that’s $59.99 Volken is 299 a month so it really depends on what you want to do now for the greater investment of volcán in my area it’s worth it because you get more accuracy so for us it is by far worth it another thing that we use is cold Realty resource and I’ll put their information right here again you can get numbers from them for regular residential neighborhoods one to four units whatever it is and your criteria is you have access to full phone numbers but not only phone numbers cell phone numbers so if you’re gonna do random cold calling in an area that is a great service for you just to pull up a bunch of numbers load into the dialer and dial away all right other than that for sale by owners besides volcán we do go on Zillow and we find them there Zillow you know Zillow calm no need to put that up if your Realtor go on there don’t be afraid I don’t care what the ad says get the phone number call them a for sale by owner it needs your help okay besides that we’ve been messing around with a couple of CRMs we currently use the keller williams portal again if you’re at Keller Williams agent definitely take advantage of the technology I’m still learning it so I don’t have an outside CRM however I’m using the Keller Williams one the e edge and all the tools that they give us in order to facilitate the process of staying in touch with our sphere of influence and our past clients and database and everybody and that’s a great tool if you’re not in Keller Williams I would highly suggest you talk to a killer Williams office it was very hardcore about being independent but their model is phenomenal again you can put me down as your sponsor if you do decide to go to Keller Williams I personally vouch for them if you find the right office they’re very very very good now that basically highlights the tools that we use as we add more I will continue to make more videos but that’s basically as far as a prospecting source that’s what we use again if I go door knock and expired or for sale by owner or random neighborhoods looking at the data that we got from the dealers and then planning my attack to go door knock and that’s basically how we do that any other questions you guys have leave it in the comments you’re welcome to email me I have that in the description again don’t forget to like the video share this with anybody who you know could have benefit from this and make sure you guys subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already see you on the next one

20 thoughts on “Real Estate Tips: MUST HAVE Tools for New Agents

  1. What's your net worth?

  2. Cool video.

  3. What do you mean when you said you can sponsor us if we join Keller Williams? What are the benefits of the sponsorship?

  4. Dude you do great video's. You need to put together a set for your background to take it to the next level. It looks like you have room.

  5. Hey Brian. Is that colé resources expensive?

  6. All great recommendations. Great job Brian! Quick question: Do you use any programs to find the contact information of Expireds who's contacts were not captured by these tools? I often see around 15 expireds but only 2-3 contacts pop up on my mojo. Thank you very much.

  7. Hey Bryan! I'm 13 years old and I want to be a Real Estate Agent. What classes do I take and where do I start?

  8. Another GREAT video!

  9. Hey keep on with these videos you give awesome tips 👌🏻

  10. Do a video to help people who are about to take the Real Estate exams. Give some tips, hints on what to study most, ect. 🙂

  11. You don't have to do these videos at all but I'd like to tell you that us newbies do appreciate it

  12. what kind the phone you use for mojo? Personal cell phone or landline?

  13. Hey Bryan! Taking notes. Thanks Great video!

  14. I was looking at Exit Realty thinking about looking into K.W.

  15. when you say upload the old expired from the mls and upload them to redx and "scrub them" and then dial them with mojo. are you using the redx software to scrub them ?

  16. Bryan, I am working on my Brokers license now and going to work for a local Keller Williams office. How much do you use the Keller Williams eEdge and other resources from KW? I have the MREA and I am looking forward to obtaining my license in the near future and applying all that I am learning from it. Thanks for all you and Loida and the rest of your team does for this community!

  17. as soon as i start making income, im buying your FSBO and Expired mastery products. and Door knocking!

  18. Hi Brian. Where do I find market data on home prices?

  19. Going to become a realtor very soon! Just talked with them at their office today, they like me and I plan on joining very soon

  20. Hey, saw you mention if any of us was becoming a kw agent that we could potentially call you our sponsor. Is there an email or something along those lines I could use to contact you?

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