Real Estate Leads: How to Get Listing Leads with Monthly Real Estate Market Reports

Real Estate Leads: How to Get Listing Leads with Monthly Real Estate Market Reports

in this video, I’m going to talk about
how and why we make a real estate market report this isn’t going to be too long
of a video but I do want to show you the importance of creating a real estate
market report all right so the first thing we do we go over to Google we go
over to google and type in whatever your city is and then like real estate market
report all right now you want to do this in an incognito window or a private
window or on a browser you’re not logged into now what you’ll see as you scroll
down is you might see yourself if you’re doing real estate market reports and
that’s fantastic otherwise you’re going to see
potentially some other real estate agents you’re gonna see Zillow you might
see some of the local news media like right here I have the Las Vegas Sun
luckily in my market in Vegas recently we’ve had more real estate agents and
real estate companies doing market reports which is what it should be
there’s no reason the local news channel should outrank real estate agents for
the term Las Vegas real estate market report or housing trends or housing
statistics or average home prices now we’ve generated for my real estate team
millions of dollars in listing sales from our Las Vegas real estate market
report so I want to show you how we do this so on my home page here on my real
estate agent website I’m going to go ahead down to this call to action that
says see how the market is doing and I’m gonna click access market report now all
right first of all if you don’t have a great website for your real estate
business and you need one contact my brothers over at Ballen Brands and they
can build you a real estate agent website very much like mine and they can
help integrate idx and analytics and things like that because what I’m about
to show you you might say oh my gosh I don’t have a website that does that and
I need one so I want to make sure you have options I also have videos on how
to build your own so if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and you want to put
together your own real estate agent website with WordPress I’ve got links
below check out WP engine and my video on how to install a wordpress website
and I even show you how to set up the entire theme so you have lots of options
so don’t be overwhelmed as you’re seeing what I do here okay so this is my page
that ranks really well in the search engines and it’s you can see here it
says Las Vegas real estate market report this month 2019 okay so I want you to
take this like a lesson you haven’t made a real estate market report what are you
gonna do so the first thing you’re gonna do on your website is you’re gonna
create a page or a blog post there’s a couple of ways to do this and so far all
of the ways I’ve done if worked well you’re gonna create either a single page
because that’s gonna be cornerstone content it’s something that people refer
to all of the time or you can make it a post and you’re just gonna update that
post okay now there are several ways to do this let me tell you the first way
first way is you can actually build a real estate market report every month as
a new post so you would have January 2019 Las Vegas real estate market report
February 2019 Las Vegas real estate market report okay if you’re gonna do
that you’re gonna want to make each one a post so let me show you that I’m gonna
go up to new post and I’m gonna open this in a new window so you can see what
this would look like this is what I’m gonna do this year I might do one for
each month okay and that’s pretty much been my history so I’m gonna go January
2020 real estate market report and then I’m
gonna put a little intro and this is just gonna be a couple hundred words
that quickly describe what happened in January 2020 okay now if you look over
here this is gonna be my main page that ranks so what I did today is I went in
and I did a summary for all of 2019 so here’s the intro this is that little
hundred to 200 word little intro and then this is a table of contents this
table of contents I’m using WordPress this table of contents is dynamically
created automatically from my paragraph headings so see here 2019 Las Vegas home
prices 2019 home prices the next heading previous years the next heading previous
year I use a plugin called let me see what am
i using TOC + I’m gonna look right now let’s go over to plugins I’m gonna open
this in a new window so we can look I believe it’s called TOC + but I may have
changed it this year let’s take a look table of okay there it is table of
contents + table of contents + so if you don’t yet have this plug-in on WordPress
just on the left hand side go over to your plugins and then you’re gonna click
new I’m sorry go to plugins then you’re gonna click add new you’re gonna go to
the little keyword browser here and type in table of contents and then hit the
return key and then I have in this one I have table of contents I really think
it’s this one that they changed the name to easy table of contents let me like
table of contents + let me see if that’s still showing up yeah I think it’s this
one I think they changed the name to easy table of contents that’s what it
looks like to me so you’re gonna install that one there
install your easy table of contents and then what you do is once it’s installed
you’re gonna be able to go to your settings on the left hand side here or
in the plug-in settings and you can tell the plug-in that you want to include in
the table of contents all headings that are h2 headings so in my case let me
show you this I’m gonna go to plugins I’m gonna go to my installed plugins and
I’m gonna go to my table contents + and in your case it will probably be easy
table contents click on settings and this is where your preferences are so I
have here show my table of contents before the first heading show when three
