Real Estate Lead Follow up System, Follow up System for Real Estate, Real Estate Follow up System

Real Estate Lead Follow up System, Follow up System for Real Estate, Real Estate Follow up System

Real Estate Leads- Follow up System Hi. It’s Neva at, and
this week, I want to talk to you about the importance of following up. And what I mean
by that is contacting the same seller more than once. And the reason why you need to
do this is, in my experience I would say about 80% of all my real estate transactions are
through following up. So, that means that only 20% actually accept my first offer.
So, it’s very important that you follow up with sellers because things change and later
on, it could be a year later they’ll accept your offer, so you don’t want to miss out
on that opportunity. But what I really want to stress too is when you follow up, I’m going
to share a little secret with you because you guys are my best online friends, is that
you need to have variety when you follow up. Don’t do the exact same thing over and over.
Don’t just call them every month, don’t just mail them a postcard. Mix it up and do something
different. So, I will tell you what I do. Maybe I’ll call the most I will call is like
once a quarter and all I say is my name, and I just say, “Hi, it’s Neva. We spoke previously
about you selling your property, I’m just calling to see if anything has changed.” And
then it just goes conversational from there. The next thing I do is I send a postcard.
Now, there’s two different things I do with postcards. I send a direct postcard, which
is like a postcard that it’s like a postcard. This postcard, when I send it, it has their
exact name and address on it. But then what I would do sometimes, I’m just focused on
an area, I will send a every door direct mail postcard and this one does not have their
name on it. And what I find is, when I send one of these
and then one of these people take this card as, “Oh, okay, she was just marketing in the
area.” So, sometimes they call me when they get this one, and they say, “Oh, I see you�re
marketing, you’re still interested.” And then we start talking price again. So, you just
kind of want to start the conversation again. Another thing I do is like this one is a holiday
car. And what I did this is someone who , we’re like really close and we�re maybe a couple
thousand miles away from each other I’m still following up. So I send a holiday card, just
a regular holiday card that I got from Vistaprint, and then what I did I just put, “PS. Feel
free to give me a call if you are still looking to sell your property.” And then I left my
phone number. Okay so this is just a regular holiday card
and I do that. And then the other thing I do is- and don’t pay for this one this is
actually like a pamphlet that I created on Vistaprint. And what happens I on Vistaprint
when you sign on you get an account, they’ll send you sales. So, this actually just got
for free. They were just one month, if you order a postcard, you got like pamphlets for
free. And what I do is, when I’m passing that house I�m interested in I just slide this
like in the door, or whatever address I’m interested in I just slide in the door.
So, that’s what I’m saying. It’s not something to pay for, but it’s just another way to keep
me relevant if they do change their mind, or sometimes people will call and they’ll
refer me to someone else. So either way it’s a win-win.
So those are my tips for you, I just want to tell you to follow up. You should definitely
follow up at least once every three months, it’s what I found that’s really good. And
those are my tips for you, and continue to subscribe to my channel. Every week I will
do a video, so, see you next week. Bye-bye.

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  1. first of all let me say , you inspire me a lot and i appriciate the tips. my question is a bit weird, how do you keep track organize whys of the people you need to follow up with?

  2. Yaaaaay! Someone who looks like me doing deals! Lol not many woman on here doing videos 😊

  3. Thanks!!! Very helpful!!!!

  4. I have learn a lot and you have nice personality. Thanks Neva

  5. that was great info! I love and appreciate all your videos! thanks for sharing!

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