or more headings are present remember those headings are those paragraph
headings and then I have if if a post or a page that I want to include the table
of contents and then if you’ve got other plugins here you can also choose to have
it show up on those I’m not going to get into all of that but at least on your
pages and posts and and what title do you want to show up I
have quicklinks so above mine you can see here it says Quick Links you can
title that whatever you want to in my case I have Quick Links and then allow
the user to toggle the visibility so I’ve got that yes checked show hierarchy
I have yes checks and able smooth scroll yes checks you can just follow me I
don’t want the list to be numbered so I don’t have that checked off and then
what width do you want in my case I have the full width of the page but you could
shrink that down and it’s just a tiny little you know some people prefer
aesthetically when the table of contents is just a small box up here rather than
the full width that doesn’t really matter it’s just kind of your preference
you can play with that and then what color do you want your table of contents
to be I have mine matching my theme but you can have it be gray or light blue or
white or whatever else that you want you can see what mine looks like here so
it’s kind of got a grayish background and then you or you can choose I wanted
to have a black background or a red background but go down here to advanced
and you can see where I have only include heading to tags so for me all of
my headings let me show you what it looks like so if I were to I’m going to
create a heading here I’m using WordPress Guttenberg so I’m going to go
to add this little plus sign and I want to use a heading for the top of my
paragraph and I want it to be a heading two and I’m gonna put so this is my
January month trend so the first thing I might put is median home prices or you
might do average home prices okay and then here I’m gonna have some sort of a
graph or chart with my median home prices so that h2 tag that h2 that
heading will now become part of my table of contents and then my next one might
be might include another heading and I’m gonna I’m gonna play average days on
market okay now the next thing you need to know you might ask
what paragraph headings do I want to include I would suggest some some basics
that you would see in a home market report
so hopefully you get something from your escrow or title company or you have
access to your MLS statistics or you get something from your Board of Realtors
you have something to pull this data from in my case I actually use my MLS so
you can see here these little charts here
I actually am able to log into my MLS and pull up statistics and then I can
either save the graph as an image or I can literally copy and paste this table
and put it right in to my market report so these I actually pulled a little
table and then in my MLS and I just copy and pasted it down here where I have my
frequently asked questions these are actually images so you can use tables
you can use images you want to definitely use some images because
images are pinnable images are shareable so images will show up on Google search
engine results pages but tables like this can actually show up in a featured
rich snippet as well so I like to have a blend wherever it
makes sense and I could pull pie charts or whatever else that I want as well if
you’re savvy with Google sheets or our Google Google Spreadsheets of any kind
you can actually make graphs and pie charts right inside Google or you can go
over to do a search and say something like create a pie chart and look at the
search engine results page and find a tool that you like this can be a free
chart canva canva is one of my favorite graphic tools around and you can
actually create pie charts right inside canvas see how easy this is so if I
wanted to now I could say something like Las Vegas appreciation by area and then
up here item 1 item 1 link like that could be Northwest Las Vegas and then
the second one would be south west and the third one might be south then I
might include north and then I could even keep going if I want to and include
East okay so or maybe instead of percentage I could use percentage as if
I want to or I could change those to average price rate price range but if I
wanted to say okay how much did they appreciate this one appreciated minus
five is going to show up and be minus five percent now I’m not necessarily
teaching you can but today specifically but you can get an idea for how this
would all work I’m not sure how to make that appear on the graph I would have to
play with that it gives me those four by basics maybe in another video will
actually do a full lesson on how to create these pie charts but what my main
point is there are so many tools to do this work okay if you can get it easily
like I’m doing in my MLS great if you can’t you might have to get more
creative and use some other sort of pie chart software okay if you’re using
Excel you can go to youtube and type in how to make a pie chart with Excel and
it’ll teach you exactly step by step how to do it but I do suggest that you use
graphics in your real estate market report as much as possible okay wherever
you’re able to use those so in my case if I were to log in to my MLS my heading
sections are actually the grass that my MLS gives me and they are median home
prices days on market list too close ratio you can you can see some of them
on my market reports as I add them you can see someone from my past market
reports as well if you want to google that so I’ve got months of inventory
that’s a great one months of inventory because is it a buyers market or
seller’s seller’s market so whatever you have access to and trust me if you do
your research you have access to everything I have access to it may not
be as easy to create you may have to be more manual work but I bet you have
resources to do this my MLS is using matrix but I bet we could log into real
property resource let me see if I calling that right real property we
or hold on let’s see what it’s actually called here it is our PR so if you are a
member of the National Association of Realtors which most of us are you
actually can log in here and get stats and ebooks that are shareable and
downloadable for lead magnets there’s an instant home value calculator this is a
great resource in fact you know what I should do is maybe once a month I’ll do
a lesson on creating something that from the Realtors property resource section I
like that idea I think I should do that this year okay so you’ve got access here
but don’t think to yourself that just because you can’t do it exactly like I
do that then you can’t create one you’re just gonna have to be super resourceful
Google is your friend YouTube is your friend and the Board of Realtors is your
friend go in there and look up if you go to Los Mike’s Las Vegas realtor but go
to your board of the Board of Realtors whatever you have access to and login
mine is Las Vegas realtor comm and log in there and see what resources you have
right here I’ve got stats I can log in and I can look at all of the stats that
they give me and I can now look at I can pull graphs from here I can pull videos
from here so we can see here the last one posted for in my case was November
of 2019 so here’s stats look at that there’s
videos there’s graphs so guys I bet you have whatever I bet you have resources
like I have they just might look a little bit different okay so when to
that December of 2009 post I can go in there and say okay how many homes sold
in the southwest oh there are 114 units sold in 501 there’s 97 and 502 and I can
use these stats however I want to whether it’s making my own table making
my own chart gosh there are so many ways to do this so whatever works best for
you is what you want to do and you want to be able to put it in here now you’ll
notice in mine I’ve also interpreted the data for them you know you can’t just
put grass on a report and expect people to understand what it means you want to
you want to explain like is it a good time to sell a house in Las Vegas yes no
why why is it and then tell them when is the best time to sell a home in Las
Vegas why tell them is it a buyers market is it a seller’s market okay so
you can see here for example I have is it a buyer’s or seller’s market in Las
Vegas and I tell them that at the end of 2019 there were three months of
inventory in Las Vegas and then I’ve included a graph here this is an image
that I was able to obtain from my from logging into my MLS stats you could
create this in an Excel spreadsheet just copy and paste that the columns over
super easy or you can use table press which is a plugin for WordPress that’s
free to create this table so many ways to do this you could use a software it
allows you to create quick tables and here what I’m able to see is that in
2015 the beginning of 2015 we had a balanced market so six months of
inventory is a pretty balanced market but as we moved through 2015 we can see
that we we turned into a seller’s market because we had under six months of
inventory if it was over six months of inventory that I would be explaining
that it’s a buyers market and as we moved into 2016 2017 2018 in Las Vegas
it became more and more of a seller’s market now look what’s happening though
in 2019 we’re kind of seeing more inventory again it’s still a seller’s
market being under six months but it’s less of a seller’s market than it was
right here in those mid months so you can see seasonality made to July we only
have two months inventory to 2018 in 2017 yet in 2019 those same hot months
we had three and four months so this could indicate that we’re balancing out
and we’re gonna see more of an even market and then oftentimes what happens
after that was sick Euler changes then it might become more of a buyers market
so this is kind of how we explain things to people in videos or podcasts or or
blogs so it would be beneficial of me now after I make this market report
today which I’ve done I’ve updated for the year end to go in and interpret this
now on a video why don’t I go on on video now and say answer these
same exact questions on a video using the stats that I provided here now I
want to show you one more advanced strategy here you see where these
questions are what is an average cost for house in Las Vegas is it a buyer’s
or seller’s market in Las Vegas well you can find these questions quite easily
and for free by going over to Google and typing something in like what is the
average home price and then you can put wherever you’re at so I might put in San
Diego now Google will show you a people also ask bucks and these are questions
that other people are asking Google typing into Google related to that
phrase so look at this one what is the average cost of a home in San Diego
underneath that how much is the average income in San Diego so if you think
that’s relevant to market average home prices you might want to add that to
your blog post is it a good time to buy in San Diego okay I would add that to my
market report what is the average price of a home in Orange County so that’s
that San Diego’s in Orange County so now you might want to specifically ask that
question and answer it because you’re likely to pop up here in this frequently
asked questions box if Google starts to believe that you are the authority on
the real estate market in your area well how do you do that by making monthly
market reports on the area by creating any kind of news related to real estate
by doing press releases by doing videos by doing social media shares tweets
Facebook posts pins all of these things are indexed by Google and the more of
these things that link back to your real estate market report page those are
called backlinks the more likely Google is to believe that your page is the
authority on the real estate market report so what I will do here now
throughout the year I’ve got all of this about 2019 down at the bottom here now
I’m gonna put monthly real estate market reports and I’m gonna link to January
February March April down here on the blog as well and it will become part of
my table of contents each one of these bottom ones
are going to be in the category Las Vegas real estate market report or
housing trends or whatever you call it here it is in my case Las Vegas real
estate market report so when you create each one of these posts that are in that
category you have the potential to boost up rankings for that category or for
other posts in the category in addition at the bottom I am going to link every
one of these market reports to the parents to the main page which is right
here Las Vegas real estate market report so what I’ll do is I’ll copy this link
I’ll go over here and I will put see all of the Las Vegas housing market reports
and trends housing trends for 2020 and prior here something like that and then
I’m going to highlight this and link it so that every one of these pages related
to the housing market go to this page in addition anywhere I mention housing
trends real estate market increase in home prices any time no matter what page
I’m on on my website I’m gonna highlight that keyword and I’m gonna link to this
main page what we want to be careful of is we don’t want all of these small
monthly real estate market reports to cannibalize the key word real estate
market report okay I get into that in other lessons and other videos when we
get super advanced and I will show you how to set up rel=canonical or
redirects if mandatory to stop that from happening at a later date if you see it
happening but what we want to do is anytime we say real estate market
reports housing trends home values inflation’s yada yada we want to be
linking to that parent page so that hopefully that doesn’t become an issue
if it does later I’ve got lessons and training for you on
exactly how to fix that because I’ve had to do that when you may create too many
of these small little posts and one of those starts ranking really well it can
cannibalize the parent page that you want to ring for okay if I don’t want
you to worry about that today if you’re just starting this we’ll get into that
in other videos you can log in to your course at Balan Academy comm log into
the balan method and access the real estate market reports area or access the
SEO area and if you want if you need to do that today you can go read about the
rel=canonical or the redirects so that you can see I’ve got white paper
videos on exactly how I corrected that issue with my zip code page because what
I wanted to do was rank for Las Vegas zip codes and then I had to change those
bottom pages 89138, 89134 some of those I had
to rel=canonical to the parent page so that it wouldn’t keep
cannibalizing the keyword Las Vegas hip codes again that’s another page all
right so basically you’ve got an idea here now for what it is that we need to
do to create a real estate market report now one more last thing when I’m asking
these questions here down at the bottom what is the average cost for house in
Las Vegas I want you to look at something I’m gonna click edit page so
you can look at this I’m doing this in a very specific way I’m using the FAQ
content block that is part of my Yoast plugin so let me show you so you should
have Yoast installed on your website the Yoast plugin I have the premium version
which means I pay for it there’s a free and a paid and I can’t really tell you
which one does which and there’s other tools that allow you to do this too but
in my particular case what I want to show you today is I’m using I have the
Yoast plug-in what happens is when I go up here to add a Content block add a
block this is being done through WordPress Gutenberg my wordpress website
then I can look look down here and see this word FAQ if you don’t see it just
type in F a Q and you can see it here Yoast structured data blocks there’s a
couple of them there’s a how-to and there’s an FAQ in this particular case
we’re using FAQ what this does is it creates a frequently asked questions
section on my blog that is marked up with schema for structured data and what
this does is if your page ranks well on the search engines this FAQ is likely to
appear under your search engine results page and it looks like this let me see
if anybody in San Diego has it okay so if you’re in San Diego I’m scrolling
down I don’t see any I don’t see any don’t see any I see a structured data
here this is structured data with schema markup they have their open houses
popping up here I’ll show you that in another in something different in my
case I also have local events popping up under mine I’m trying to see if anybody
in San Diego has this showing up yet no which means you have a huge opportunity
okay let me see I just added mine today so they’re probably not there yet but I
can see mine if I type in where to get real estate leads I just want to show
you a real-life example of what I just did to buy leads okay here I am okay so
an example here where to buy real estate leads if I scroll down and I look these
top ones are paid ads then we have the people also ask box and then we have
actual results so one two three four five listings down is my what one of my
websites now do you see here how I have these questions popping up that they
don’t have this is being fed from my frequently asked questions on my blog
using that struck those structured data content blocks so I have a richer
snippet these are snippets these little brief previews that appear on the search
engine results page the snippet consists of the title the URL the quick
description and then any of these structured data items that pop up
underneath so I have a rich snippet my snippet looks better than everybody
else’s it’s meteor now what’s likely to happen is as more and more people click
on my snippet now because I have these extra items here it can increase my
click-through rate and as more people through onto my blog they’re likely to
climb the search engine my blog is likely to rank better in addition Google
may take these QA and use them in their frequently asked questions box in
addition I have the potential of earning a featured rich snippet at the very top
of the page which is a free featured spot up here that might have an image it
might have a video it might have a list of my questions and that 0 position is
incredible when you can land there and that will that will increase my clicks
through to that page so structure data schema markup allows us to have a better
chance of being featured on the search engine results page ok so this is really
really important how fascinating is this where to buy real estate leads my real
estate website is showing up number one in the local pack and and and and this
is not even the same website that’s being posted here so I’ll get into that
another video but there it does help when we have supplemental websites that
are our brand is ranking in multiple places it can help they can it can help
each other rank better that’s why you’ll see a lot
of times I use my brand name Balan in a lot of my URLs in a lot of my website
titles because they can help cross promote each other and and when one
ranks well it can help when I link back to the others that’s a whole nother
lesson so for your real estate market report bottom line is you want to have
at least one page that you update every month with new market data if I want to
I don’t have to do individual posts I can build on to this one page so down
here I could do January and mention mention the statistics February
mentioned the statistics it really depends how much data I’m gonna have on
that page if I’m just gonna basically list here’s the single-family home sales
here’s the condos here’s the townhomes I just build it all onto one page so what
I would do is right here I would just put January 2020 and I’ll put a table
here or a quick list here and then quick table or quick list and then the next
month I’d put the next heading and I put we’re 2020 so I only need to build them
out on individual pages if I really am going to make them super super meaty
reports with a lot of data and I really don’t want to congest the one main page
so I haven’t decided yet I’m gonna have to think about which way I’m gonna go
with it this year it’s easier to create on the one page but sometimes these
individual smaller posts that have lengthy data have a better chance of
ranking than the more competitive head term Las Vegas real estate market so it
might depend on where you are okay and you can use your SEO tools to look that
stuff up you guys know that I use SEM rush and so that’s where I look up a lot
of my data competitive data if your market is super super competitive and
you’re gonna have a really hard time ranking for the head term San Diego
real estate market report then you might have better luck building out smaller
housing reports for each month and ranking for a particular month and then
that can link up if you have questions about that ask me because it’s not one
size fits all when it comes to SEO it really depends on your market okay but
at the very least you want to have one page on your website that you update
every single month around the fifth six or seven whenever you get your data I
think up to the 10th is one of some of these market reports go out so if you
don’t get your housing trends report or your title report or your MLS report
until the 10th and you do your market report every month the day after then
what you want to do is Plus this like I said by making a podcast or soundbite or
video okay you can boost this ad by running a Google ad buy running a
Facebook out a Pinterest ad or LinkedIn at an Instagram ad wherever you’re doing
your advertisements okay generate traffic here and then you also can Plus
this by sending it out to your email list so hopefully you are building a
local email list of people that are live in your area I do this all year long
with holiday things to do for the holidays market reports I have
subscribers all year long that I gather and I send them all out at the monthly
market report and then of course I always include a call to action get your
instant home value report and then a call to action to browse homes or find
out what find out what by qualify for that’s another tool but
this tool here get your instant home Value Report this is being populated by
my favorite home value landing page tool listings to leads you can get a free
trial for listings to leads using my link below so they’ll get you if you use
any link they’ll give you a 14-day trial if you use my trial they give you 30 s I
do benefit if you wind up making a purchase through any of my affiliate
links so that’s your lesson for today it’s a good time to start right now no
matter when you’re starting if it’s any of your beginning of your that’s awesome
but if you happen to be taking this lesson for some reason mid-year start
then the right time to start is right now period in the story you can pick up
right now start these and just keep going okay and over time this will start
stacking and doing really really well for you if you’re using this frequently
asked questions snippet all you have to do once you install it if you want to
add a new question go down to the bottom add question post your question here
create your answer here and then plus it by adding an image so if you have an
image you can upload it and stick it in there and it’ll show up in that question
bar and that gives you even a better chance of earning a featured rich
snippet in that zero position okay it is time to create better content than you
ever have before and these are the steps that will help you get there I hope you
enjoyed this lesson I’m your coach Lori Ballen in Las Vegas Nevada

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